Do Big Lots Have Layaway? (all You Need To Know)

Big Lots sells products on credit from their stores. It makes it easier for customers to buy from the store. They do not have to pay cash and can always look for alternative payment options.

It’s true that layaway plans can be great for customers who want to get the item after payment for a few weeks. However, they usually don’t make a lot of sense for people who already have an item.

If you’re already done with the research and you’re clear on what layaway policies are, that just leaves one question!

Does Big Lots Have Layaway Plans In 2022?

Big Lots will stop offering layaway on its products in two years’ time, except for the Easy Leasing plan for its furniture. But it will offer the Price Hold program for shoppers that cannot raise the cash price.

If you wish to find out more about layaway purchases at Big Lots, then keep reading for more helpful facts and guidance!

Which Layaway Purchase Options Does Big Lots Have?

Big Lots doesn’t allow layaway. If you have a layaway option, you should look at stores like Ross Dress for Less or TJ Maxx that offer layaway.

Progressive Purchase Program is a free program by the U.S. Government,
available to Federal employees.
It enables you to obtain any product of your choice and
purchase it tax-free.

With the easy leasing and progressive purchase program you can shop for furniture and selected products with no interest or prepayments. The rate is a minimum 0.75% on all purchases and leases. You will need to contact your local Enron Credit representative to take advantage of the program.

On top of that, some big names in the home improvement industry include the Home Depot, Lowe’s, HomeSense, and Ace Hardware, which offers an extra $75 off on top of the $150 minimum purchase or the $300 rebate. This means that you may be eligible to receive a total of $225 off your purchase.

To maintain the price stability in the market, AEP is allowed to keep the price of electricity unchanged for at least five consecutive calendar months.

The other alternative installment plan is the Price Hold program, used for products not in stock or too costly to buy at the cash register.

This is also known as a revolving account or an installment contract. In a revolving account, the customer makes a down payment and then makes payments on an account with Big Lots.

What Products Does Big Lots Offer Layaways On?

Big Lots doesn’t offer layaways on any of its products, but for some of its furniture items and qualified products you can get a couple of installment plans.

Big Lots is offering the Price Hold program and the Easy Leasing plan on the following qualified products.

Who Qualifies for the Big Lots Layaway Plan?

Big Lots doesn’t offer a layaway plan, but you can qualify for their other installment plans. Shoppers can qualify for any of their other installment plans that make purchasing costlier items easier.

You must qualify for the price hold program by purchasing specified products at designated locations for the minimum value of $150. Alternatively, if you purchase some furniture at the specified time and place, you can qualify for the price hold program.

How Does the Big Lots Layaway Program Work?

Big Lots offers an alternative installment plan, in the form of the layaway plan. This is essentially as easy as paying each installment on time, but requires that the customer keep a track of the total amount due. This can be a valuable tool for customers who don’t want or are unable to pay the full amount at once.

The price hold program is the most important feature for a successful investment.

The Price Hold program is great when you need to buy items but cannot afford the full price in cash. Rather than wait until the shopper has the amount in full and risk a price increase, Big Lots agrees to hold the price as you pay for the item.

The store will have to maintain the item at the price you pay for it. The store does not hold the item and the buyer must give notice before collecting the item, so it will be returned immediately if the buyer decides not to keep the item.

Allowing companies for 2 years. Renewable.

You can also use the Easy Leasing program to buy items in the Furniture section of the Sears Outlet department store or in a Sears store.

The lease payments will be less than one year. And a third-party company will manage the system.

You will have to provide a credit check before you can use the money.

Also, lease payments are usually deducted from your checking account. Depending on the lease duration, you can purchase items at any time before the lease period expires.

Which Flexible Financing Options Does Big Lots Have?

If you sign up for the Big Lots store credit card you can earn points and get some benefits. A member can earn up to 5 points for every dollar spent. The member is able to make purchases with the Big Lots cards and has a deferred interest promotion plan. The credit line is $500 on this card.

Furthermore, if you pay off the debt or the interest is less than $750 within one year from purchase, you will not become liable for any penalty fee.

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This layaway shop does not offer a layaway system, but they do have excellent installment options if you are not able to pay cash. Such as The Price Hold Program and The Easy Leasing Plan as alternatives to layaway.

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