Do Ikea Beds Come With Slats? (all You Need To Know)

If you want to buy a mattress from IKEA, you might want to know if it is suitable for your bed frame.

If you are on the road and you wish to learn about these types of things, we will cover it all! Let’s get started!

Do IKEA Beds Come With Slats?

Ikea mattresses are built strong and sturdy so they do not require slats for a firm foundation (IKEA mattresses do require slats when buying a bed from IKEA – IKEA has changed this from the traditional “IKEA bed without slats” in the 1990s). Bed frames from IKEA usually come with bed rails.

For reference, these are the instructions for the IKEA mattresses.

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How Far Apart Are IKEA Bed Slats?

You are correct in that there is not much gap between the slats (normally less than 1 inch). However, a better way to say this is that most IKEA bed slats are 2.5 to 3 inches apart.

ikea is also selling extra support that includes reinforcement for added shock absorption.

You can also get more slats for a higher price. This increases the space between the slats, which gives you less support.

Do You Need Slats For An IKEA Bed?

They will need to fit correctly in order to make the bed, and they’re made of plastic, however, they are not long-lasting.

If it’s your first time purchasing IKEA furniture, make sure to purchase their bed slats, as they are specifically designed for IKEA’s bed frames.

Ikea bed frames come with the slats bundled in, but you still need to purchase them separately.

All standard slats are inexpensive, with a more expensive, but more supportive option also available for those who need it.

Do I Need A Mid-Beam For An IKEA Bed?

The Skorva mid beam is needed for most of IKEA’s bed frames. Because of this, the mid beam is often included within the price of most mid beams.

We deliver your bed frame online, and you can buy it as well, and it will be delivered to your door. Even if you pick it up in store, the mid beam is included by default.

How Do You Keep IKEA Bed Slats From Falling Down?

You may purchase the bed frames with basic bed slats, and you may find one day, that the slats may fall off the frame, and be hanging, and you may have to purchase new slats to fix the problem.

I agree with this, but I do not think that it is the whole story.

To keep your bed slats secured in place or to make them removable, you can use a number of solutions such as velcro, to hold the slats in place, but also make them removable, or you can use more permanent solutions such as duct tape or superglues.

Can I Make My Own Bed Slats?

If you are getting a new IKEA bed and want to make a new set of bed slats for it, you can build them on your own.

It is generally easier to build a slat fence by cutting 2x4s to the required length and running a power saw or circular saw between the rails to create the slots.

If you want to find out what type of wood these slats are made of, look at the grain of the wood as it is most likely a hardwood. Also, the thickness of the slats should be known.
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Most of the bed frames available at IKEA are made with wooden slats. Most customers only require them upon purchase, and they’re just a bit more expensive than their non-slat counterparts.

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