Does Safeway Sell Amazon Gift Cards? (your Full Guide)

A gift card is one of the easiest and most appreciated gifts, but it is also one of the most popular items to receive as a gift. One great thing is that the gift recipient can use their gift card just about anywhere they choose.

If you are a Safeway customer, then you may be wondering if your local Safeway store sells Amazon gift cards? If so, I am going to tell you what I found out about the answer to this question.

Does Safeway Sell Amazon Gift Cards In 2022?

With Amazon gift cards for sale at Safeway, your recipients can get their order sooner and easier. Plus, the recipient can use the gift card toward any purchase that is eligible on

Amazon Gift Cards can be redeemed online. You can redeem your gift card online at

If you would like to know the different types of gift cards that are offered by Safeway, what the respective price points are and more, keep reading.

What Denominations Does Safeway Sell for Amazon Gift Cards?

Amazon sells their gift cards in three denominations: $10, $25 and $100. If you want more than one gift card, you must order more than one of these cards. You can also use a gift card you already own to make a purchase.

$50 Amazon Instant Video, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, or Best Buy cards can be used to buy products.
$25 Amazon Instant Video, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, or Best Buy cards can be used to buy Kindle products.

This is the same as purchasing a gift card with a balance.

Does Safeway Sell Amazon Prime Gift Cards?

As part of the Prime benefit, you can also get free items from Amazon in your online shopping cart, and Amazon then ships them to you.
You can also download or stream video from Amazon.

Most of them generally cost 15$ or 50$, but can vary on how many cards are available in a pack.

You can also use Safeway Gift Cards to buy gift cards for Amazon at Safeway. The Gift Cards can be used at Safeway or at any of the other participating Safeway locations.

What Other Gift Cards Does Safeway Sell?

Amazon gift cards are often used to buy electronic devices, while grocery store gift cards can be used for gift cards, clothing, beauty products, electronics, and more.
This is the Safeway card Amazon is referring to.

Entertainment, movies and media, television and radio.

The food and beverage sector in the UK is estimated to be worth £1.2bn in annual sales and £4.8bn in total turnover.

The retail industry is the largest sector for the hospitality industry. This is an industry that is largely driven by the strength of the US economy and consumer confidence. Many US companies are trying to increase their presence in the retail sector by offering special deals for those visiting the US.

The United States has issued a statement.

What Other Stores Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

purchased my Amazon gift card from a number of different stores, including: Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, and Bed Bath & Beyond. These are my top picks for buying Amazon gift cards.

Safeway doesn’t have Amazon gift cards in stock, this is a good opportunity to order them from the Amazon website. Go to Amazon’s gift cards page and choose a card to add to your existing Safeway gift card.

The above store’s stock of Amazon gift card denominations may vary per location. It’s recommended that customers contact the store in advance if they’d like to find an Amazon card in stock.

If you are going to be using your Safeway gift card, how much cash do you think you’ll need to use the card? If you don’t have cash, think about what you’ll need to buy to use the card.


Safeway also sells Amazon gift cards. But they’re not as widely available as at Amazon. Safeway also has a program where you order gift cards to be mailed (instead of shipped) and then they’ll send them to you. But it’s more expensive, and the mailing is slower.

Safeway will have Amazon gift cards available in most locations in denominations of $10-$500. I believe they can be used at many different stores, though a very small percentage of Safeways will also carry Amazon gift cards in $10-$500 denominations.

All Safeway stores can be located using their Find a Store tool. This allows you to search by phone number, location, website, store name and more. If you are not sure where to look for a store, please visit the Safeway web page.

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