Buying Furniture On Amazon (Is It Cheaper, Quality + More)

When buying furniture you will have to budget for the cost of buying a sofa or bed. In order to save money it is helpful to put away more money for your future purchases.

If you want to save money, you may be wondering if it is worth it to buy furniture from Amazon. For example, is the furniture from Amazon of good quality? It may also get you into disputes with the manufacturer.

 You can find many different types of couches on Amazon, ranging from simple slipcovers to fully customized custom pieces.

Buying Furniture On Amazon In 2022

Amazon sells millions of pieces of furniture and other household items that are of good quality, durable, and long-lasting. Some items can also be assembled and installed, which eliminates the need for a professional to help you. You can also save a little bit more by having it shipped free of charge.

Find out more about the types of furniture that you can get through Amazon and how to filter out items that you don’t want to see on the site.

How Do You Find Furniture On Amazon?

At first, Amazon’s website was overwhelming because all they had were millions of products.

You can narrow your search with filters like product category and brand.
You can filter your results page by size and price and sort by name, price, or most important reviews.

All you need to do is narrow down your search to the most ideal solution for your needs.

When you browse Amazon for furniture, you will find a Home, Garden, and Tools section.

Then the website will display all of the furniture options. Or you can type “Furniture” into the search field on the top of the website.

In the furniture department, you can find many different types of sofas, tables, lamps, stools, etc. Just like the other products, you can also check out the reviews to see what people are saying about different products in the category. With so many products and options to choose from, finding great deals can be made easier than ever.

I wanted to provide a quick overview for you. Now it is up to you to select the product category you wish to purchase.

How Much Does Amazon Charge For Shipping On Furniture?

The shipping costs would depend on the size and weight of the items you have ordered. You will be protected if any items you have shipped become damaged or lost, so you can have peace of mind.

While furniture items are often available with free shipping, Amazon Prime members reported that the shipping times are pretty quick.

Prime members get free shipping and no subscription is needed for purchasing bulky and large items with Prime.

The items have to be of a significant size, and the postage has to exceed a certain number.

Is Buying Furniture Cheaper On Amazon?

After buying the products on Amazon, when you see them on Wayfair, they are a bit more expensive than Amazon but the quality is still the same.

Amazon is still cheaper than its competitors in the furniture industry, whether it’s through AmazonFresh, AmazonBasics, Amazon Prime and of course,

I can’t believe how much the price difference is, especially for Wayfair. In fact, the average price difference between a sofa bought on Amazon is $4 less than one on Wayfair.

There are a lot of ways that Amazon will save you money over Wayfair, but the major one is that they offer free shipping.

When you shop with Wayfair, you can be assured you are getting the best price since the company offers substantial savings on Amazon prices. You can also save on the shipping time since the items do not have to travel through the United States.

What Brands Of Furniture Does Amazon Sell?

One of the best things about shopping at Amazon is that it’s easy to pick and choose between several products so you can find the one that suits you the best.

Amazon allows customers to display only the brands that they want to see. They can do this by filtering. You can filter your products to only display furniture from a specific brand.

Amazon also offers its own brands like AmazonBasics which offers furniture and other nonessential products.

You can use AmazonBasics products to save money and you can buy these items and then replace them if necessary.

Is It Worth It To Buy Furniture On Amazon?

It is not hard to find furniture that cost less than $5,000 on Amazon, often at a bargain. But you may wonder how well these products will last.

You can get some really nice furniture on the Amazon website that comes with great reviews from past buyers. The furniture you buy on Amazon will not have five-star ratings but will still be a good product overall.

As a matter of fact, customers who purchased furniture from Amazon are satisfied with their products and continue to use them for several years.

But if you are looking for a good price or even an item that is a little more low priced, Amazon is your only option.

The selection of furniture Amazon has to offer is best suited for customers that want great deals and are looking for items that ship quickly.

Does Amazon Install Or Put Together Furniture?

Although many of the products sold by Amazon can be purchased pre-assembled, other products require that you put the product together yourself.

If you find installation difficult or too much of a hassle, you do not need to worry. Several products on Amazon qualify for assembly or installation services.

If the product qualifies, you’ll see the option to get the product shipped directly to your home, or shipped to the Amazon Fulfillment Center (for Prime members), and you’ll pay no additional shipping costs.

Note for Non-US Fulfillment Centers:
Please note that if you’re shipping to another country, your order may be fulfilled by a third-party seller who doesn’t offer Prime shipping.

If you are ordering a high-quality product, Amazon recommends scheduling a delivery time.

Unfortunately for you, certain products are only available for delivery in certain areas and for installation only in another part of the country. We will find a solution though!

It is very important to make sure your address is eligible for in-home delivery before buying any furniture from Amazon.

Can You Return Furniture From Amazon?

Amazon will always let you return all things you purchased within 30 days of receiving them.

You are provided with a 30 day return policy if your furniture is delivered damaged or defective.

ÂAmazonâs customer service wants you to contact the manufacturer for any warranty-related questions, since the warranty can vary by manufacturer.

You can also learn more regarding the mattress return policy, mattress return policy after 30 days, and if you’re in the USA, you’ll want to read our related article on how to return a mattress.


If you are looking for anything, you will find it at Amazon, no matter what you are looking for.

Amazon actually provides the option of in-home assembly and installation for some of their products, which can allow you to enjoy their products with less fuss.

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