Why Are Flies Attracted to Me?

No matter where you go, the flies will follow you! Can you relate to this situation? You might want to stick with us until the end if you do!

Flies can be really irritating especially when a bunch of them keep buzzing around you.

Have you ever been in a situation where you just want to enjoy your food in peace but a dozen flies keep hovering around you?

The constant flapping of their wings can be a real “buzzkill” sometimes. Yes, the pun was intended haha.

If you are someone who is equally frustrated by the constant buzzing of flies, this article might just be the right one for you.

Why Are Flies Attracted to Me?

Flies are attracted to the materials that our skin excretes. 

They’re very fond of secretions such as sweat, carbohydrates, proteins or the nutrition available on dead skin cells gracing the topmost layer of our skin.

Flies prefer people who sweat more often or have a higher content of carbohydrates, sugars or proteins secreting out of the sebaceous glands!

If flies are drawn to you easily, this might be the most probable reason why.

However, can be other reasons as to why flies of all kinds can be drawn especially towards you. To know more, keep reading.

What Makes you Appealing to a Fly?

Take a close look at the fly hovering around you! It can be a fruit fly, other species of small or large flies but the most common and repetitive sight will be that of a common housefly. 

As children, we are taught that flies are attracted to substances with a foul odor such as feces, garbage or dirty utensils.

However, in reality, flies can be attracted to a whole spectrum of smells and tastes that are appealing to their appetite.

Human skin contains sweat as well as natural oils secreting out of the sebaceous glands located just below the topmost layer of the skin.

 Additionally, minute nutrient particles such as carbohydrates, sugar molecules s well as amino acids that are not absorbed or present in excess also get excreted through the skin.

Sweat glands also dispose off excess salt particles present inside the body through the skin. Dead skin cells also fall under the category of substances that might attract a fly towards you!

When a dozen flies hover around us while we are eating, we might often feel like they’re attracted to our meal. However, in reality, it is the secretions from our skin that appeal to their tastebuds.

Why Aren’t Flies Phased by Your Constant Attacks?

Have you ever noticed what a fly does when you try to swat it away or attack it with a newspaper?

No matter how hard you try to keep them away, they keep coming back and buzzing all around you, as if your efforts to swat them away don’t matter.

Ever wondered why flies can be so unphased by your constant swatting? What gives them the courage to fly about even when it can be potentially life-threatening for them?

Flies do not have a complex and intricate brain that is capable of decision-making. However, what they do have is an exceptionally well-built reflex system, paired with a set of compound eyes. 

The compound eyes provide an ability to properly perceive their surroundings and locate any possible fluctuations or danger in their immediate surroundings.

Additionally, flies have a unique ability to escape from a situation of danger within 100 milliseconds, owing to their strong reflexes and great eyesight.

This is exactly why flies are usually unphased, even when you are constantly trying to swat them away or attack them with any object! 

If your skin contains the materials that they desire, they would rather risk being swatted at while trying to get an appetizing meal.

Why do Flies Prefer You More Than Others?

Flies might have preferences when it comes to certain tastes and smells, especially fruity smells containing sugar in them. They might prefer you due to your choice of shampoo or conditioner.

Flies also like to puke over a skin surface that is less hairy, in order to liquefy their food substance. If your skin is generally warm, they might also prefer your skin as a perfect ground for laying eggs.

On the other hand, fruit flies are more attracted to individuals who have yeast infections growing over their skin surface. They’re also attracted to the smell of alcohol and fermented food.

This is why they prefer alcoholics or individuals who hang around alcoholics.

How Can You Keep Away the Flies?

If you are extremely tired of the flies high jacking your home, try following these steps below. This will usually do the trick in order to get rid of these annoying scavengers!

  • Do not leave dirty utensils in the sink. This can be a major reason why flies are attracted to your household.
  • Maintain proper hygiene. Clean every bit of your house to prevent piling up of dust, food crumbs, dead skin cells, etc.
  • Clean your trashcans every day, without fail.
  • Cover your windows with meshed nets to prevent the entry of any flies or mosquitoes.
  • Make a habit of cleaning your outdoors too. Remove any form of stagnant water that might have accumulated around your home. These are usually the breeding grounds for flies and mosquitoes.
  • Spray room fresheners or insect repellents to keep away the unnecessary buzzing of flies.

Final Words

Keeping the flies away from you might look like a challenging ordeal but not impossible, we assure you!

Maintaining proper hygiene and taking care of your surroundings is the key to living a fly-free life!

In this blog, we have covered everything that you need to know about flies. What attracts them to you, and the precautions that you can take to keep yourself.

Follow and implement all the precautions suggested. In no time, you can successfully prevent flies from hovering around you constantly! Go on and make your homes fly-free, effortlessly!

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