Does Tj Maxx Have Layaway? (all You Need To Know)

While you have to consider the cost of interest and the likelihood that you will pay your balance in full before the due date, you also have to consider what you want to pay today and how it may affect your ability to pay for more expensive items.

So, the short answer is yes! If you’re interested in checking out layaway, it’s pretty straightforward, you’d just head to your local TJ Maxx and fill out a layaway agreement.

However, there is a slight catch that I would like to bring to your attention.

Does TJ Maxx Have Layaway In 2022?

~~ For more helpful information about layaway, you can see if you’re eligible at TJ Maxx and what to do instead.

Do TJ Maxx Stores Have Layaway?

Online shopping can be cheaper than in-store because of the lower shipping costs. Online-only stores like Amazon have a one-day shipping option to compete with other sites that let you buy and ship items the same day. But experts say it’s not a perfect solution to the need for fast delivery.

Layaway plans are popular with shoppers in that they help stretch their purchasing power. Many families even do their Christmas shopping on layaway. With layaway plans, the store holds the item while the customer makes up the full payment in installments.

Usually you need to pay a deposit, but you’ll be charged no interest if you pay the full price in one go. When you’ve paid the full price, you can take your item home.

However, it has been noticed that TJ Maxx has stopped its layaway plan. They don’t have any information on whether they will be started again.

This is so that people can no longer buy items and not pay for them in the store and still come back later.

Why Does TJ Maxx No Longer Offer Layaway?

The TJ Maxx layoffs have caused speculation that a change at the top level of the company may be afoot. It’s possible that the company is going to start focusing on selling its own private label products and cutting back on its inventory on the low-margin clearance side.

Former employees are now criticizing TJ Maxx because they think they are just going to accept credit cards now. They feel like these people are more motivated because their pay is not what it used to be. They also have to be motivated because TJ Maxx has been giving them less work and giving more credit card work.

With a credit card, you pay a specific amount each month and then the remaining amount is paid off over the month. It also charges interest on the amount you don’t pay off each month.

You may find it difficult to believe that, but I was told by an ex-employee that you can’t sell layaway, it’s too expensive.

Layaway sales have been declining in recent years. It is a difficult business model. Many retailers have closed this program or made it much more difficult. In Walmart’s most recent quarter, layaway sales were 25% lower than last year.

In order to be able to pay for items online, Walmart will be implementing a program called Affirm, where customers are able to make payments in the form of “virtual credit”.

Other retailers such as Macy’s, Target and GameStop are also ending layaway. They will offer buy now pay later instead.

If you want to get this money out of a purchase, you need to have a buy now, pay later or installments service on your card.

Does TJ Maxx Offer Any Other Buy-Now-Pay-Later Services?

What Can You Use Instead of Layaway at TJ Maxx?

TJX Rewards credit card members can get a TJX Rewards credit card to shop with them like cash back discounts, gift cards, and more. Apply today!

With the new credit card from TJX Rewards, you can put your major purchases on the card and pay them off with monthly installments. However, unlike many of the new buy now pay later services, credit card payments are not interest free.

TJX Rewards members earn credit and cash back on purchases in TJX group stores. Members can also enroll in the annual TJX Rewards Loyalty program and earn points on eligible purchases. They can redeem them for gift cards and merchandise.

As a TJX Rewards member, you get 5% back in TJX Rewards Certificates for purchases of merchandise online and in stores.

What Other Stores Offer Layaway?

The store has an account with Klarna and is offering a 3-month layaway plan. The minimum purchase is $200.
The store has an account with Afterpay. The minimum purchase is $150.
The store has an account with QuadPay. The minimum purchase is $200.

If you want to know more about the TJ Maxx situation, you can also see our posts on whether or not TJ Maxx accepts coupons and whether the TJ Maxx app can be used.


With buy now pay later, you can buy what you want and pay for it over time. The payment is made direct from your account to the retailer and does not involve the retailer paying back to you the money you borrowed. The retailer is paid immediately when you make your last payment and then all the payments are deducted from your account in time.

The TJX credit card can help you pay off big ticket items with monthly installments. The TJX Rewards card offers discounts at TJX stores and other merchants.

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