Does Target Have Western Union Or Moneygram? [full Guide]

Target offers cheap products and services to people in great numbers, and this is one of its greatest qualities.

In case you are wondering about how to send and receive money through Target, here is a little information for you. The company does offer Western Union and MoneyGram, but you should be aware that it’s very difficult to send money using these services.

Does Target Have Western Union Or MoneyGram In 2022?

In 2020, Target will no longer have Western Union or MoneyGram in their stores. They will have to go to other stores for these services. Customers will also have to visit another store to request money from people.

Visit for all of your Western Union and MoneyGram needs.
Visit for all of your MoneyGram and Western Union needs.

Does Target Have Western Union?

 Target does not have any Western Union services in its stores. However, customers who wish to use Western Union money transfer services can do so by visiting their financial institution.

In your local Target store, you will find that you can’t complete these tasks using the Western Union service. Please contact a store manager to obtain information on their location.

Does Target Have MoneyGram?

Where To Use Western Union Or MoneyGram?

When you need to send money to your family or anyone else, you can use Western Union and MoneyGram.

Customers who buy anything in these stores can visit CVS and Walmart, who have the largest amount of locations in the country.

Check with the stores to see if they offer MoneyGram / Western Union services.

There are many more ways to send money abroad, and a lot of them cost less to use. We also list services like these on the How to Send Money page.

Western Union and MoneyGram money transfers can be accessed via their online portals, at and, and completed at your convenience at home.

You can explore their local sites for more information as well as their prices and products, and search for a location based on your specific preferences.

Is MoneyGram The Same As Western Union?

The way it works is: you give someone cash and they send it to Western Union or MoneyGram. They keep the money, and split the fee from your business with the bank that handled the transfer. (These fees are usually much lower than bank fees.) Your business is a middleman to them, which makes it easier to do business with them.

MoneyGram is one of the two most popular money transfer companies in all of the world. Over half of all money transfers are done with MoneyGram, and many more people use it than Western Union. Since it’s been around for over 50 years, people have pretty much developed a comfort level with it.

MoneyGram is a money-transfer company while Western Union is a service that allows for money transfers through a network of agents in the U.S. This service comes with a flat fee, even if you need to send large sums of money, and doesn’t charge for foreign transactions.

Learn more on doing money exchanges at Walmart with MoneyGram and also check out our guide on using Western Union at Walgreens.

Conclusion: Does Target Have Western Union Or MoneyGram?

If you want to transfer money from by Western Union, MoneyGram, or check, you can do so at many retailers, such as Walmart or CVS. They offer many ways to send, request, and receive money, and offer the same services as the Target website. You can use the same number and routing information you’d use to complete a Target money transfer.

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