Does 711 Do Money Orders? (minimum Order Amount, Cost + More)

When you’re looking for a place to send money via a money order, you want the service to be cheap and reliable. You may have heard of 711 being a cheap and reliable place to go but do you really know?
So to make up our minds, we need to ask two questions that are going to help us to come to a decision.

711 money order locations have been popping up around the country and now you can use them to send money in the mail. Read this article to find out where you can send a money order.

Does 711 Do Money Orders In 2022?

This might be true for some locations, however, for 711 MoneyGram and Western Union are the most common. While most other retail stores offer an ATM (which is not always an option), 711 MoneyGram and Western Union can be used anywhere.

I don’t know how much information you need, but the only time you would need a money order is if you were buying from 711 on the black market.

Can You Get a Money Order with a Debit Card at 711?

In actuality, a money order is much more secure than a debit card. Debit cards can be hacked by criminals.

There are many different services that an individual will use for these money orders as well. Some people use MoneyGram, others use Western Union, and others use both. All these methods can be used to send money to any country, and also work very well.

Does 711 Take Credit Cards for Money Orders?

It is rare for 711 stores to accept debit cards. But, if you want to buy a money order, you’ll have to use cash or a debit card.

7-11 locations often follow this rule when handling money orders.

How Much Do Money Orders Cost at 711?

The exact cost will vary based on your location. Usually, it is around 1-3% of the cost of the money order, however, there is a minimum fee of 65 cents.

To find a price and location near you, you can call your local store or your neighborhood restaurant.

What is the Maximum Money Order You Can Get at 711?

If you write the amount of a money order to be $1, you can still get it, but it will be $1. Not $1,000. If you write the amount of a money order to be $1,000, you will not be able to get it.

If you need to send money to someone with a foreign address and you don’t need it back, we recommend going elsewhere.

Where Else Can I Get a Money Order?

If you would rather have the money sent to you, you’ll need to locate a banking
institution that can do international money transfers. (A bank that provides
money transfers to other countries is known as a correspondent bank.) Many
banks in the U.S. and abroad also offer money orders for purchases.

You can usually find the lowest fees at 711 stores. So you can choose the store with the lowest fee instead of the highest quality.

*This service is in no way affiliated, associated, endorsed by, or in any way connected with, the 7-Eleven Store, Inc. or any of its affiliates. This post contains the opinions and views of the author only and no other party or organization.

Some banks, including large regional and national banks, offer money order services. If the bank is located in your town or city, a bank teller may be able to give you money orders. At smaller banks, however, the teller may not be able to do this.

There are a lot of stores, but most of them are on Amazon or eBay.

What Other Financial Services Does 711 Provide?

Interestingly enough, 711 provides many different financial services such as money orders, prepaid cards and a wide variety of gift cards.

A prepaid Mastercard allows you to use the card to pay bills, and make purchases from ATMs. 711 offers a 2 day advance on your deposit, and can be used up to 2 days before it expires.

The company has designed an entire range of cards especially for drivers which will help you in managing your vehicles better, and you can also use these cards to cut back on fuel costs.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on whether or not 711 accepts Apple Pay, does 711 accept Google Pay, and does 711 take Apple Pay & Google Pay.


Money orders and Western Union are two methods of sending money around the world.

Unfortunately, only cash or debit cards will be accepted. There will be a small fee for purchasing these, though, and the fee will vary based on each store and when you go.

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