Kroger Vs. Publix: Which Is Better? (which Is Cheaper, Products, Locations + More)

I will start this question with looking at a commonality, that being that both companies are in the same industry. They both sell products to the same kind of customers (e.g., business-to-business).

Kroger Vs. Publix: Which Is Better In 2022?

Kroger and Publix compete because people prefer them to each other and they provide lower prices on many products and they are both chains. As of 2022, Kroger has more locations and is more established than Publix. It also has a bigger selection of products which appeals to more customers.

If you’d like to learn more about the differences and similarities between Kroger and Publix, as well as the products and services that are offered in both chains, continue reading.

Kroger Vs. Publix: What Are They Known For?

The grocery chain has been around since 1896, when it was founded by brothers Forrest and Jesse Kroger.

although its a supermarket chain its not limited to only that, it offers a variety of products including kitchen, health and wellness and electronics.

Also, some of Kroger brand may be operating under the brand name while others may operate as a division using a different name.

And their business is retail grocery, which means they sell food.

In addition, since its establishment in 1930, the supermarket has grown and expanded, and today, it’s the largest employee-owned supermarket in the United States.

Kroger Vs. Publix: Stores & Locations

Kroger is one of the top three supermarket chains in the United States, along with Walmart and Supercenter.

Kroger also operates stores in 33 states. Of these, the majority of stores are in the Southern and Midwestern states of the United States.

The Kroger stores are between 1,500 and 4,000 sq. ft. in size.

The company owns more than 1,200 stores in the southern part of the United States, especially in Florida and Georgia.

Publix is present in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Kroger Vs. Publix: Products

Customers in these supermarkets don’t have to worry about getting different items from the grocery store, because both stores bring in different kinds of food and other items.

Kroger is an American company that has more than 225,000 products from food and apparel to general merchandise. On its website, you can find almost 70,000 products in 16 categories.

Publix is also good at selling snacks. They have many fried snack items, such as potato chips, and many of their cookies are fried.

A Publix sells groceries, a pharmacy and a grocery is a store that sells both food and various household goods. A grocery store offers a wide variety of food items to the general public.

The only time you are likely to hit a place that is very specialized is at some of the major tourist locations; for example, Florida’s Space Coast has quite a few unique museums and attractions. It may be worth visiting and paying in admission prices if you want to see the more specialized attractions at these sites. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if you found most of the more specialized attractions in Florida to be more expensive than an admission price of a regular zoo.

Kroger Vs. Publix: Prices

Some customers claim that Kroger is cheaper than Publix.

Not only that, you will also be able to save a lot of money by shopping at other retail stores like Walmart.

A study found that Kroger and Publix grocery stores in Georgia and South Carolina had the highest food prices in the Southeast, and the highest prices in the nation for many items.

Most people who buy food at Publix are also buying other grocery items not found at other supermarkets. Also, food at Publix can usually be purchased in higher quantities.

Additionally a Publix brand is much more high quality than other grocery brands in supermarkets such as Kroger and Walmart.

When it comes to the food in our grocery store, we want our customers to enjoy a variety of choices.

Kroger Vs. Publix: Services

Kroger operates a larger portfolio of businesses than only supermarkets; therefore, they have a wider range of services.

Kroger also has pharmacies, chains of jewelry stores, and private brands inside of stores.

Publix is a large grocery chain. It runs a convenience store.
However, unlike other chains, it is owned by the Winn-Dixie parent company.
This supermarket offers a very variety of healthy and nutritious foods.

Kroger Vs. Publix: Subsidiaries

Kroger Company was established in the United States of America in 1916. In 2001, the company acquired a chain of supermarkets called Safeway.
The Kroger Company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio USA.

Kroger Stores are mostly located in the U.S, and are often a part of a chain of grocery stores (Kroger has a chain of Fred Meyer, Kroger, Ralphs, Smiths, and Dillons).

The only major supermarket that is not located in the United States is the Almacenes Roca chain in Spain, which operates as a grocery chain in Spain.

Aprons operates mainly in the south, with no stores in Pinellas County.

Because the products sold in a market are so similar, it really makes no difference whether a market is a grocery store, a health food store, or a cooking school.

Kroger Vs. Publix: Revenue

The Kroger company is currently generating high revenue, which is why it is one of the world’s largest companies.

Kroger is a grocery chain, and its 2019 annual report shows that $69 billion was made in 2021 with non-perishable products.

Because Publix Super Markets generated $48 billion in sales, they are doing really well.

The company’s growth this year has been quite good and I’d expect this trend to continue, especially if it manages to attract more users.

Kroger Vs. Publix: Return Policy

Kroger has a common product return policy where customers can return items to any of the stores 30 days after purchase.

You can also choose to either choose take the products back to local store or ship them using this option.

To get a refund or an exchange, you must have your original receipt, and the item should be in its original packaging.

You can also return your purchase to Publix stores. Unlike Kroger, which requires you to have a certain time limit to return items, Publix has no specified time period to return items.

In order to confirm that the store you are planning to buy from is accepting the card as payment, it’s better to contact them.

Is It Better To Work For Kroger Or Publix?

While Kroger has a lower rating on the food quality at 58 percent compared to Publix’s 67 percent.

Additionally, the employees at Publix have a greater chance for professional development than the employees at Kroger. Based on these results, it appears that Publix is a better employer.

Kroger’s competitors are Whole Foods, Safeway, and Winn Dixie. However, Kroger does own Food Lion, and they sell groceries under the Kroger name.


Kroger and Publix are similar because they both have a large selection of products.

The correct answer is choice B.

Question 9: A study was performed to look at the effects of different levels of exercise on a person’s ability to exercise at a later date.

It is a large grocery retailer in the United States and has more stores than Publix, so they attract more customers.

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