Tj Maxx Complaints (how To Make One, Common Types Of Complaints + More)

TJ Maxx doesn’t just take customer concerns seriously, they have several ways to resolve all of your customer problems. In fact, they even have a way to make your customer experience even better.

You can make a complaint at the TJ Maxx store you visited. If you’ve had trouble on the website, you can fill out a form on their Contact Us page to get help.

How Do I File a Complaint to TJ Maxx In 2022?

If you have a problem at a TJ Maxx store, you can contact customer service by phone or through their online contact form in 2022. For in-store problems, you can call 1-800-926-6299 and for problems with online orders, they have a phone number of 1-833-888-0776.

We’ve received complaints about TJ Maxx’s customer service!
Please help us resolve the issues posted below.

How Do I Make a Complaint to TJ Maxx?

If you’re upset about an issue at a TJ Maxx store, you can try and talk to a TJ Maxx supervisor there who may be able to help you.

If the first step doesn’t work, then you can contact TJ Maxx Customer Service and there are a few different ways to do this.

If you call the customer service line, you will be asked to pick a product online, which you can do, and then you will be taken through to a live person.

In store. They are usually really great.
Online. They are normally not great.

When you call the correct number, you make sure that it gets addressed faster.

Also, if you’re having problems with your TJ Maxx credit card, you should make sure that you’re calling the correct number for your credit card.

Before calling you can visit the website to check if a phone number is listed. You can also see what you need to know about it.

What Is the TJ Maxx Number?

TJ Maxx is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 9 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. TJ Maxx offers 24 hour delivery for orders placed online.

If you want to have your account refunded or you want to speak with someone about exchanging another shirt, the number to the customer service lines is 1-800-926-6299.

We will always try to answer your questions over the phone. Our hours are Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m to 6 p.m. Eastern time, but if you’d like to talk to us please know that phone calls can be answered during that time.

We also appreciate that your order must be shipped to a P.O. Box. We are sorry, but due to the current situation in the United States of America, we are only able to ship to a physical address.

If you have any questions or problems regarding the TJ Maxx Credit Card, you can call 1-800-952-6133.

If you want to know how to claim your rewards, you can call 1-877-890-3150.

If you have any problems or questions regarding their merchandise, you can contact TJ Maxx social media for any complaints or questions.

Can You Return Something From TJ Maxx to Marshalls?

The TJX group of companies owns both TJ Max x and Marshalls.

However, it is possible to return purchased items to the store you originally bought them from.

You may only return merchandise to Marshalls from the Marshalls return area. Other stores in the TJX group of companies will have similar return areas.

So, if you return something from TJ Maxx, you have to pay the return/refund fee for HomeGoods or Sierra Trading Post.

What Are Some Common Types of Complaints at TJ Maxx?

Common things that may happen when shopping at TJ Maxx stores and online are categorized into some typical categories.

Most people have a hard time finding a parking spot, and you usually need to go up or down the street to find one.

How Do I Contact T.J. Maxx Corporate?

If the customer service team doesn’t help you solve your problem, or if you have feedback about the stores or company, you can contact TJ Maxx corporate offices.

TJ Maxx is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts. The TJ Maxx corporate offices are located in North Andover, Massachusetts.

To find out more information, you can also read our previous posts on whether or not TJ Maxx sells suits, TJ Maxx returns, and if TJ Maxx sells fake brands.


TJ Maxx tries to please their customers. If it does not please their customers, the company does not like it.

If you ask around at the store, they might tell you if they can help you.

You can contact Customer Service if you encounter problems at TJ Maxx stores or shopping online.

Customer Service can be contacted by phone at 800-729-5438 or by visiting TJ Maxx’s website at

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