Amazon Tax Exemption Program (how It Works + More)

Amazon is an ideal place to shop to save money, provided you are:

An individual with a business, foundation, or government entity.
A small business owner.
A non-profit executive.
An individual who is purchasing for a federal government entity.

But if you are running Amazon Business, you want to get the tax exemption on all your online orders. But as I said at the beginning, there is no need to worry about your Amazon tax.

Here’s a quick overview about Amazon’s tax exemption program.

Amazon Tax Exemption Program In 2022

Amazon’s tax exemption program allows for a long list of qualifying individuals and businesses to purchase products from, its affiliates, and third-party sellers free of taxation. However, the company only confirms the status of businesses in 15 minutes.

To learn how you can take advantage of Amazon’s tax exemption program, and more, keep reading!

Who Qualifies For The Amazon Tax Exemption Program?

The government has also issued a tax exemption to Amazon. You can make tax-exempt purchases.

Now that you have your Amazon seller account set up with the tax exemption form, there are several other tools to make your life and Amazon’s life easier, such as the Quick Check tool.
The Quick Check tool allows you to check the status of your seller account, and even generates a support ticket.
The Quick Check tool is a quick and easy way to track your Amazon seller account status.

While the Amazon Tax Exemption Program allows you to make tax-exempt purchases, the Amazon Community Rewards program allows you to use Amazon’s platform to earn points.

How Do You Enroll In The Amazon Tax Exemption Program?

There are several steps that you need to follow to figure out if you qualify for this program. You need to be able to show that you are an eligible nonprofit organization. You need to complete a few other qualifying forms and documents.
Then you need to ensure that you are following all of the other requirements that Amazon has put in place for this program.
There are also a few administrative fees that you will need to pay along the way.

In fact, Amazon has an entire section within their website to provide easy-to-follow guidelines on how to submit a tax exemption form.

You’ll need the email address that you used when you created your Amazon account. You can also use a business email address you control. Amazon will keep your tax exemption for at least three years.

* Address and contact information that you provided to receive the form
* Email address you provided with the request
* Phone number you provided with the request
* Payment information that you supplied with the request
* Other information that Amazon requests to confirm eligibility for the tax exemption.

After you submit your forms, you should be able to activate your exemption within 15 minutes. The exact process is a bit unclear from Amazon’s documentation.

A non-profit company that may be in violation of the IRS’ 501c3 rules.
A company that has an existing business under different names or has multiple business entities.
A non-profit company that has been declared as a non-profit company by other countries.

A company that conducts business or activities that are prohibited by the United States.

A business with more than one legal form.

A company that is listed as a subsidiary in the filing by another company.

What Products Are Tax Exempt On Amazon?

If you successfully enroll in Amazon’s tax exemption program you can sell your products tax-free on Amazon, Amazon’s affiliates, and third-party sellers.

You have to contact customer service when you find a problem with your tax exempt number.

Who Qualifies For Tax Exemption On Amazon?

A 501(c)(3) organization can be eligible to have its purchases exempted via the AmazonSmile program. A limited partnership business can be eligible by selecting the tax benefit plan that matches its structure.

As far as Amazon is concerned, people who live in Canada are not subject to tax on the Amazon sales, because of the double taxation agreement with the US.

If you currently are running an Amazon business, you might want to consider leaving the tax exemption program. You can leave it by adjusting your Amazon seller account settings.

How Do You Edit Your Tax Exemption Status On Amazon?

If there are any changes or new information you want to add to your tax exemption statements, you can do so here on the Amazon website.

to manage your Tax Exemptions, first, go into your Business Settings & select “Tax Exemption” and then “Add” for new exemptions.

If you need to update your information, you can edit your tax status here. If you want to remove your tax-exempt status, you can also do so in this section.

Finally, you can access the permissions page to select which groups can access information in specific ways.

Does Amazon Offer Partial Tax Exemptions?

Amazon’s tax structure is very simple. It doesn’t have any specific percentage or special terms for different types of product.

Sellers would be able to sell to customers located in states that haven’t passed laws that facilitate sales through Amazon’s platform.

For help managing your tax exempt status with Amazon, contact Amazon’s customer support at

Are All Taxes The Same On Amazon?

This is an example of what can happen. Amazon allows third-party sellers to offer products on, not all products are sold exclusively through Amazon.

There are variations in the price of the product depending on the place you buy the product.

A person might not be able to see the sales tax amount that Amazon says should be collected. However, they know they owe something to the tax authorities. It’s just a matter of getting Amazon to issue an invoice for the full amount.

Amazon will do the tax calculations for sellers. To help them set taxes, Amazon can calculate a set of tax rates based on product and location.

You can usually find information about third-party sellers’ policies when you look for it in the seller’s account.

As for Amazon’s programs, you could check a lot of things, such as whether Amazon is an ethical company, or if they are an unethical company, whether Amazon’s trade-in program is a scam, or if Amazon uses a credit bureau at all.


Amazon has made tax-exempt purchases available not just to small businesses, libraries, non-profit organizations, and several others, but also to all those who do not qualify as an established entity type.

You must submit the application, fill out the necessary information and include the Amazon’s terms and conditions.

Amazon claims that it takes only 15 minutes to confirm your tax exempt status. You don’t have to fill out any paperwork.

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