Does Paypal Own Venmo? (all You Need To Know)

* PayPal is a company that acts as an online payment middleman when people pay each other using online payment methods such as credit cards * Venmo is a mobile app that lets people send money to each other.

So, if you use Venmo, PayPal, or both often, you may be wondering if they are owned by the same company? I did the research, and here is what I found!

Venmo is owned by PayPal.
PayPal is owned by Ebay.
The name is the same, but the two companies are completely different.

Does PayPal Own Venmo In 2022?

One example to help you understand this is Venmo and PayPal. Both are a type of debit/credit type of account. However, Venmo is a little different than PayPal because it also has an option to send money through text message as well.

Are Venmo and PayPal the Same Company?

Venmo is PayPal’s subsidiary that offers a separate mobile app. Both apps use similar technologies and are integrated.

Since PayPal is an e-money processor, it has no say in the operations of Venmo. In other words, Venmo is free to keep its operations as they are.

Even though there is a separate name for Venmo, it still has the ability to be part of the PayPal family.

Venmo and PayPal are very close. Both are digital financial companies. However, unlike Venmo, which is a social experience for sending money, PayPal is a more established online payment interface that is used by both individuals and businesses.

The service was launched just a few years ago and is growing very quickly. The company says that users have sent more than $10 billion to each other in the last year.

The platform was initially set up just to serve the consumer-to-consumer part.

Note: It is not possible to add a credit card to your account in your current country. If you see a credit card option, it is only available to merchants in the US or Canada. For more detailed rules about adding a credit card to your payment method, check our help center.

You can add a second payment method for yourself by creating a PayPal account and logging in to that account first.

I think that Venmo is still primarily used to transfer money safely between friends and family, or other people you know.

Venmo works for any size of company because Venmo’s design is scalable.

Paypal’s core mission is to enable online payments and merchant payments. They do this by acting as an intermediary for payment messages and funds between buyers and sellers.
Paypal is great for small transactions, like buying groceries or small items.
In some country like the Philippines, however, it is a popular way to sell drugs.

You can send and receive payments to and from anyone around the world, and use it for almost anything, like checking out a book or shopping.

Let other users know about your experience with a review.

The fees that appear on PayPal don’t really apply to your business. They’re not fees. They’re tax.

Who Owns PayPal?

PayPal is now an independent company and is no longer owned by any person or company. As a consequence of this, they will now run their own company.

The other two platforms still have not been announced.

PayPal was built with a team of employees who worked together and are still working together today.

This means that they are no longer controlled by eBay.

A wholly-owned subsidiary is just another way to say a parent company owns 100% of the subsidiaries stock.

We can also look at it from the other side.

If a company operates as an independent company from the perspective of business ownership, it usually has its own business operations and staff. It does not use any assets or personnel from another company to run the business and it does not hold any stocks in other companies.

Lastly, there is a difference between a parent company and a holding company. A parent company is an organization that invests in a second (or third) company. A holding company is one form of a parent company. They both have different forms of structure and operations.

How Long Has Venmo Been Owned By PayPal?

Venmo is PayPal owned, which they bought for $800k to use it to compete with Apple’s “Venmo.”
So, with the Apple Pay, they’re doing the exact same thing.
What’s weird about these two companies is they are both very similar.

Braintree bought Venmo in 2012, and is the new owner. Venmo will be a separate company inside of Braintree, and will work to expand the number of clients.

PayPal is the one that acquired Venmo and is the parent company of both businesses. In 2013, PayPal bought Venmo for $800 million. At the time, Venmo was not considered for sale and it’s been in the company’s possession ever since.

To find out more, you can read our post on whether or not you can use PayPal in Nepal, and find out how to activate your PayPal account in Kazakhstan.


When it was owned by eBay, PayPal was a subsidiary of eBay, but when it became an independent company, it became independent.

Venmo was founded as an independent company and was later bought by Braintree, which then bought PayPal. PayPal now owns Venmo.

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