Does Lululemon Take Afterpay In 2022? (Refunds, Late Fees, Spending Limits)

Popular options for avid shoppers are buy-now-pay later (BNPL). Cash-strapped customers love the freedom to make purchases right away and pay no interest. Credit card companies are frustrated.

Afterpay and Klarna are two of the most popular options. Afterpay is a great example of a successful underdog story in capitalist America. The unicorn has served over 16 million customers worldwide and almost 100,000 merchants since its initial pitch in 2015.

Is Lululemon an athleisure brand? Let’s find the answer!

Does Lululemon Take Afterpay?

Yes, Lululemon accepts Afterpay online, in-store and in-app. There are no additional interest charges if the payment is made on time. Afterpay cannot be used for gift cards or membership purchases. Also, the receipt must be at least $1 in value and no more than 2,000.

What is Afterpay?

Afterpay is a buy now-pay-later service (BNPL), with guaranteed approval and no credit checks. Afterpay can be used at any Lululemon store, online or in-app. Nearly 100,000 retailers around the world now carry the Australian-based company, including Target and GOAT as well as Ulta and Nike.

Afterpay has a spending limit and additional restrictions from retailers. The amount you can spend on Afterpay depends on when you pay and how long you have been using it.

Afterpay does no credit check upon sign-in. Your credit score is not affected by late or on-time payments. Afterpay does not report payment activity to credit bureaus. This makes it an attractive alternative for credit cards.

Unfortunately, the platform can only be used in the United States, Canada and New Zealand. Clearpay is the EU’s name for the platform. It also works in the United Kingdom of France, Italy, Spain, and Spain.

What is Afterpay?

Afterpay will be your payment method. The first four payments, which equal 25% of the total receipt, will be made when you select Afterpay. You will then pay the remainder every two weeks, for up to six months.

You have the option to pay before the deadline or set up autopay from your debit or credit card.

You must first open an Afterpay Card Account before you can use Afterpay at Lululemon and other merchants.

Once Afterpay is set up, you can log into your account to view your purchase history and make payments anytime.

Lululemon Afterpay: How to Use It

After you have set up your Afterpay Card, it can be used at any Lululemon store in the countries that are available – the USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Lululemon UK does not accept Klarna.

Eligible Purchases

Afterpay is accepted by Lululemon for all clothing orders. Afterpay cannot be used to purchase gift cards or membership subscriptions. The receipt must also be at least $1 and maximum $2,000.

Overdue payments will not affect merchants or amounts. Afterpay is no longer available. You will be notified by SMS and given a grace period of ten days before you are charged any late fees if the automatic payment fails.

Late Fees

For orders below $40, an initial $10 late charge will be assessed. Over $40 orders will be subject to a $25 late fee. The maximum amount of $68 is applied.

If the payment is not paid within 7 days, you will be charged $7 more. Afterpay users cannot use Afterpay until all outstanding charges have been resolved.

Simply connect to your debit/credit card and make the payment. You can also set up autopay or manually pay. This will still result in interest accruing on your credit card and overdraft fees from the bank.

Returns and refunds

Afterpay will return your funds to the original payment method within 3-5 days of your return being confirmed. Lulu’s return policy requires that the item be approved by an educator. You must continue to pay until the return is confirmed.

Lululemon’s returns policy allows you to return all orders within 30 days. The garments must not be worn, should not have been washed and must be attached with hang tags. Proof of purchase must also accompany the garments.

Not Afterpay.

Other payment methods

Lululemon accepts Klarna as an alternative to Afterpay. While neither option will affect your credit score in any way, Klarna will conduct a soft credit check to create a new account. Klarna doesn’t impose spending limits on its users.

For a more thorough review, see Investopedia’s Klana vs. afterpay comparison guide.

Lululemon also accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • Gift certificates
  • Credit and debit cards
  • JCB


Afterpay is accepted by Lululemon in all of its stores, including brick-and-mortar stores, online sites, and mobile apps.

The buy-now-pay later option is not available in all countries, including the USA, Canada and Australia.

Afterpay cannot be used to buy Lululemon membership subscriptions or gift cards.

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