11 Biggest Publix Competitors (your Full Guide)

If you are wondering which stores to compare Publix to, consider that Publix is a supermarket chain, so it has customers. To find these retailers’ sales or operating revenue, you can compare them against Publix.

This will be an in-depth article that provides you with all the information you need to know about the supermarket chain, their sales and the competition they face to make sure you know why they rank where they do.

Publix Competitors In 2022

The main Publix competitors are Kroger, Whole Foods, Target, Walmart, and Harris Teeter as of 2022. These stores offer a vast selection of grocery items, deli items, and bakery products and have pharmacies. Wholesaler Costco is also competition for Publix, and value stores such as Save A Lot, although value stores have fewer products and variety.


The Supercenter is Publix’s largest format store, it currently has stores larger than in size.

You can know more about competitors by reading the essential details about them.

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1. Kroger

Kroger is Publix’s main competitor and currently operates 3,000 locations across the United States.

Furthermore, Kroger offers many of the same grocery products as Publix, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy, deli, bakery, and even sells some Kroger items, such as the Kroger store brand of eggs.

Kroger has a generic store brand and a pharmacy and fuel centers at most locations to help customers save money.

With Kroger has the largest revenue, the largest supermarket chain in the world.

2. Walmart

Walmart is the biggest retail chain in the world. When they open up a single store in a foreign country, they’re the biggest retailer in that country.

Walmart has 10,500 locations worldwide and provides a vast range of products at affordable prices.

It’s a bit like how Amazon competes with Google by being the largest e-commerce retailer.

You will also come across some other things at Walmart, including electronics, clothing, shoes, lawn and garden supplies, and more.

3. Target

Target is a direct competitor to Publix because of its selection, quality of generic and name-brand items, reasonable prices, and pharmacy in most stores.

Target offers many products that Publix offers, including groceries and pharmacy services (in some stores).

The most popular brand of electronics sold are Apple products.

Target, the largest retailer in the U.S., earned $93 billion in revenue in 2020. The company is still struggling to regain after the COVID-19 pandemic.

4. Harris Teeter

Publix, in comparison, offers more fresh fruits and vegetables, but it’s a smaller operation, and it also doesn’t offer the variety or the selection that you’ll find at Harris Teeter.

Even more, the company makes $4.5 billion in revenue every year and has 230 stores in seven states.

A big win for an innovative concept like Harris Teeter. And if you thought they were smart, they weren’t finished: They were going to try to make it cheaper by using their smaller suppliers.

5. Whole Foods

The fact that Amazon now owns Whole Foods is a good news for Amazon. Whole Foods is a good market for Amazon’s online grocery services.

I’m not surprised that Whole Foods is more expensive than Publix on some items.

If you’re a vegetarian looking for a really healthy grocery store, Whole Foods usually has the best selection.

This is the fourth time in the last five years that sales for Amazon are higher than those for Whole Foods.

6. Amazon

Amazon is a competitor of Publix in that they offer a wide selection of household goods, pet supplies, and home goods.

The product listings for food are large, especially because of the Whole Foods presence. Amazon needs to keep a lot of inventory on hand to make sure that food shipments arrive on time. It also makes it a lot easier for customers to find items that won’t expire soon. The convenience of shopping for groceries without leaving your home is a very important incentive for people to buy more food from Amazon.

While Amazon makes a lot of money, it also makes a lot of products and delivers them to your Amazon Prime members.

7. Gordon Food Service

Gordon Food Service has a large warehouse filled with large-scale grocery items like canned food and frozen foods like many different brands of meats, poultry, and seafood. Most of its stores are located in the southeast.

Furthermore, this company made $15.5 billion in revenue from the 174 restaurants found in 11 states.

8. Costco

The CEO of Publix said the company’s success is due to the fact that we are low-priced and have a broad assortment of groceries.

They also offer clothing, pharmacy service, vision services, automotive, electronics, and almost anything else you can imagine in their warehouses.

Costco made 163 billion dollars in revenue in 2020 from five hundred and seventy seven warehouse locations across the United States.

9. Albertsons

Publix is a grocery store that offers variety and savings to customers as well as pharmacy. However, Albertsons also has a pharmacy at its locations.

Walmart has the most stores in the world followed by Wal-Mart, which is a Walmart store in the US.

The company also recently announced its plan to add two new distribution centers in Florida over the next two years.

10. Save A Lot

Save A Lot is a good store to shop at if you’re on a budget, although its selection of products is mostly generic, and not all the products from other stores are available there.

This is great news for us as we look to strengthen our relationship. And with the help of the Save A Lot brand, we will continue to offer the highest quality food and customer service in the industry.

But it’s not as easy for them to compete with Publix. They have to do this through store expansions and remodels, which can cost them more than $2 million each.

11. Winn-Dixie

While Publix and Winn-Dixie are both chains, Winn-Dixie has pharmacy services, household goods, and groceries, while Publix lacks these options.

So when you’re looking to find more than the standard groceries, you know Publix is the place to go.

Furthermore, there are over 1,800 Winn-Dixie stores in 5 states, generating annual revenue of over $8 billion.

To know more about Walmart, you can also see our posts and articles on what is Walmart, when Walmart restock, and what is the difference between Walmart and Sam’s Club.


Publix offers a lot of variety in their grocery stores, while other stores offer a lot of selection but at a higher price.

Also, many of these products and services are offered on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis with a minimum number of units required to be purchased per purchase.

Costco also competes and it has bulk items in household goods, housewares, personal care, pharmacy, and other things as well!

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