Does Kroger Own Publix? (What To Know!)

Kroger, with over 2800 stores in 35 states and 24 banners, is one of the most important retailers worldwide. It has annual sales exceeding $132.5 million. Kroger is an American chain store that operates multiple-department shops and supermarkets across the US. This is the place to go if you need beauty products, fresh vegetables or national brand groceries.

Rumours have circulated lately that Kroger might be buying Publix. Kroger customers who are regulars might be interested in finding out if this is true. This article will provide all the information you need.

Kroger owns a Publix

Publix is not owned by Kroger. Kroger and Publix exist as separate entities.

Kroger, a grocery store, is the result of Barney Kroger’s investment in simple grocery stores. Its motto, “Be Particular” is still true 100 years later. This retail giant is still driven by its motto “Never sell anything you wouldn’t want yourself”.

The company has operations in 35 states and is dedicated to serving the dynamic needs of its customers by increasing access to fresh foods.

Publix, on the other hand was George W. Jenkins’ idea, who founded it in 1930. It was a small, 27-by-60-foot store with five employees. Jenkins emphasized high-quality products and exceptional customer service, while his competitors were more focused on productivity and price.

Based on sales volume and number of stores, the company is one of the top seven US supermarket chains. The retailer has risen in the business world thanks to its skilled marketing, stable workforce and the use of the most advanced technology.

Are Kroger and Publix the same company?

Publix and Kroger can be described as two different businesses. They were founded by different founders in different years. Neither has acquired the other.

Rumours that Kroger bought Publix are false

Which Company owns the Publix?

Publix is the largest employee-owned company in America. The shares are owned by employees who own 80%, and the Jenkins family 20%. Forbes lists the Jenkins family as one of the most wealthy Americans, with a net worth in 2020 of $8.8billion.

Kroger owns what companies?

These are the four formats Kroger has its convenience stores:


Kroger’s supermarket format combines drug and food stores. Attracting customers within a radius of 2.5 miles can help these stores earn a higher return than the capital cost.

Despite being “neighborhood shops” due to their size, travel time and experience, these stores can still provide high-margin specialty sections that customers desire. You can find specialty departments in pharmacies, pet centres, and whole-health sections.

Kroger owns some supermarkets including Jay C, QFC and Ralphs.

Multi-Department Stores

Fred Meyer owned the Fred Meyer multi-department shop since 1922. Fred Meyer is America’s third-largest supercenter operator. It is your one-stop shop for memorable shopping experiences.

The store covers 165,000 square feet and stocks over 225,000 products. There are many products available in the stores, including home fashion, apparel and shoes, accessories and home electronics.

Marketplace Stores

These stores offer full-service pharmacy and grocery merchandise. These stores also sell electronics, toys, and outdoor products. The average store size for a marketplace opened in the last few years is 100,000 square feet.

Warehouse Stores with Price Impact

These stores offer high-quality products, which gives them an edge. These warehouse stores offer unique ethnic products and meet the needs of local communities. Food 4 Less currently operates these grocery warehouse stores:

  • Foods Co-located In Northern California
  • Food 4 Less in Nevada and Indiana

They average 57,000 square feet and are ideal for shoppers on a budget because they have affordable pricing and high quality. You will find fresh produce, dairy products, and baked goods here.

Can I Fuel at Kroger?


Kroger began selling petroleum at its parking lots in 1998. By 2015, the company had 1423 fuel stations. The fuel centers typically consist of:

  • Fuel pumps
  • A kiosk where you can purchase snacks, cigarettes and oil-related products
  • The entire center is covered by a well-lit canopy

Kroger owns Harris Teeter

Yes, Harris Teeter can be considered a Kroger subsidiary. The renowned grocery chain acquired the iconic grocer’s then-212-store supermarket in an $2.5 billion deal.

Harris Teeter, however, retained its brand, name and headquarters even after the acquisition.

Kroger owns Safeway

Safeway is not owned by Kroger. After purchasing Safeway in 2015, Albertsons Companies now owns 100% of the company.

The parent company Cerberus Capital management also owns the two companies, Safeway and Albertsons Companies.

Is Kroger accepting Apple Pay?


Does Kroger Deliver?

Kroger Delivery is a service that allows you to order groceries online and have them delivered right to your door. However, you will be charged a $9.95 to $111.95 delivery charge.

After you place your order, a Kroger associate will go shopping for you and let your know if any items are out of stock.

If you are ok with it, they will pick up replacements before delivering your groceries to your door at your convenience.

All you have to do to find out if Kroger Delivery is available in your area is visit, and enter your ZIP code.


Kroger is the best place to shop for all your shopping needs. Kroger and Publix, however, are two completely different businesses. The headquarters of the former are located in Cincinnati, Ohio while those of Publix are based in Lakeland Florida.

Publix, owned by its employees, is the largest employee-owned business in America. It owns 80% of the company’s shares.

QFC, City Market and Gerbes are all Kroger-owned businesses. Kroger offers delivery services, but does not accept Apple Pay.

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