Does Burger King Take Apple Pay? (in-store, Drive-thru, Online Orders, In-app + More)

Mobile services like Cash App, Venmo, and Apple Pay give you all the benefits of shopping without having to physically go to a store.

Burger King offers the option of making purchases with Apple Pay from the mobile web app, but you cannot make purchases directly from a mobile device or app on a payment terminal.

Does Burger King Take Apple Pay In 2022?

Sadly, the fast food chain does not accept Apple Pay, so users have to use other forms of payment. It is sad, because Apple Pay provides a quick way to pay at Burger King. However, users can use Venmo, debit/credit cards, cash, etc, so that Burger King will be glad to take their money.

Continue reading below to learn more about paying for your food at Burger King with Apple Pay.

Why Did Burger King Drop Apple Pay From Its Mobile App?

Burger King initially offered people Apple Pay through their mobile app, but for some reason patrons weren’t able to use it in the actual dining area.

They also stopped using the mobile transaction service in 2019 due to partnering conflicts with PayPal, which owns Venmo and the Square Cash app.

Why Can’t You Use Apple Pay Inside Burger King?

But the two companies recently announced a new partnership which should allow Apple Pay users to link their iPhone to a PayPal account, and use the payment service, even if they haven’t linked their phone to a PayPal account.

If you have a paypal, you can use it to pay at Burger King, if you have a gift card, you can use that to pay. You can order ahead of time online or get a promo code for use in-store. You can also order via the app. Once you’re done ordering, you can pick up your food at the drive-thru or get it delivered.

Can You Use Apple Pay in the Burger King Drive-Thru?

PayPal makes it so easy to move money from your bank account to your PayPal account, that they were able to easily and quickly integrate it.

PayPal probably understood that the user interface would be the same as the one inside the burger app, which is a similar size.

Paypal is the oldest known money-sharing service. It was the first widely known payment service that enabled customers to send money to each other.

How Easy Is the Burger King App Versus Apple Pay?

Most payment apps can be used in the same ways and are largely the same. Some of these apps will have their own unique features.

Burger King has many offers for you to enjoy while using their app. The discounts and offers are available, and you can access them anytime you want.

Many of these perks can be saved for when you make a purchase on your phone, computer, or credit card.

What Other Mobile Pay Apps Does Burger King Accept?

Because Burger King is partnered, Venmo is preferred by younger, centennial, and millennial diners. This helps the restaurant appeal to a more youthful crowd.

Additionally, Burger King had set up a $1 Venmo giveaway, and randomly selected Venmo users.

“We’re not going to let people walk in our door and not know what we have to offer,” said a spokeswoman for Burger King.

What Perks Can I Get Using the Burger King App?

You can unlock the burger king crowns by winning prizes in app promotions. After each prize is unlocked, you can buy any burger for free.

To add coupons to the mobile app, tap the “Earn BK Crowns” tab and a coupon will pop up, allowing you to scan for discounts.

Just $5 will unlock 50 Crowns. Whenever you use the Burger King app, you get a free Whopper or onion rings. That’s more than enough incentive to try out the app.

What Other Useful Benefits of Using the Burger King App?

The app is available for Apple mobile iOS, and Android mobile devices. It also has features for mobile devices.

Health-conscious diners could use the app to find nutritional information of items, as well as get a list of nearby restaurants that have nutritional information.

The app enables the user to order by tapping an icon.

Is the Burger King App Free to Download?

If you have the Apple App Store, you can download the application to the device that is installed with the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

The same way, the Android users would use the Google Play store to download the Burger King app, while the Apple users would use the App Store.

How Do I Use the Burger King App?

You’ll then see the three main menu items: Burger King, MyBurgerKing, and Explore. Tap the Burger King icon on the home screen to find and place orders at participating restaurants.

Not unsurprisingly, the payment details are automatically entered into the application at the time of purchase, and you can simply approve them.

Will Burger King Offer Apple Pay in the Future?

If Burger King is not partnering with Apple Pay, they will most likely partner with PayPal or Venmo.

So, why would someone pick the Samsung Pay app? Why not the Apple Pay app?


I did not find out what made an app win, but I did find out how to make one a winner.

Additionally, in recent times the door has been opened for consideration of a future possibility whereby the application and platform provided by Apple for the iPhone has been made available for other mobile devices, such as the iPad and Apple iPad Air, and the Mac in addition to other Apple products, such as the Apple Watch.

What Other Restaurants Use Apple Pay?

Burger King has not offered a way to utilize Apple Pay and other similar mobile credit card terminals.

a: The World Series;
b: The NCAA;
c: The European Cup.

If you want some more examples, Apple’s App Store now has its own Apple Pay system, and more than 300,000 retailers accept Apple Pay.

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While Apple Pay is not officially supported on Burger King platforms, there is a workaround available for in-store transactions.

Burger King has made it clear it will not be joining Apple Pay, which is being offered through Apple’s iOS-powered devices. Instead they want to use Venmo. Venmo is owned by PayPal, which also owns PayPal and Venmo.

The CEO of Apple Pay said that Burger King was willing to consider a possible partnership with Apple Pay, as evidenced by the $1 Whopper deal on the App Store during launch week.

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