Does Amazon Have Layaway? (Updated 2022!)

Layaway is a payment method that many shoppers have heard of. It allows them to pay a down payment and then the vendor will hold an item until they receive all payments.

You might be wondering if Amazon offers layaway as you look through the products available on Amazon. Continue reading to find out more about the various options available.

Amazon offers layaway

Amazon does not have a dedicated layaway program as of 2022. Amazon offers monthly payment plans for certain items, such as Fire tablets and Alexa-enabled smart-home devices and Kindle ereaders.

Amazon cardholders may be eligible for special financing and monthly payments on certain orders.

Why doesn’t Amazon offer layaway?

Amazon doesn’t have layaway because of its lack of warehouse capacity. Although Amazon’s fulfillment centers are large, they are managed so that the maximum amount of space is available.

Amazon stock levels fluctuate constantly, unlike physical stores with a designated layaway counter.

Amazon has a higher stock volume, which is one of the perks to shopping online. Layaway might make sense in a nearby department store that only stocks limited products. But with Amazon, items are regularly replenished. If you are looking for a holiday gift, but don’t have the funds to purchase it, you can be sure that it will still be available on Amazon after a few weeks.

Amazon does not guarantee stock availability or pricing. It is evident that Amazon offers a wider selection of products than other retailers, which can be frustrating for customers who are limited in their product choices. Target, Best Buy and Costco are some other retailers that offer layaway programs.

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Amazon got rid of its payment plans

You might also consider other stores like Kmart and TJ Maxx for traditional layaway. These stores are well-known for offering a wide range of layaway options.

It is important to keep in mind that Amazon does not offer layaway but it does have thousands of products within each category. If you wait, you’re more likely to find what you want.

Answering the question, Amazon did not scrape its monthly payment plans. Amazon offers a monthly payment plan for a few items.

These include Amazon devices like Kindle ereaders, Fire tablets and Amazon Fire TV. They also include Alexa-enabled devices such as Echo Dot, Amazon Echo, and Amazon Echo Dot. These monthly payment options will be displayed on the product details page.

Layaway on Amazon: How to do it

You can choose to pay monthly for qualifying items. It works the same way as layaway. However, you will need to make five payments. After you have chosen a payment plan, the first payment must be made on the shipping date.

You will receive four equal monthly payments, usually divided at 30, 60, 90 and 120 days from the date you received your shipment. Amazon can charge the selected payment method each month if you agree to the monthly payment plan.

You don’t need to adhere to set payment dates. You can prepay the next payment, or pay the entire amount whenever you like. Amazon does not charge interest or finance for monthly payments made on its devices, such as the Amazon Echo smart speakers and e-readers.

Sign up for an Amazon Store Card

A store card is another clever way to circumvent the lack of layaway options on this online marketplace. You can get promotional financing for qualifying purchases when you apply for an Amazon credit card.

It takes only a few minutes to apply online. After approval is granted, you will be able to link your store card with your account to enjoy additional benefits.

Let’s say your item eligibility meets the requirements to receive special promotional benefits. If that happens, Amazon will show you the payment options and allow you to choose how many monthly payments. After you confirm your order, you’ll receive a reminder about the payment schedule and how much you must pay each month.

Is there any hidden fees with the Layaway Payment Option

Layaway may seem like an easy process, but it can involve a number of complex fees. These fees may vary between stores.

  • Service fee: This is the fee that covers the costs of payment processing and ensures that items are not taken off the shelves. It usually ranges between $5-5 and $10.
  • Cancellation fees: Some stores may charge a cancellation fee if you cancel your plan or are unable to make payments.
  • Restocking fee: If you fail to make your payments on time or are late, the retail store will charge this fee.

Layaway: What are the Pros?

Layaway is the most preferred method of financing, compared to other options.

  • You don’t have to pay interest for these purchases.
  • Layaway is a great alternative to credit cards for making payments. It’s an alternative way to pay your bills over time if you don’t have credit cards or aren’t interested in obtaining a store card.
  • Layaway can be a great way to ensure that you have products in high demand, especially during holidays when electronics, toys and decorations sell quickly. Layaway of such items before the holiday season ensures that you get it during the holiday season.
  • Online availability: Most retail stores offer layaway when you shop online. Layaway online can help you avoid the frustrations associated with holiday crowds, long lines and moving from one store to the next to search for an item.
  • Layaway programs are easy to accept: Unlike credit cards, they don’t run credit or income checks before approving your application. These programs are easy to qualify for. All you need is a downpayment and proof of identification that you are over the legal age limit.

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Amazon does not offer a traditional layaway program, unlike Walmart, Kmart, and TJ Maxx. This shouldn’t be a problem as Amazon offers monthly payment plans for certain smart home devices and Kindle ereaders.

Signing up for an Amazon Store Card gives you special financing and equal monthly payments options for certain orders.

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