Does Amazon Accept Afterpay? (try This Instead)

The world of commerce is rapidly changing with time, and the need for financial innovation is at an all time high. We are making a real difference in people’s lives by helping them to make their purchases a little easier and providing a financial alternative that makes everything from everyday purchases to a larger purchase a little easier.

Amazon accept Afterpay, but you need to buy something from Amazon to then pay later. Amazon don’t sell anything themselves – they just organise everything.

Does Amazon Accept Afterpay In 2022?

Unfortunately, Amazon does not accept Klarna or Zip as of 2022. Instead, Amazon offers special financing for Amazon cardholders or shoppers who buy Amazon Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, and Alexa devices. Alternatively, Amazon customers can use Amazon Pay-in-4 on Pay-in-4 through the Zip app.

If you feel it is necessary, keep reading this article to find out about alternative buy now, pay later options to Afterpay, including Buy Now, Buy Now Flexible Payments and Buy Now 2 Year.

Why Doesn’t Amazon Accept Afterpay?

Afterpay was not accepted because it’s not worth all the hassle. Amazon is doing a lot of things with their own payment service, called Amazon Payments.

While many other retailers are now offering Afterpay, Amazon leaders don’t feel the need to incorporate this payment method on its leading e-commerce platform.

There are many other companies that use this platform including Adidas and a few others. Amazon doesn’t have to depend on this payment method to bring in customers.

The company said they had millions of loyal shoppers who had proven they would shop on Amazon even if there was no Afterpay option.

It’s just that the company had to make some big changes to its payment options and in the future, the company might decide to roll out some of its existing payment options on the platform.

Payments will be an integral part of the Amazon strategy. As you know, we are adding new payment options to Alexa and Echo, as well as to our mobile apps for users to choose how they wish to pay for things.

The ability to have a more flexible payment option will give an advantage to Amazon.

Without the payment programs, Amazon is still leading the way in e-commerce.

Can You Buy Now, Pay Later On Amazon?

Other than Amazon, there are actually other alternatives for you to spend and save your money.

As an added bonus, Amazon now allows people to use their Klarna and Zip services as an additional payment option to their debit, credit cards.

Klarna is a digital wallet that makes it more convenient to pay with Amazon.

Users should use their Zip card details to pay for their purchases. The service will require 4 installments to be paid off.

This allows you to zip up the files you want to send to Amazon (and not let you send any other file types).

Amazon also allows you to send Zip via the *Fee Free* method, if you want to receive a refund for your shipping fee.

What Other Online Retailers Accept Afterpay?

Some retailers may accept afterpay (especially when it comes to clothing), but most don’t, especially when it comes to physical goods.

Currently, around 7,400 merchants are accepting Afterpay in the United States. Most are in the beauty and apparel industries, according to the payment company.

While we don’t provide a list of the retailers that offer the Afterpay payment option, the list above is a good indication of which ones do offer it.

The beauty section is great for purchasing items such as nail polish, beauty masks, and various types of cosmetics.

Though Amazon has thousands of home items for sale, shoppers who like to buy now pay later may prefer Bed Bath & Beyond, as both accept Afterpay.

Amazon is the site where you can buy the exact same thing as a more popular brand name, but it’s the exact same product, but at a cheaper price.

If you want to know more about Amazon’s payment methods, you can also see our post that tells you if Amazon takes WIC, if Amazon offers payment plans, and if Amazon has layaway policies.


If you buy a product on Amazon with Amazon Payments, the monthly payments are automatic and there’s no fee once the purchase is charged to your Amazon Payments account.

Amazon offers monthly payments for Amazon cardholders as well as monthly plans for the Kindle reader, Fire tablet, and Amazon smart home devices.

Since we are a large pet shop, we are able to offer discounts on your entire purchase as well as free delivery through our partner, PetSmart.

You can only choose between your preferred payment method and then select this store. Please choose other checkout method.

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