Do Amazon Packages Require A Signature? (+ Other Common Faqs)

Amazon ships over $50 million worth of packages every single day as one of the biggest retailers in the world. With that much money, Amazon can afford to ensure all orders are shipped and delivered without any hiccups.

You can skip this step for an online purchase by checking the option “Free shipping,” which will automatically be added as a shipping option on the product page.
Some products have a shipping option where the customer is required to sign the package.
These products also have a delivery option.

Do Amazon Packages Require A Signature In 2022?

You can add an optional signature to your package for free using Amazon’s service for signed packages. If you’re shipping something with a higher value, it’s advisable to get the package delivered to a business address that has an employee who can sign for it.

Signatures is a new feature that will make your life easier when you need to ship a package.

What Amazon Packages Need A Signature?

Almost all items that Amazon delivers are sent unsigned. It’s easy to get thousands of items without a signature.

Things like a mattress, dishwasher, microwave, and appliances can usually be delivered while you sleep.

However, sometimes sellers may request a signature for delivery, which is one way to protect their reputation and confirm shipments get to the intended destinations.

It’s free of charge to receive a signature request, even if you spent over $500 on your purchase.

And we can do this through our own internal accounting process which involves some manual effort.

Other than technology, the most expensive items you can sell are your high-end clothing, furniture, and jewelry. You should also keep around $500 to $1,000 in cash so you can settle any checks you may receive.

How To Change Amazon Shipping Preferences?

When your order hasn’t been shipped, you can view the order’s status on your Amazon account.

Amazon’s website will display your order’s status on the main page under “Your Orders”.

Click on “View Shipping Details” to confirm the order’s delivery status.

You will find the same details under the “View Order Status” link at the bottom of the page.

If you don’t live in the United States, you will need an adult signature at the time of delivery.

If your shipment is ordered yet you’re having problems with them. You can let them know you changed your address.

This might be your home or where you work, it’s just that delivery people tend to stop at your door instead of your mailbox when they know you are home. If you don’t have a signature, please contact your post office or call the company when the item is delivered.

If the order is already on its way, you can contact the carrier and ask them to leave a package at the post office/other pick-up location.

If you will not be able to pick up your order, you can refuse delivery and contact Amazon instead.

Does Amazon Key Require A Signature?

Amazon Key is exclusive to Amazon Prime members who have purchased Alexa-enabled devices and enabled the Alexa app.

This delivery option will prevent the risk of your package being damaged or stolen.

The Amazon Prime Service will use your smart lock in a few simple steps.

For packages coming to your home, Amazon uses the multi-authentication app to either manually unlock your door or unlock and then close the door.

Amazon Key works with compatible smart locks, so if you have a smart lock that’s compatible, you can actually go to and have it sign you in and activate your lock automatically. However, if you have an older lock that doesn’t do the same thing, it’s not going to be able to do that.

This isn’t a feature of the Amazon Key app, it’s a feature of the lock itself.

To avoid problems during delivery, you’ll need to be present and sign for your package.

Does Amazon Fresh Need A Signature?

Amazon Fresh was created to help the customers to get fresh groceries.

It allows for fast same-day or next-day delivery of fresh food, including produce and prepared foods.

You can choose a 2-hour delivery window. Attended deliveries are when a person delivers the groceries by personally walking to your door.

If you want to accept your food orders, you can opt to be home or any other location.

You could also set an alert to send you a notification whenever a new order is placed.

So if you’re happy for your groceries to be left in a safe place near your door by an unattended delivery, you’re fine with it.

You can also change your default shipping option from unattended to attended deliveries if you want to be home to sign for them.

You can also read our previous posts about Amazon’s business model, or learn more about Amazon by reading our post about Amazon’s prices and our post about Amazon customer reviews.


Prime is an online shopping service where you can get free two-day-shipping, for small and large items – and no minimum purchase.

The good news about purchasing from Amazon is that most of the packages don’t require a signature, so you can easily get packages delivered to your house even if you aren’t home at the time of delivery.

If you are concerned with the value of the items, don’t worry, as Amazon does require signatures for select items, usually more expensive purchases like computers, TVs, and workout equipment.

You can find out if you will need a signature in your order details. You can also choose if you want to ship to an address that requires a signature. You might want to consider updating your shipping preferences in order to better suit your schedule.

In this case, we won’t require a signature. So, if we don’t have a delivery address with a signature requirement, we will still require a signature if there isn’t one included in the shipping preferences you have selected.

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