Buying A Mattress On Amazon (is It Worth It, Amazon Brands, Returns, Quality + More)

Amazon is now selling a great selection of bedroom decor to help you make your room reflect your personality.

If you’ve been looking for a mattress and you’ve been on Amazon, you may be wondering if it’s worth a mattress or whether you should just go to a store. In this article, you will get more information about finding a mattress on Amazon or elsewhere!

Buying a Mattress on Amazon In 2022

If you want to read more on the quality of Amazon mattresses, the brands Amazon sells, the mattress return policy and more, continue reading for helpful tips and facts!

Which Mattress Brands Does Amazon Sell?

Amazon sells mattresses from all the major mattress manufacturers.

To get started you will need to decide which type of mattress you want to get, soft, memory foam, or latex.

If you choose a cheap mattress, then this could mean that the quality of the mattress will be worse than a higher priced mattress. Therefore, you will pay for the quality that you get with the mattress.

It is important to take the time to review the mattress to ensure that it is the most comfortable and soft mattress for your body type.

I have been trying to change my sleep position, but every time it goes bad. The problem is I have to go back to a bad position. I’m tired of hurting myself.

Does Amazon Have a Mattress Brand?

The AmazonBasics collection of mattresses include mattresses from the Amazon brand, so they provide their own mattresses with their own warranty and everything.

This brand is made from high-density memory foam. It is very comfortable and it also has a cooling effect. These mattresses are made in the USA and they are budget-friendly.

While these mattresses are reasonably priced, some customers reported Amazon’s branded mattresses to be lacking in quality, so that they were not as comfortable as their other brands.

Customers who are considering purchasing an AmazonBasics mattress should research more reviews of the product.

How Much Do Amazon Mattresses Cost?

The prices for the mattresses differ according to the brand. I have also included their price ranges in the table shown below.

These above prices may vary depending on the countries they are available in.

The order has successfully been created.

Customers who wish to buy a mattress topper from Bedin can get their products at discounted prices!

Are Amazon Mattresses Good Quality?

While the price varies on mattresses on Amazon, they can be of different quality and durability.

The mattresses AmazonBasics are known to be cheap but are not very firm.

Mattresses from other retailers are also reported to have issues with comfort and sagging due to being stored in an Amazon warehouse for a long period of time.

Amazon warehouse workers are also reported to be at risk of exposure to harmful chemicals.

Mattresses sold from the brand directly are more comfortable, as they were not folded for a long time and not reduced in quality due to a shortage of materials.

Can I Return a Mattress to Amazon?

Amazon’s return policy states that customers can return or refund their purchases within 100 days of receiving them.

Amazon will only take back mattresses if they are in their original packaging. They don’t take back pillows or rugs.

When the items are fully packaged, ready for delivery, and delivered to the customer, the items are not eligible for returns.

Mattresses that are too large and won’t fit into the crib are not eligible for refunds and must be discarded.

Customers are recommended to process their return by bringing their mattress to an Amazon Locker store, because it will take less to ship and Amazon will take care of the packaging!

Mattresses are an expensive purchase, and it can be a waste of money to buy a mattress
that you don’t like.

The following mattresses are the most highly recommended for all types of mattresses. They are very popular and are highly recommended for everyone. They are not just for the pregnant woman or the woman who is carrying. They are perfect for everyone!

You don’t want to get a bad mattress, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money either! With a price of only $179, you could get a great mattress with a lot of memory foam at a price that’s hard to beat!

Olee has come up with a memory foam mattress that is designed for better sleep. It has a soft, firm, and responsive feel, and a pocket spring that provides support and comfort.

While these mattresses are highly rated, customers are recommended to check the reviews of the brand as well as Amazon for an accurate report!

This customer submitted review is a verbatim reproduction of the original review as submitted by the customer.

Is Buying a Mattress on Amazon Worth It?

You can try out the mattresses with lower quality. If you have back pain or muscle pain, you should know that they will not give you any comfortable.

Having to buy from Amazon can lead to decreased product quality due to how long it may sit in Amazon’s warehouse.

A sleeping mattress doesn’t need to be expensive, and there are plenty of great options for a budget friendly sleeping mattress! This will allow you to purchase a mattress that will comfortably sleep while giving you a restful night of sleep.

If you want to shop for an Amazon Fire TV and other gadgets on Amazon, you may also be interested in reading about getting an Amazon account or how to return an item on Amazon and some of the other things you can do for free on Amazon.


If you want to buy a good mattress, Amazon has a variety of mattress brands that are affordable and highly rated. The quality may vary depending on how long the mattress is in Amazon’s warehouse. If it is sitting unfolded for a long period, the quality may decrease.

These brands are made by Amazon, so customers will find them on Amazon’s website as well as their mobile app.

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