What Does “delivery Exception” Mean At Ups?

Shipping tools are one of the great modern conveniences shipping services use to offer to customers, and it has a range of updates that keep you up to date about your package.

A delivery exception is when the package is being delivered but was not picked up by the delivery driver, even though the package was scheduled to be picked up.

What Does “Delivery Exception” Mean At UPS In 2022?

A “delivery exception” tracking update means something happened that’s delaying the delivery of your package. A delivery exception alert means that something happened that can be addressed to get your package delivered on time. Most exceptions are resolved within seven days, with no further action necessary.

If you are handling a delivery exception, or if you just want to make sure that you do not accidentally send a message to a dead pipeline, check out the rest of the article to be sure you’re doing everything you need to do!

What Is A Delivery Exception At UPS?

If for some reason your package takes longer to arrive than you expected, it’s possible that you’ll receive a delivery exception.

It’s no secret that UPS gets a lot of packages damaged in the mail, most likely due to theft, as the company faces around 8 million packages stolen every month.

And delivery exceptions are also not always the reason for delivery being delayed. In certain instances, the package may still arrive on schedule!

What Causes Delivery Exceptions With UPS?

Delivery exceptions could be due to unforeseen circumstances. These could occur because of weather, traffic jams, or other unforeseen circumstances. If a delivery exception occurs, you may want to use the delivery manager to reschedule the delivery.

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Addressing the delivery exceptions, UPS also typically notifies the recipient of delivery exceptions by adding terms like “address unknown,” “damage to shipment,” and “signature not received” to the delivery exception notification.

If your package is delivered to the incorrect address, do to not panic! If you are a My Choice customer, you can still pick up the incorrect package in a UPS store without having to worry about fees. Click here to see more information.

How Long Do Delivery Exceptions Last At UPS?

The exception duration of “DeliveryFailed” depends on whether the error was not caused by a
problem with the order itself (the price, quantity etc. is correct), but the delivery failed.
If you want to know when that exception is going to expire, please contact sales@x.y or open a support ticket.

You can expect that if you have an exception that lasted more than one to seven days to resolve itself, you should contact the delivery service’s customer service to have it rectified. Otherwise, if you’re still not getting your packages, please contact your local post office, or the USPS.

What’s most exciting for us here at Amazon is that orders placed with Amazon.com are protected by and subject to the terms of our
Seller Protection Program. Amazon.com will cover shipping charges for eligible
orders that are returned.

UPS also will file a claim for any shortages or damages with a shipment. Be aware that most orders do not arrive damaged or damaged by the postal service.

The most common cause of this message is that you are trying to update multiple records at once.

One way to resolve this issue is to remove the extra update request from the request list.

How Do I Resolve A Delivery Exception With UPS?

First, make sure you wait at least a week before reaching out. UPS usually makes it clear if they’re going to ignore a package, even if just for a week.

After that, if you still feel the issue is important enough, or if it’s getting worse, contact UPS’ customer service department and let them know what’s going on.

If you want to track your package, you can call the customer service number and say “track package.” Then, press zero to get a real person.

As always, if you have any questions, you can email or chat with us by phone.

In order to do this, make sure you have your tracking number before hand so UPS can ensure it is delivered, and also if you have any other information like package size or what’s in the box, that you can provide as well.

If you want to know what does out for delivery mean you can also see our posts on what does a tracking number mean, what does customer service mean, and what does transit time mean at UPS.


If you get a notification saying that the delivery was “exception” or stopped you should check to see if your order was delivered or intercepted by a delivery exception.

It can also happen that a label or package has been accidentally shipped to the wrong destination, which does not happen very often because it can be easily avoided by carefully marking the package with the correct shipping address.

Fortunately, UPS resolves most packages the same day you received it and doesn’t require you to take any action.

However, occasional issues require your collaboration with UPS, which typically requires UPS to act first.

It is recommended you reach out with your tracking number if you receive an exception error so that help is available.

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