Amazon Order Says Delivered But Not Received (What To Do)

Amazon is one of the most popular retailers worldwide. Despite its popularity, Amazon still has issues with its delivery system. Amazon, like its competitors, also has issues with incorrectly shipped items, damaged goods and packages not being delivered.

Imagine that you ordered something from Amazon but it didn’t arrive. What should you do next? What dispute channels are available? Continue reading to learn more.

What if my package says it was delivered but I never received it?

If the package is not returned, Amazon requests that customers verify the delivery address and look around the delivery area. You can contact Amazon support to report that the package has not arrived after 48 hours. They will either replace it or refund you.

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What should Amazon tell customers if a package is delivered but not received?

Amazon provides guidelines specifically for such situations. Although some may seem obvious, it’s important to complete them all.

This is how to handle a package that says it has been delivered but still hasn’t arrived.

Ask your neighbors: Amazon can deliver your package to your neighbor in certain cases. This may be something you forgot to put in your delivery preferences. You might be able to ask your neighbors if they have received a package for you if you are not available.

There is also the possibility that they may have received it incorrectly from their delivery agent. They may have been at the correct address but not in the right place. If you have good neighbors, they will quickly notice the error and give you the package.

  • You should verify the viability of the point of delivery: Most carriers rarely deliver packages to your door or porch. Because of an increase in theft and crime, this is why packages are rarely delivered to your front door or porch. Agents place packages in difficult-to-reach areas to combat this problem. This ensures package safety but makes it difficult to find the package. If you are unable to see your package, it is possible to look at the back door, or near the garage.
  • For package delivery, check with the United States Postal Service. Often Amazon partners with the USPS. Third-party sellers often use this service. If you have any issues with your order, the seller may direct you to the nearest USPS office. You will need your tracking information before you go to them. You will be able to tell them if they have received your packages and if there were any issues during delivery.
  • Verify that the shipping address is correct. It may be helpful to cross-check.
  • Check your letterbox. Some deliveries may use multiple carriers. Postal service could be one. Before contacting Amazon, it is worth checking the contents of your letterbox.

You should wait 48 hours, as packages in transit can sometimes be marked as delivered.

If your package has not arrived after 48 hours, contact Amazon immediately.

How to contact Amazon about a missing package

Log in to Amazon to find help regarding your missing package. Navigate to the “Contact Us” section. You can also reach out via chat or phone from this page. Amazon will investigate your situation and contact you to resolve it. After they verify that your claim is legitimate, they will issue a refund. Amazon Customer Care is available 24 hours a day.

What do you do with Amazon packages that aren’t yours?

It could be a common scam to receive a package that you haven’t ordered. Bad actors send packages to addresses and names that are publically available. This is called brushing scams.

If you receive a package that you haven’t ordered, please check with your family or call customer service to confirm it is a gift.

After you have reported the package to customer support, they may ask you to take a picture of the shipping labels. Amazon will pursue the culprits if it’s a case of ‘brushing.

These measures can include suspending or removing selling privileges and withholding payment. You have the option to keep or return the item.

How to Prevent Missing Packages

Anxiety and frustration can result from Amazon not sending your package. There are steps you can take to avoid such unfortunate events. These are some suggestions to keep in mind:

Take advantage of delivery instructions

Amazon allows you to add additional delivery instructions when you place orders. It is often overlooked, but it should be. Additional instructions will help your Amazon driver locate your house faster. In this section, you can show your driver if you have a lockbox.

Others prefer to give their garage code to the driver so that the package can be placed there when it arrives. Make sure your driver knows the best way to get to your home. It is possible to tell your driver the color of your home and any landmarks that may be helpful in their navigation.

Sign up for Signature

A signature is another way to reduce the chance of your package not arriving. Some carriers do not require a signature. Amazon is the exception.

This move is both good and bad. The bad? The bad? What’s the good news? You will have convenience because you don’t need to be there to receive your package.

It is best to request a signature if you don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of tracking down your missing package many days later. Your signature will ensure that the Amazon driver doesn’t finish the order without it. This will ensure that your package arrives at the correct address to the correct person.

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Amazon, like all other delivery companies, is susceptible to delivery system glitches such as lost packages. There are steps you can take that will prevent this from happening again.

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