Does Amazon Accept Klarna? (all You Need To Know)

Amazon offers two different payment methods: credit cards and gift cards. Customers can pay using debit cards, gift cards, and most recently Amazon’s “buy now pay later” feature.

Well, the short answer is no, it doesn’t appear Amazon uses Klarna for this. I tried and I couldn’t find any support for this statement. This just seems like a strange way to approach the issue.

Does Amazon Accept Klarna In 2022?

In June, Klarna was chosen to be the exclusive partner to by providing a payment solution for the online giant. This would allow Amazon customers to purchase items without giving over their financial information to Amazon. Customers could purchase items using an Amazon account, then pay for them by clicking on the Klarna logo.

if you have more questions about Klarna and Amazon Payments, if you’d like to learn what kind of payment methods you can use with Klarna and when you can use Klarna for Amazon Payments, keep reading for just a few facts and facts!

How Does Klarna Work With Amazon?

Klarna is an app that allows Amazon online users to make purchases using a 4-installment payment plan.

Klarna users can either use the Klarna app for shopping on their mobile devices, or they can apply their Klarna card on

People can buy products on Amazon with different methods. They can pay for the products one by one or they can pay in a lump sum or in installments.

Customers can choose between a 4-installment plan paid out every two weeks, or a 30-day payment plan free of interest or additional fees.

As far as the amount goes, you can play with it as much as you want.
I suggest that $500 is a good amount to play around with.

I have a Klarna account I can use on Amazon and it allows me to make small payments on items I would normally have to pay full price up front on, as well as on items already on Amazon that qualify for a payment plan.

Can I Use Klarna for an Amazon Payment Plan?

Amazon has made select items in their catalog available for payment plans, such as furniture and certain electronics, which are paid out 5 installments (over 120 days) in time.

When customers choose to pay by using the Klarna method, they are automatically enrolled in Klarna’s payment plan.

Customers should note that Klarna is not a replacement for payment with a credit card, and that Klarna is a form of deferred payment.

Because Klarna and Amazon are two different services. One is an online store, the other is an online payment service.

Can I Use Klarna on Amazon Without the Klarna App?

Customers can still use Klarna without installing the Klarna browser extension by using their bank login details to make purchases in Klarna’s mobile app, or on Klarna’s website.

Amazon will now allow customers to add items into their cart from any page on the site. They can also add items into their cart from their phone by using the Amazon app.

Once the order is received, the customer will be presented with a payment screen, where they can select the “Pay With K” option.

It is not available for all browsers, but it is available for the Google Chrome browser for now.

How Do I Get an Amazon Refund Using Klarna?

When customers make a purchase through Amazon, they will automatically receive an email and proceed to process a refund.

Klarna is a payment app that can process a refund within 14 days after the request has been approved by Amazon, though it generally takes 3-5 days for a refund to be processed and added to an account depending on the payment method used.

Klarna allows customers to pay in different ways. Invoices can be paid directly, by paying through a partial payment or through a direct payment.

So you might receive a refund on Amazon but it might go to your klarna account instead.

How Can I Use My One-Time Klarna Card on Amazon?

For customers that already have a Klarna card, they can click on the Home tab, and search for Klarna, and use the Klarna card on Amazon!

It is possible for customers to create the One-Time Klarna card prior to purchasing, however, the customer will have to manually enter the card details after purchase.

Can I Use Klarna for Amazon Prime?

Your Amazon Prime year-long subscription automatically renews every year. As long as you are logged in to Klarna, you can pay for the entire year without having to start a new subscription each month.

Customers can pay with the option of a monthly subscription that allows for 30 days of use, or a pay in four installments every other two weeks. Some customers may find it a better financial deal to pay over time.

Customers can pay for membership to Prime by visiting the Prime web page on the Amazon website, or by using the Klarna app on their mobile.

To know more, if you want to read about Amazon credit card purchases, you can also see our post on how to avoid Amazon Pay scams.


In a statement to CNET, Amazon told us, “We have always offered payment plans within the app to help people pay for an item. We have a longstanding relationship with Klarna and many of our customers use Klarna’s payment technology to make their Amazon purchases.” If a customer’s account is tied to a credit card, Klarna can approve the payment to the address of the credit card.

You may also pay for your Amazon purchases with your Klarna account balance by using the Klarna app, the Klarna browser extension or the Amazon Payments website.

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