Does Usps Do Money Orders? (Updated 2022!)

Money orders allow you to send money quickly and easily. Money orders are a convenient way to send money.


Can the USPS do money orders?

You can purchase money orders from the United States Postal Service at any US post office. You can find the nearest post office by using the USPS location finder on their website.

This article will discuss USPS money orders. It will explain what they are and how to get them. What are the fees? Where can you cash your USPS money order?

What is a Money Order?

Money orders are US currency documents or “paper checks” that cannot bounce as they have already been paid. You can purchase it in any amount, and send it via mail nationally or internationally.

USPS money orders can be ordered in amounts up to $1000. Every money order comes with a small fee. A receipt is also issued that includes tracking details.

Money orders can be sent by mail or delivered by hand.

How do I send a domestic money order?

The USPS allows you to send and purchase domestic and international money orders. First, you will need to visit any post office and determine the dollar amount.

Only cash, debit cards, or traveler’s checks can be used to pay for your money order. USPS does not accept personal checks or credit card payments for money orders.

The cashier will assist you in filling out the money order amount and asking for payment. A receipt will be issued to you. This receipt contains important tracking information. Keep it safe and accessible.

International money orders are subject to an issuing fee as well as a processing fee. They can only be placed for values up to $700.

USPS recommends that international money orders be filled out carefully. For example, it is important to immediately fill in the “pay to” field. If the order is stolen or cashed by the wrong individual, you won’t be eligible for a reimbursement.

What is the cost to place a money order?

The money order dollar amount is the basis of money order fees. Orders up to $500 in USPS money cost $1.45 each. For amounts between $500 and $1000, $1.95 is charged. Each order for postal military money is $0.50

USPS recommends that customers keep their receipts. The money order receipt can be used to track the payment and provide proof of value in the event that it is lost, stolen or damaged.

Where can I cash a USPS money order?

A USPS money order can be cashed at any Post Office for free. Cashing a money order from USPS is only possible for the individual it was made out to. They can also be cash at certain stores and banks. These include:

  • Bank of America (if account holder).
  • Capital One (if account holder)
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Chase Bank
  • PNC Bank
  • Wells Fargo
  • Albertsons Grocery Stores
  • Kroger’s

The USPS recommends that you wait until you’re at the cashier and are present at the post office before signing the money order. A primary photo ID is also required.

Are money orders safe?

Money orders can be sent safely and affordably. They are accepted almost everywhere and do not expire.

US postal money orders are said to be “amongst the most secure financial instruments worldwide.” They have certain design features that maximize their security.

These are:

  • A repeating watermark (of Benjamin Franklin)
  • Multi-coloured thread is woven into the paper
  • The letters “USPS”, which are repeated backwards and forwards throughout the thread, are called “USPS”.

All of these security features can be checked online

Money orders that have been damaged or are not in good condition will be replaced by the USPS. You simply need to take the damaged order into any Post Office.

You can’t stop a postal money order from being paid, but it is possible to get a replacement for a lost or stolen one. It can take up 30 days for a loss or theft to be confirmed. An investigation could take up 60 minutes and could result in a $6.95 processing charge.

What happens if my money order is lost or stolen?

If you keep the money order receipt, you can always check the status of your money orders. The dollar amount and post office number are also required.

If your order is lost or stolen, this receipt will be your proof of payment. You can present the receipt to your local Post Office and claim a refund if your order is stolen or lost.

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USPS money orders allow you to send money securely, quickly, and easily to another person.

Fill out the money order receipt after you have purchased it. This will make any claim for lost, stolen or damaged money orders much easier.

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