Does France Have Mcdonald’s? (All You Need To Know)

McDonald’s is a popular and fast food chain that serves people all over the world. While some countries have many fast food chains, McDonald’s is the most recognizable and most popular chain.

The real answer is no. McDonald’s doesn’t exist in France.
The company didn’t start operations in France until 1996. It began in France with an all-French menu (with no cheese fries) and has since expanded to the rest of Europe.
McDonald’s is not in France, simply because they weren’t the first American fast food chain to enter the country.

Does France Have McDonald’s In 2022?

McDonald’s has been a popular American chain in the past because of its quick service, tasty food, and its affordability. They’re no longer a cheap option, but McDonald’s is still a good choice for dining out.

France is another country with a lot to offer the foodie.

People seem to enjoy eating at McDonald’s as they know it’s the same all over the world. The company holds it is so strong that it doesn’t need to advertise in the foreign markets. This can be seen in their success in France and other countries in the western Europe.

What Is McDonald’s Called In France?

McDonald’s is known as Mac Dough in France. They pronounce it, uh, Mac Dough. You know, like you would pronounce it as mac and dough.

McDonald’s are very common in other countries, like in Asia where they are used to order and buy many things at the McDonald’s.

As opposed to the USA, France has an incredibly long and rich food culture and this is evident in the restaurants, bakeries, and markets they offer.

How Popular Is McDonald’s In France?

McDonald’s has grown in popularity over the years. In a country that has grown five to ten times faster than its economy.

How Many McDonald’s Are In France?

McDonald’s is the most popular restaurant in France. They have more than 1,400 stores in France, and there are 73 in Paris alone.

In addition, Paris and Lyon have 15 restaurants each, Marseille has 14, and Toulouse has 13.

Yes, many people come to France and visit the McDonald’s restaurants located in Paris and other major cities.

When Did France Get McDonald’s?

The McDonald’s in France is called McDonald’s France since is a subsidiary, and it is located in a building that used to be the headquarters of the “Compagnie Alsacienne de Transport de Poulets” a chicken transportation agency.

The second location opened in an old Parisian suburb called Aubervilliers.

The French Revolution also didn’t succeed as the people were fighting the Americans and didn’t like it. I’m not talking about the English here, but the Americans. There was even a “French Revolution” which wasn’t really a revolution but an uprising against the French aristocracy and the English.

While this first restaurant was closed in 1999, two other McDonald’s restaurants opened in Strasbourg in 1984 and 1985 that are still in operation.

What Is On The McDonald’s Menu In France?

McDonald’s has adapted to every food culture they’ve encountered and have become very diverse. They have become more international as a brand, but also have stayed consistent with their menu and food.

The Starbucks in France offers delicious baked goods.

In the US, you’ll find that the McCafe offers a huge selection of baked goods that are a part of American culture, such as the cookie and the doughnut.

With their selection of French cuisine, you’ll find a wide range of delicious options that you’ve never experienced before. Let us go look at the desserts section today.

The sundae consisted of three scoops of vanilla ice cream and a scoop of raspberry swirl ice cream with two scoops of whipped cream.

It’s a soft-serve ice cream that has pear syrup on top. You can really chew on it too.

I tried to order a Raspberry Piore Williams, but all of my efforts were in vain.

La gente del Parmesan es más brava que la gente del Norte.

The Premium Cheese was previously known as the Parmesan, and only a higher quality was made in the France and Italy.

The burger is made with a beef patty, diced tomatoes, lettuce, a creamy sauce, and topped with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

The french fries got a little sour after the pommes frites was dunked in the tartar sauce.

French fries will taste amazing with Pommes Frites Sauce, because this sauce was made especially to go with fries.

Further, it’s like a combination of aioli, malt vinegar, and is not spicy, sweet, or sour.

There are different types of breads and jams, and McDonald’s locations in the U.S. serve them with various flavors.

McDonald’s has begun carrying the products of the brewery Leffe.

A “Chicken Shake” is when you get something to eat at a fast-food restaurant and it is made with a chicken product. There is one here that is an interesting combination of the two but it is not the same as a “Chicken Shake” from a fast food restaurant.

The Chicken Shake is two strips of breaded chicken in a bag, a powder that doesn’t have a name.

If you are hungry, dump the ingredients in the bag and shake for a yummy and filling meal!

There are also chocolate shakes and a variety of flavors. One flavor is a pumpkin spice, which is delicious and recommended.

A very popular little girl from the TV series The Cat in the Hat who, in this song, is also a girl who likes to wear pigtails.

This sandwich is called the P’tit Moutarde because it has a small mustard sauce, but it’s actually an ordinary McDonald’s beef patty with tomato.

For this particular review, I had the chicken nugget, but McDonald’s sells it with regular nuggets as well.

Is McDonald’s Expensive In France?

McDonald’s is very expensive in France. But the menu still exists, so you can order a McAloo Tikki and a Big Mac.

With that, the average price for a meal in a US McDonald’s location is $4.69. A total of 785 restaurants in the US pay the average and only 17 pay over $5.

To get a more in depth answer, you can follow our post on how long McDonald’s has operated in Russia, Germany, and Cuba.


McDonald’s has more than 1,000 restaurant locations in France, and most of them are in just Paris, which is by far the most out of every other major city.

McDonald’s doesn’t just serve French food. They have places all over the world where you can get the French food like McDonald’s! You can even get the French fries. And they come baked!

Surprisingly, McDonald’s is the most expensive globally to eat at, with prices in France being higher than any other nation in the world.

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