Does Ups Require A Signature? (how To Tell, Leaving Without Signature, Adult Signature + More)

In addition to the many different shipping services UPS offers, it also offers several features that you can add to packages to help protect them from damage or theft.

UPS’ signature service is a service that can help people who receive packages to avoid late fees and even stolen packages. UPS will leave their delivery signature on your door as a way to show you have received the package.

Does UPS Require a Signature In 2022?

The package is too big to fit in your mailbox. It will be delivered to your work, and someone will need to sign for it if they don’t have a signature. This is most likely for large packages, and packages with too many packages inside, or sensitive items.

If you need to send something to someone else, or if you’re interested in using UPS’ signature services for your next package, or just want to know what to expect if you ever need to use this service, keep reading to learn more!

How Do I Know If My UPS Package Requires a Signature?

If you are a free UPS My Choice customer, it will be noted in your tracking information how many items you have. If you have an account, the tracking information will show packages that are being delivered.

To see the tracking information for your package, you’ll need to go to the UPS website and type in your tracking number.

*The item you placed on hold is no longer on sale. Please choose one of the alternative selections.

If you are unable to find the name/signature information, contact the courier with your tracking number for more information.

To use a UPS My Choice account to check whether a package will require a signature, you will either need to create an account, or login to your account by visiting the UPS My Choice page here.

You can also search for purchases to check for an address that you made payments to.

For each package, you can get information about the shipment, when it will arrive, and the package that it is going with. You can also see if the package has a signature service for you, to make sure that the package is delivered to the correct person.

If all you see is tracking numbers and related tracking info, and the tracking doesn’t include information on signature services, then chances are your package won’t require a signature to be delivered.

Will UPS Leave a Package Without a Signature?

If you package contains hazardous material it will be sent to a hazardous material receiving facility.

The UPS Store will be closing all of it’s retail stores, but they will take the same rates as other retail stores and may do the same things in all of their stores.

You will be notified of the attempted delivery of your package. You will receive the tracking number, informing you of the attempt to deliver the package.

This note has a place provided for you to sign to indicate that you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this program.

Please select an area to sign on from the highlighted list of areas.

The next time you drop something in your mailbox, that slip acts as a signature that allows your mailbox to drop your package on the floor.

If you want to see more from the UPS delivery page, check out these useful tidbits of information: UPS Delivery Notice Slip, UPS delivery notice slip, and how to decipher UPS delivery notice slips.

If your package does not have any signature services added, then UPS will not try to obtain a signature from the person who signs a return as they are not allowed to sign for UPS.

How Can I Get UPS to Not Require a Signature on My Package?

Most packages don’t require signing up or anything like that, so you don’t have to do anything extra for your package to be delivered to the destination.

If you want to ensure someone picks up your package, you could ask a neighbor, friend, or family member to sign for your package delivery.

The only way you can get UPS to leave a signatured service package at your front door, is if you have a My Choice Package Service.

Please call to learn how you can have this service if you have not already.

By using the e-Sign feature of your UPS account, you can create a scanned signature that verifies your identity when signing for packages that need a signature or requiring an “undeliverable as addressed” ( label and request your account be notified when your package becomes available in the mail.
Incorporating this with the digital signature feature is a great way to simplify the process of ensuring that packages are being delivered to the correct address.

If the package requires an adult signature, you will not be able to sign for it online. If you want to do this, you must do this in-store.

You can use your UPS My Choice account to receive your package at a UPS Store, or choose to have someone else, such as your neighbor, pick up your package.

If you’re looking for detailed information on how a UPS My Choice account can help you make signing for packages easier and less stressful, you can check out the FAQ page on the UPS website.

What Kinds of Signature Services Does UPS Offer?

UPS offers three kinds of delivery confirmation services, two of which require a signature to be obtained before a package can be released from UPS custody. The delivery confirmation service requires a signature is called Delivery Confirmation, or DC.

The first service which is related with the original message is called Signature Required.

People at your home can sign for the package. They don’t have to be over 18 to sign for you, and can even sign for yourself.

UPS My Choice account lets you sign for your packages online. With your UPS My Choice account, you have access to a variety of features including the ability to print and sign for your packages.

Another thing that UPS will do if you order a package is they’ll put their business logo on it so that they’ll know the package was delivered and where to pick it up. But you might see other signatures in the package that also says the shipment has been delivered. It doesn’t mean that the delivery has actually been made. It may mean that a company like FedEx or the USPS has made the delivery.

Adult Signature Services require that the adult signing for the package shows the package/courier an ID showing that they are 21 years old or older.

For both signature services, as soon as the recipient signs for the package, the recipient is notified that the package has left UPS custody and the recipient receives a package notification.

To learn more, you should also read on our previous posts regarding to whether or not UPS notarize, if UPS deliveries, and if UPS sends text messages.


If you add a signature service to your package, you will be able to sign the package and not have it returned to you.

Signing the package does not mean it is legal to ship so please make sure you are aware of the local laws governing shipping packages.

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