Does Cvs Have Moneygram? (What To Know!)

MoneyGram allows you to send money quickly and easily around the world using your mobile phone. It’s natural to wonder if CVS offers MoneyGram, with CVS being everywhere.

This is what we discovered after a thorough investigation.

Is CVS a MoneyGram company?

MoneyGram offers money transfer and other financial services worldwide via both digital platforms as well as retail locations. One of these retail locations, CVS Pharmacy in the United States, has partnered with MoneyGram since 2019.

This article will discuss CVS Pharmacy and MoneyGram financial products: how they work, what it is useful for, and how to use them.

What does MoneyGram do at CVS?

MoneyGram offers money transfers, money orders and bill payment. It also provides prepaid card reloading services for those who do not have a bank account. Depending on the service you choose, CVS will determine what you do.

Participating retailers such as CVS have MoneyGram kiosks installed in their stores. These kiosks can be used by customers to send money or pay bills, load credit cards and other functions. A MoneyGram logo can be used to identify all MoneyGram agents.

This transaction can also be initiated at the MoneyGram Kiosk if you are receiving money and completed with the cashier. You will need to have proof of identity in order to receive money. This could be a social security card or driver’s license. Certain transactions require proof of address to be finalized. A billing statement, passport or photo ID will suffice in this instance.

You will need cash to pay a bill.

What is the cost of MoneyGram Transactions

Online MoneyGram transactions can be completed for fees ranging from $1.99 to $12.99 depending on the company and amount. Fees at an agent location like CVS can vary depending on the service, company, amount, and posting time.

After finding the company, enter the amount you wish to pay and verify the transaction fees. You can check all fees and rates online.

CVS charges $1.25 per money order with a maximum order of $500

What is the maximum amount I can send through MoneyGram at CVS?

MoneyGram has a variety of rules that control the amount of transactions and amounts transferred daily, weekly and monthly.

One transfer can only send $10000. This amount can only be transferred once per 30 days. MoneyGram recommends that you contact their customer service team if you receive a limit error while trying to send money.

CVS allows money orders for MoneyGram up to $500. Multiple money orders are required to purchase more than $500.

Can I pick up a MoneyGram transaction anywhere?

MoneyGram agents can pick up cash. You can search for a location by visiting the MoneyGram website’s “find a place” bar. You can search by address or zip code.

You will need proof of identity and possibly proof of address. The transaction reference number is also required. This number should be provided by the sender.

Usually, there are two reasons why MoneyGram cash is not accessible to you:

  • The transaction is still not processed
  • You didn’t present appropriate identification
  • You are not at an authorized MoneyGram agent location

What are the hours of CVS MoneyGram?

MoneyGram services are available at CVS pharmacies while the pharmacy remains open. Individual pharmacy information may indicate that MoneyGram services might be unavailable earlier than the store. To confirm availability, please call ahead.

Call before you arrive to find out if MoneyGram is available. MoneyGram availability is dependent on the availability of staff.

Can CVS do money orders?

CVS customers can place money orders and MoneyGram is the international transfer company with which CVS has partnered to issue money orders.

To complete the transaction, you will need to go to a CVS cashier. You will need to show your ID and provide $1.25 for payment.

Maximum amount for money orders is $500. There is no limit on the number of money orders that can be purchased. Each money order is $1.25

To pay for the money order, you can’t use gift vouchers or vouchers. You must present the correct funds at the time you make your purchase.

Is there a Western Union Service at CVS?

CVS does not offer Western Union services in-store, despite being the largest of the two major international transfer companies.

This is because CVS pharmacies do not serve as official agents for Western Union.

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MoneyGram and CVS Pharmacies have partnered to offer customers a convenient, secure and popular financial service.

MoneyGram can be accessed by visiting your local CVS shop and asking for information.

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