Sephora Dress Code (tattoos, Hair, Make-up + More)

Sephora is a French multinational chain store offering cosmetics and skin care. It operates more than 870 stores in 35 countries and employs about 15,000 people worldwide. Its workforce must be well-groomed to entice people to shop at the store.

But before you send that application, there are some things you should know about Sephora’s employee dress code.
The first thing to remember is that you do not have to wear a uniform of any kind.
There are no dress requirements.
It is completely up to you to choose what and how you want to dress yourself.
You can wear whatever you want, whenever you want.

What Is Sephora’s Employee Dress Code Policy?

The dress code for our office is black business casual attire. We encourage you to be neat, professional and respectful. You are expected to be clean shaven, nails trimmed, and no visible tattoos, other than a wedding band or wrist watch. Hair must be neatly combed back from the face, and not longer than is absolutely necessary to allow for work performance. We do not allow makeup.

I’ve been to a Sephora interview before, and they were very strict on what you should and should not remove from your hair while in the interview.
If you can wear colored hair, then you should be okay, as long as it’s not pink or purple.
They also wanted you to wear a uniform, as they said it would make it much easier for them to match you with the right position.
But, if you do have colored hair, then don’t worry.
You can remove your hair ties.

What Is Sephora’s Employee Dress Code?

Depending on one’s position in the company, the dress code may vary from black and white to gray and purple.

If your current job is something like this, you’ll be required to wear black or gray business casual attire while waiting for your uniform to arrive.

When it comes to the dress code, everyone wears a uniform tunic, striped top, or button-up with a black or red dress.

Additionally, you’ll probably not see them if you’re on a tight budget.

You have to wear black pants and a white buttoned shirt with black shoes to be considered a manager.

Do Sephora Employees Wear Uniforms?

Sephora require all employees to wear a uniform regardless of their position.

The only exception is for new hires, who can wear all-black business casual attire while they wait to be given their uniforms.

What Do Sephora Cashiers Wear?

Sephora cashiers can wear an outfit that will keep them comfortable while working, and be in good taste.

How Should I Dress for a Sephora Interview?

While it is always encouraged to be dressed professionally and put your best foot forward, it is also a good idea to wear black to reflect and reflect your professionalism and eagerness to work at Sephora.

Generally, the person who is interviewing you is interested in the skills you have to offer them, and the more casual or casual you are, the less effective you will be. Dress professionally, but modestly. You don’t want to look like a prostitute by some standards, especially a conservative Muslim one.

Should I Wear Makeup to My Sephora Interview?

It’s always nice to look your best for the interview, because it’s also a chance for you and the company to meet.

Consequently, it is good for you to wear cool makeup,
because it is good for your jobs.

Does Sephora Allow Piercing?

Sephora doesn’t care about your expectations regarding piercings. You can get piercings for men or for women.

The company doesn’t have a policy regarding body piercings but it is advised to keep facial piercings to a minimum.

“There is a certain level of risk in online shopping because it is not always possible to observe the product and its condition at home. If the store is not willing to accept the return of the product, choose another shop.”,

“I recommend that you contact the store and inquire about the return policy directly with the product in the mail.

Can You Have Colored Hair While Working at Sephora?

There are no restrictions on the hair colors of Sephora employees. Subsequently, you can go to work with pink, blue, purple, or green hair.

While it may be true that any style is okay as long as it doesn’t interfere with an employee’s ability to perform their job duties, an employer may consider the appearance of a haircut or style as a legitimate reason to fire the worker.

What Type of Shoes Do You Wear at Sephora?

Sephora needs to have an environment that is free from any kind of distractions or disturbances.

As for the shoe option, avoid those which are uncomfortable or are not suitable for the environment where you work.

Do You Have to Wear Makeup to Work at Sephora?

In Sephora’s stores, all employees have to wear some make-up products which they purchase from the company.

Specifically, they must wear a base, cheek color, lipstick or lip gloss, and three eye shadow colors. And they should not use concealer.

Does Sephora Allow Visible Tattoos?

Employees at Sephora are allowed to have visible tattoos if they don’t breach any company policies that mention tattoos and if they don’t violate the company’s dress code.

“When it comes to the use of the site we encourage the use of all available tools to express yourself, however, when it comes to the subject above, it is not appropriate to have an image containing a racist, sexist, or offensive/violent image, or anything deemed unacceptable by us.”

This comment might be interesting to you.

Additionally, too much ink on a document is considered a distraction to staff.

Can You Wear a Cardigan Over the Sephora Uniform?

Sephora allows employees to wear any sweater unless it is black in color.

What Can’t I Wear at Sephora?

This is Sephora’s way of keeping employees from being a distraction to clients and other employees. It also shows a welcoming environment towards clients.

The best Sephora stores have some very specific ideas about what not to wear. For example, if you’re wearing a skirt, make sure it’s below the knees. If you’re wearing a dress, make sure it covers your butt and your boobs.

When you go to Sephora, dress in accordance with the Sephora’s dress code.


The dress code is pretty simple and it was built to ensure that employees and customers are comfortable in a professional environment.

As a matter of fact, they ask you to dress only in black and white clothing. They also prohibit any items that might be offensive or distracting to others. This is the uniform of the company. Employees regardless of position must wear only black and white shirts.

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