Does Publix Do Money Orders? (your Full Guide)

Money orders are used a lot in everyday life to pay for things, but not every store will accept them. If you have a money order, it’s important to know which stores will accept it.

Publix may be an excellent grocery store at times, but if you’re looking for money orders that you can use at the store, check them out! [link] You can even get a money order on your iPhone!

Does Publix Do Money Orders In 2022?

If you are buying a $100,000 property for example, you may be required by law to get it insured and/or get a home inspection. You can use a licensed broker or licensed agent to help you find the best insurance policy for your needs, and you may save on costs by researching policies and rates.

If you’re thinking about getting a money order, you can find the price at the checkout.

Do All Publix Locations Have Money Orders?

Yes, money orders, although not the best method for sending money, if you can’t afford to have a wire transfer set up, is a good, quick way to send money.

Does Publix Cash Western Union Money Orders?

If you’re looking for more information about getting Western Union to send money orders, you may be in luck.

What Time Can I Buy Money Orders At Publix?

You can buy a money order at any Publix and its affiliated grocery store stores from 7 am to 10 pm.

Additionally, as long as someone is working the customer service desk, you’ll be able to purchase a money order in a couple of minutes!

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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Money Order At Publix?

The fee is between $.89 to $.99 to order a money order at Publix.

It’s also a good idea to send your money order in the morning so you can avoid a long lines of people waiting for a money order window.

Does Publix Accept Credit Cards For Money Orders?

Unfortunately, Publix does not accept credit cards for money orders but can accept debit cards. It is possible to make a money order from your bank account if you have a debit card. Please contact customer service for further details.

Does Publix Accept Checks For Money Orders?

If you try to pay a money order using a check, you’ll get a message to say that it’s not allowed.

Does Publix Have A Money Order Limit?

The amount of money you can send via a money order is limited to $500. That means you should only buy $2,000 worth of money orders at a time.

However, any Publix cashier can issue a money order, but it depends on the manager. Generally, it’s not allowed. This can vary by location.

Please make sure you have some form of identification with you so we can confirm that you are who you say you are.

You can buy as many money orders as you can afford to buy at Publix as long as you stay under $500 per order.

What Type Of Money Order Does Publix Use?

When someone needs to make a purchase at a store, they can fill out a money order form and have it mailed to the address on the form.

How Do I Write A Publix Money Order?

Fill out a money order form. Fill out the money order with the Publix amount. Place it on top of the grocery receipt. Put the grocery receipt in a bag with money order and other items.

The form is quite simple, but if you get confused, you can ask an employee or look online for some helpful videos, where there are plenty of guides and tutorials.

How Do I Track A Publix Money Order?

* If you think you’ve been scammed by a store employee or a friend: It is your responsibility to report it. You should go to a local police station and fill out an official report.

Further, you may enter the money order number and the date of the money order and the system will tell you when the money order is due to be cashed.

Now, you can enter the information and then hit “Add Money Order,” which adds the money order to the list of orders. This is the last step.

Does Publix Refund Money Orders?

There are no refunds available for money orders, since Western Union doesn’t issue refunds. You’ll need to contact Western Union to begin the refund process.

You can request a refund through Western Union or Money Gram. It will cost $15 to process the refund.

If you want to know more about the grocery shopping, you can also see our reviews of the store and how to sign up for a credit card, as well as the prices.


When you walk into a Publix, money orders are sold at the front of the store.

Also, to get a higher amount you’ll have to buy multiple money orders as each one is limited by their $500 limit.

You may use a credit card to make your money order purchase, but you will need to pay for it using cash or a prepaid debit card. Unfortunately, Publix does not accept credit cards as a payment method for money orders.

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