Mcdonald’s Dress Code (hats, Jeans, Tattoos, Shoes + More)

By the end of 2017, McDonald’s was making several different changes to their uniform and restaurant design, and one of the more prominent ones was changing their uniforms to be more casual attire, such as t-shirts and tank tops.

McDonald’s has been around for decades, and most people are familiar with the Golden Arches. From the original locations to fast food franchises, the fast food chain has a special place in the world. McDonald’s burgers are synonymous with fast food, and the chain is known for its fun, playful mascot. So what exactly is the McDonald’s dress code for U.S locations? Keep reading and I’ll tell you all about it!

McDonald’s Dress Code In 2022

While McDonald’s have to wear a uniform with a hat, they are allowed to wear T-shirts or any other clothing as long as the color is not extremely bright. McDonald’s employees can also have any hairstyle except extreme colors and can wear any type of earrings unless the supervisor approves.

The McDonald’s dress code is pretty straight forward, but there are a few exceptions to rule number 1 that every employee should know. So let’s get started.

Does McDonald’s Give You a Uniform?

McDonald’s has a uniform. It includes the new gray shirt, gray apron, and a gray hat for workers. If you are in the new uniform, then you have the same rights and responsibilities as all other McDonald’s employees.

The new tie the manager receives will be a special tie with their name embroidered in it.

McDonald’s doesn’t have a pair of pants that comes with the uniform, but you can buy it on your own!

Can You Wear Jeans to Work at McDonald’s?

You cannot wear jeans to work at McDonald’s and the company has strict guidelines on what kinds of pants are acceptable. However, in this case, you definitely cannot wear a short skirt to work.

Another reason why McDonalds doesn’t allow jeans for employees is because they believe the jeans make the employees’ job more difficult to perform.

Can You Wear Yoga Pants to Work at McDonald’s?

The company does not allow you to work if the bottoms of your pants are so tight that they reveal any part of your underwear.

Can You Wear Running Pants to Work at McDonald’s?

It’s not like you’re going to get into the office in a pair of jeans, you know. This is an important distinction. You can always go to the bathroom.

Can You Wear Cargo Pants to Work at McDonald’s?

I was wearing cargo pants and had a McDonald’s job interview and they asked me if I have any questions. I said, “No, I was just wondering if they made the food from my own body,” so I was blackballed.

What Pants are Acceptable if You Work at McDonald’s?

When you’re in public, it’s essential to dress well. You cannot show up to work in slippers and bathrobe, like you do at home. If you leave the house looking sloppy, you could be fired.

Are McDonald’s Employees Allowed Facial Piercings?

McDonald’s doesn’t let you have facial piercings such as near the mouth. You can’t have a ring or hoop nose piercing either.

This is only true in the case of those with extensive piercings, with their nose pierce completely dominating the face.

You can have a piercing of your eyebrow as long as it’s a metal stud or a ring. It must look good, but you must also make sure it’s in line with city regulations.

If you are asked to stay home for a few days because of a piercing, you should consider it a blessing because you probably won’t get the opportunity to see it again.

Can McDonald’s Employees Dye Their Hair?

McDonald’s employees can’t wear colored hair, which means that the employees must maintain all of their hair in the same color.

It’s possible to make some bright colors look better but it’s not easy especially with the skin tone.

Can McDonald’s Employees Have Tattoos?

When you’re working for McDonald’s, you have to cover up your tattoos. You can’t show them or you’re going to get fired.

The decision about if an applicant gets a tattoo falls to the individual applicant, the General Manager (if present), and the Area Supervisor.

What Kind of Shoes Does a McDonald’s Employee Need?

You will be required to wear black non-slip shoes while working at McDonald’s which you must pay for yourself within 30 days of starting the job.

You can order official McDonald’s shoes from a catalog instead of buying them at McDo, and the cost of the shoes will be deducted from your paycheck.

Can You Wear Facial Hair at McDonald’s as an Employee?

In your daily life, you should make sure that your beard grows to cover your neck, but you need to trim a beard to cut it to a proper length to avoid being considered as a bearded person.

Q: I don’t know what to do about my gray hairs.

And besides that, you can have a goatee or have sideburns as long as it’s trimmed and doesn’t go past the earlobe.

Are McDonald’s Employees Allowed to Wear Jewelry?

You can wear limited amounts of jewelry while working in McDonald’s. You’re not allowed to wear watches or bracelets.

Additionally, you can only have 3 earrings in each ear. They must not be dangling or open hoop earrings.

Your chain must remain in place while working, you must tuck it into your shirt.

Further, the supervisor makes the final decision about what jewelry is considered acceptable and not while on the clock.

Are There Hair Grooming Policies for Employees at McDonald’s?

At McDonald’s, the women are required to tie their hair back to prevent it from getting in the way so it doesn’t get in the way of them using the restroom.

Additionally, you must at all times wear your hat and keep it tucked in under your do-rag.

Does McDonald’s Allow for Head Coverings for Religious Beliefs?

McDonald’s doesn’t discriminate based on religious beliefs where the employee’s head covering is part of their normal clothes.

Hijab, turbans, and scarfs will be accepted as long as they are dark in color, not distracting, and clean.

Are Reasonable Exceptions Made to the McDonald’s Dress Code as an Employee?

McDonald’s employees are allowed to wear a variety of religious clothing as long as it doesn’t cause a disruption.

If you feel that your situation requires special accommodation, you can talk to the person in charge to get permission.

I’ve been working at McDonald’s for about a year now. I’m a cashier. I’m also training for my first job as a cashier at the corporate level. I get a paycheck every 2 weeks. I want to know if I should tell them I have to go back and see the doctor or if they should just give me some time off to see the doctor and make sure I’m okay. I was recently tested for drugs and I’m clean.


McDonald’s dress code policy requires that an employee wear a gray shirt, a gray hat, gray apron to work along with formal black pants.

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You will also need to purchase non-slip shoes within 30 days of being hired, or else your employer will be responsible for the damage.

McDonald’s has decided that all of its employees must keep a certain hairstyle and that they must not have any tattoos visible on the body at work.

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