Does Walmart Do Money Orders? (Updated 2022!)

Money orders are a long-standing tradition. These are an easy and fast way to pay.

However, you cannot get a money order anywhere. We were curious if Walmart could accept money orders. This is what we found …..

Does Walmart Do Money Orders?

Walmart offers money orders as one of its financial services. A money order can be obtained in-store at the Walmart Customer Service Desk or the Walmart Money Services Centre.

This article will discuss Walmart money orders. It will explain what they are and why they are useful. And how you can get one.

What is a Walmart Money Order (or Walmart Money Order)?

Walmart money orders are a prepaid check or bank certificate. This money order is not a form credit. You pay cash upfront to cover the entire amount plus a small fee.

The money order will be filled out with transaction details.

The money order provider will “back up” the amount of the money order, similar to how a bank backs up a cheque payment. This ensures that the recipient receives the correct amount.

Some people consider the money order a safer form of payment because you’ve already exchanged cash for it.

It’s also safe to be sure that no one will steal or use it. To cash one in, you must present a government ID.

Walmart allows me to buy money orders with a credit card

Walmart does not accept credit cards as payment for money orders.

You can purchase money orders with cash, a debit card or cash. Once you have your Walmart money order it’s as good as cash. It is important that you fill out your money order as soon as possible and accurately.

Credit cards aren’t useful for buying money orders because the issuers (i.e. Walmart prefers to have the money in their hands before issuing the money order.

Does Walmart Cash Money Orders?

Walmart will only cash money orders that they issued.

Cash money orders and checks of less than $1,000 are subject to a maximum fee of $4. Larger amounts will be charged an $8 fee. The amount can be paid in cash or loaded onto your Walmart MoneyCard. They cost $1 to buy initially but you can reload any amount at no additional charge.

What is the Advantage of a Money Order?

A money order can be very cheap and simple to obtain – especially if you just need to go to your local Walmart.

Money orders are more secure than checks, as they are paid in advance so that they cannot bounce. Money orders are also issued with numbers that can be traced back to them. They are accepted by more people who are happier.

To stop funds being released, you can cancel an order if the money order is stolen or lost. The amount can be reissued as long as the stub still contains the necessary information.

Money orders are transactions that are more private and don’t require a bank account.

Money orders are cheaper than checks. Although the exact amount required to buy one varies from Walmart, it is generally less than a dollar. This is a reasonable price.

You can return your money order if you don’t use it or issue it. The money order must be unaltered and undamaged.

How do I get a Walmart Money Order?

You can purchase a money order at the Walmart customer service desk or money services center. If you are sending large amounts of money, you will need to provide the amount you want and the fee.

Walmart allows only $1000 for one money order. If you need more, you will have to place more orders.

Fill in the information of the person receiving the money order. Spelling is very important. When the money order is cashed, it will be verified against the recipient’s ID. The recipients will always need this ID.

At the conclusion of each transaction, you will receive a receipt. It is important to keep this receipt safe.

You will need the receipt number to contact MoneyGram customer support if there is a problem with your money order.


Money orders offer an alternative to digital payments that is both convenient and safer than cash and checks.

They are also very affordable compared to other money transactions and can be returned if they are no longer needed.

Make sure to complete the form correctly and promptly and keep the receipt safe.

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