Does Best Buy Have Layaway? (Try This Instead) 

When someone purchases an item that has layaway, they can still add products to their layaway until they have paid for all items.

Most customers looking for electronics are often looking for the best deals around. One such store that often provides a wide variety of products, with a great return policy and low prices is Best Buy. Often times the customers looking for Best Buy will ask, does Best Buy have layaways? The answer is Yes!

Does Best Buy Have Layaway In 2022?

Unfortunately, Best Buy does not have layaway as of 2022. Best Buy does not offer customers layaway and no payment methods provide for a “0% down” payment. Consequently, customers should select a payment method that does not necessitate 100% payment on cash.

The following example illustrates a layaway option (payment of 3 payments, 20%, 10%, 30% each of the total) with credit card payments and the payments can be applied to multiple items if desired.

If you are considering getting a watch layaway at best buy, it is essential to understand the different layaway options. There are two different options that you can select:
The layaway option is either monthly or weekly.
You can either select a month or a week.
If you are planning to purchase a $3,000 watch layaway at best buy, there are two more options. You can either select:
A 6 month layaway or a 12 month layaway.
The second option you can select is a 3 month layaway or a 6 month layaway.

Best Buy Customers Can Try This Instead

The store does not allow the use of layaways for purchases of items. However, Best Buy does have alternative financing options since the store does not allow the use of layaways.

Customers can opt to pay for items by using a credit card under Best Buy or lease the item from Best Buy using another method.

You can lease an item in as few as one day, you can be paid over 12 months if you choose.
You can lease an item with installments for up to 12 months from the day of purchase, you can pay it off in as little as one day or you can pay it off over 12 months.

The only issue with Progressive Leasing, as compared to other financing options, is that the initial payments are usually quite high.

You can also use the Citi Simplicity Visa Card and the American Express Serve Visa Card to purchase items on credit at Best Buy.

At Best Buy, once an order is approved, you can only use that credit card or lease-to-own option once.

Can You Finance At Best Buy With No Credit?

Yes, you can finance your purchase at Best Buy with no credit.

If a Best Buy customer has an open account, they may be able to obtain financing through Bank of America.

If you wish to utilize Best Buy’s Progressive Leasing program, you will have to send your application for review and approval by Best Buy employees.

If your application was successful, you will receive an e-mail thanking you for the effort.

Applicants for the loan must have a checking account, a routing number, and be 18 years of age or older.

Once your application is approved, you will be made to sign a long-term contract and start paying a small but steady fee.

Leasing customers are rewarded with points if they purchase the leased item within 90 days or buy out before the expected date for the final payment.

Can I Do Layaway Online At Best Buy?

You cannot shop for layaways online, unfortunately.

The Best Buy Financing options are that you can either buy it right then and there or you can lease it for a year to a year and a half.

Therefore, customers can purchase their desired items without using the instant cash on purchased items.

You can find out more about how you can save more, and how you could still get paid on the [Earnin] app.

Does Best Buy Have Layaway All Year Round?

Best Buy did not offer layaway for customers all year round since the store does not offer layaway as a funding option for purchasing.

Customers should not wait forever to buy Best Buy products and services during a layaway period.

The company may consider any factors that affect the business’s bottom line, like payment plans.

What should the salesperson do next?

Checking in with the prospect about her buying decision.

Both Progressive Leasing and credit cards have the same result of helping customers buy their desired items without worrying about instant payments.

Can You Put A TV On Layaway At Best Buy?

You cannot put a TV on layaway at Best Buy because their policy does not allow layaways.

[SAME]: You cannot put a TV on layaway at Best Buy because their policy does not allow layaways.

For example, it would be easier for you to buy a car by using your My Best Buy Credit Card than through a Layaway and Finance Plan.

Does Best Buy Offer 24 Month Financing Through Layaways?

However, we do offer layaway discounts on merchandise, which you can take advantage of by calling us at 1-800-BestBuy.

Best Buy offers two credit cards, My Best Buy Credit Card and My Best Buy Visa, financing through Citibank. Each credit card has deferred-interest financing for 6-24 months.

While the financial aid from the government may depend on the amount and items or services that the student is purchasing on campus and not on their citizenship.

Does Best Buy accept Afterpay financing?

If you get a Best Buy price match or Best Buy exclusive offer at another retailer, you may be able to finance or have cash back through Best Buy.

Best Buy may be more like a high-end department store (and not the bargain store it used to be). At the same time, Best Buy does not discount as much as other retailers. They also have a reputation for great customer service.


Best Buy does not usually offer layaway to buyers. That’s why the company offers other alternative financing methods for those who want to get their delivered items.

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