Does Walmart Do Money Orders? [price, Fees, Limits + More] 

You may need to use a money order if you want to pay someone to do something or if you’re buying something expensive.

I have tried to use Walmart to send money to a friend in another state, and I have been unsuccessful. I was advised that they do not take money orders.

Does Walmart Do Money Orders In 2022? 

Walmart has announced that they will start using MoneyGram to send money orders within their money service centers. This means that money orders will be available to customers during business hours only. You can now also order through Walmart’s website.

Read more about the costs, check locations, and what to bring with you.

How Do I Get A Money Order At Walmart?

When you get to Walmart, there is a Customer Service desk or a Money Services Center where a friendly Walmart employee will help you with all your money order needs.

If your local Money Center is closed or not open when you arrive, you
can also usually make a purchase online or by phone, and then pick it
up at a nearby Walmart (most locations are open from 7AM-11PM

What Should I Bring With Me?

You will need to:

Get an account at Walmart.
Get money (or, if you have a debit card, pay with it) to cover the fee.
Get an e-mail confirmation on the transfer.

If everything goes as planned, you will receive the money some time after the transfer.
If something goes wrong you may have to wait longer for the money, in which case you would need to contact customer service to get some assistance.

You need your government issued ID and you should make sure you bring the money order with you.

How Much Does A Money Order Cost & What Are The Limits? 

I always carry a few dollars with no exchange rate in mind when I’m shopping. I usually just ask the cashier for coins and notes, then round up to the nearest dollar.

When ordering a money order, you must provide the name and address of the recipient and the amount in the amount field.

Do Walmart Cash Money Orders?

You can deposit cash at all Walmart & Walgreens locations, in both the Cashier’s office and the pharmacy department (in the pharmacy department you’ll have to use a money order).

Are Walmart Money Orders Refundable?

In the case of damaged or altered money orders, you may receive a refund at your local Walmart or from the U.S. Postal Service.

Should I Keep My Money Order Receipt? 

When you purchase a money order, you will be issued a receipt. The receipt will have your name and address at the top. You should hold onto this receipt until you are able to return the money order to your local bank.

If you have any problems with your MoneyGram, you will need to contact MoneyGram customer service for your reference number.

Can Money Orders Be Sent Outside Of The United States At Walmart? 

customers can send international money orders from Walmart locations with a MoneyGram or Western Union. We need to make sure our stores are open and the cashier is available to help them.

To check for the location of the receiver, before purchasing, check with people you are sending them MoneyGram money orders to if they are able to cash them.

Sending money abroad is a complicated process and the recipient may require hold on the funds and currency conversion.

How Can I Track My Walmart Money Order?

If you want to know if your money order has been cashed or not or want to track its progress, you can use the MoneyGram website to do so.

When they tell you that they will process your money order, they will ask you for your shipping address.

When they tell you that they will process your money order, they will ask you for your shipping address.

You can also use this company’s website to make the payment. Click here to visit their website and make payments. The website will have a drop-down box for you to select the amount of the money order .

What Happens If I Lose My Money Order? 

For people who lose their money orders or suspects it of being stolen, go to the MoneyGram website for more information about what you can do.

In addition, you can also transfer money through some stores such as Walgreens, Target, and Dollar General.

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