Ikea Mattress Return Policy (used, No Receipt, Damaged + More)

ikea is a chain of retail stores that pride themselves on being able to offer a wide variety of products that will cater to just about every possible domestic need.

IKEA does not have a mattress return policy.
Mattresses are covered under a warranty period of 12 months, which covers manufacturing defects and defects that occur during assembly. To receive mattress warranty repairs, bring your mattress back to any IKEA store within 12 months.

IKEA Mattress Return Policy 2022

A customer can return a defective mattress within 90 days (or 365 days if unopened) and get store credit. The mattress must not be marked, dirty, or damaged, and a receipt should be provided for a full store credit.

If you have any IKEA mattress questions, you can read this article and you will know everything you know.

How To Return a Mattress To IKEA?

IKEA is a home furnishings store and they can provide you with some guidance and directions on how to return your item to them.

While there was a box the mattress came in, when the unpackaged mattress was returned, it made unpacking a bit trickier.

IKEA’s mattresses can be returned in a store or they can be brought directly to you via a furniture pickup service which can cost anywhere from $50-$200 depending on the location.

IKEA stores require you to return the mattress in the original mattress bag or a mattress bag for hygiene reasons. Please note this is not common practice for all of them.

I was actually looking at the website, and I figured that this would be the case for a handful of major cities.

What Is The Warranty On IKEA Mattresses?

There is usually a warranty on most of the bedding in stores.

ikestore.com has a 25-year warranty for all their mattresses including IKEA mattresses.

There are a small few IKEA mattresses that are not covered by the 25-year warranty. These include: all mattress pads, mattress pads for Jömna mattresses, and sofa bed mattress.

Please note that although this is a full 1 year warranty, it is for the lifetime of the product and the duration is not reduced for extended warranties which are available in most cases.

Can I Return My Mattress To IKEA Without A Receipt?

Keep track of receipts when buying large items like mattresses. You may need to return this if it is not right for you.

Even if you don’t have your receipt, you can see that you’re spending too much money by looking at your recent purchases.
Your credit card company might be able to help you.

I don’t know who would benefit more, the corporation or the customer, but I think it would benefit both if the 90-365 days ended at the time of purchase.

If the mattress is not suitable for you, then you should return it to your nearest store and they will then be able to give you advice regarding the issue.

I wish they would allow more than three returns within a set period.

How Long Would An IKEA Mattress Refund Take?

If your mattress has a life of 20 years with 100,000 hours of service, you might be offered a full refund or a chance to exchange for a new mattress with the same features.

The issue is that we can no longer refund the amount directly. If you pay with a credit card, then we automatically charge the refunded amount to the credit card, and we also apply the 2% rate to the refunded amount.

You will get your refund before you pay at other credit cards, but it is not always the case.

How Long Does An IKEA Mattress Last?

IKEA mattresses, despite being expensive, are high-quality products covered by IKEA with a 25-year guarantee.

So if you use them for too long, they may fall apart after a few years.

ikea themselves say you should change your mattress every 8 to 10 years. They recommend that you change your mattress because they want you to stay healthy.

IKEA mattresses do not lose their integrity even as the consumer uses them. The consumer is the only one that can lose the mattress.

If you care for your mattress you can be sure that it will last you many years as it is designed to give you the best comfort.

While the average lifespan of IKEA products may be shorter than a normal furniture, IKEA claims that the average lifespan of its products will be similar to a standard furniture.

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ikea has a generous mattress returns policy in a way customers can return their mattresses within 90 days of purchase.

The rule is if the bed was used as a mattress, it must be returned to the size and in the same condition.

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