Does Safeway Have Western Union? (all You Need To Know)

Western Union is a popular company that has services available for sending money. You can use the company online 24/7, and many grocery and retail stores have Western Union services.

If you’re a customer of Safeway, you may be wondering if Safeway also has Western Union services, such as money transfers. To learn more about the history of Western Union and how the company came to be, I did some research!

Does Safeway Have Western Union In 2022?

Safeway supports Western Union as a service for international money transfers, pickups, and payment. Customers choose Safeway’s Western Union service as a convenient option for international money transfers, pickups, and payment in the majority of their store locations.
The website at includes information about how to find a Western Union location inside the store.

Western Union is a third-party transfer company that allows consumers to send money to the U.S. from the U.K., Canada, India, Mexico, France, Germany, and China. The company currently has 35,000 locations in 200 countries.

If you want more information about the services Western Union offers in Safeway, which Safeway stores have Western Union, how much money you can transfer through Safeway Western Union and more, you can click here to read some of the most useful information.

Do All Safeway Locations Have Western Union?

The majority of Safeway stores in Canada and the United States currently offer Western Union service and Western Union money transfer services.

This is a screenshot from a Safeway grocery store website in the United States, showing that Western Union can be purchased there:
(For the purposes of this question, assume that the Western Union sign is the same in both images.)


In short: yes, you can use both the term “Western Union” and “MoneyGram” interchangeably for those goods, provided the product is physically available at that store.

If you want to know if your local Safeway offers Western Union services, just head over to your local store and ask for help from an associate, or call the store and talk to the customer service desk.

What Services Does Safeway Western Union Offer?

When you have a Western Union transfer, Safeway will process the money within ten days. The most important tip when contacting a store on the phone is to ask to speak with an agent who has experience with international transfers.

While many of the Safeway stores have the ability to complete a money order, some of the stores located in some of the rural locations have had some problems with completing the money order transaction process and are still awaiting service from the company.

If you want to know which Western Union service your neighborhood Safeway offers, you can do so by searching the store address on, and there will be a list of Western Union services on the left hand side of the screen that explains which services your local store offers.

Do All Safeway Western Unions Have Money Orders?

Safeway’s money orders can be purchased at all stores, but we are currently unable to process them at this time. This also applies to WU Reload+ services such as money transfers and cash pickups.

Does Safeway Canada Have Western Union?

– Western Union is an international money-transfer service that is used by customers in different countries to send and receive money, order goods, and transfer funds.
– Customers can easily find Western Union locations in their area by contacting a local agent. The agent will verify your address and provide the location of the Western Union agent in your area.
– Most people use the website to transfer money to another country. However, they can send money to another location in Canada easily.

How Much Money Can I Send Through Western Union at Safeway?

While Safeway offers Western Union at full service, there is a limit to how much money a customer may send per money transfer. The limit is $500 for all money transfers, regardless of the amount of money being transferred.

Customers may place multiple transfers, though this may be at the discretion of the local store’s cashiers.

Where Is Western Union Located in Safeway?

Safeways in the United States do not currently offer a specific Western Union department or location. The location may vary at a store-to-store basis.

In addition, you are able to track the movement of your Western Union amount with the Western Union mobile app or at

Does Albertsons Have Western Union?

Albertsons Companies (Safeway) joined hands with Western Union to start offering their services through 2,300 of their stores to consumers in an effort to compete against digital currency payment methods at scale.

Western Union is the service that allows someone at a terminal to send money to someone else by providing the account information of the recipient and his/her bank branch (account number, routing and account balance).

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Safeway stores is often referred to as the largest food retailers in the United States and Canada. They provide a wide range of food products to their customers. They also offer other services such as Western Union services, cash/mobile money transfers, payment services, cash pick-up, money orders and other services.

Customers who wish to send money through Western Union must keep all individual orders to $500. In addition to Albertsons, 9 other companies under Albertsons offer Western Union services.

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