Does Walmart Price Match Best Buy? (all You Need To Know)

If you want to buy a TV, gaming system, or anything else that comes with electricity, the options are endless. Best Buy seems to be everywhere, while Walmart has a location on every corner.

Walmart competes with Best Buy in many product fields, and Best Buy prices are very competitive. Walmart offers free shipping, but you may also be able to get it for free at Best Buy.

Does Walmart Price Match Best Buy in 2022?

Walmart does not price match Best Buy. The company stated on its website that it honors price matching only on in-store purchases at Walmart and at Sam’s Club locations. Other online discounts, even those at, are no longer honored.

To learn about the future of the policy, the differences between the price match Walmart had when it was still in effect, and other price match policies, as well as how Best Buy price matches Walmart and other retailers, keep reading for more details!

Did Walmart Cancel Its Price Match Policy?

Walmart has announced the cancellation of their Price Match Policy, also known as the Savings Catcher, in 2019.

The Savings Catcher allows you to automatically save a portion of your spending
Every time you spend money online, the site will match a small percentage to give you money back.

The practice of buying at lower price than a competitor and then demanding a refund ended in 2011.

The program was supposed to be part of the program Walmart announced in August 2016 that meant that customers could use the card they used for the Ad Match program to make purchases at Walmart.

This week, JetBlue is saying that its flights were too popular, and that it’s pulling out of the market. People started paying more for JetBlue flights for reasons you may not have expected.

I’ve heard from a few people inside Walmart that Savings Catcher was always meant to be temporary. It was originally a temporary program just to test the waters and see how well it did, and that it would go away at some point. In fact, two different people (one of which works in marketing) told me that if it does become permanent it wouldn’t be coming to Canada, only the U.S.

She said the reason it was on the floor was because we were looking for pricing data.

This makes sense, since most email marketing services are designed to help companies keep track of emails they’ve sent, the number of people who opened them and how many people clicked on links in those emails — all these things help companies keep track of whether or not they’re doing their job.

What Is the Walmart Price Match Policy?

However, prices at can differ significantly from the prices at other retailers and in-store Walmart may offer a lower price. Your other options may also offer a lower price.

You can also get a better price on an exact item at if you go to your local Walmart store & look for the exact same item & the price is marked as low as $0.01 cheaper.

When buying from a vendor, you can only buy one item every 24 hours. You can only buy one item per vendor in a day. A manager who has not completed their daily log may have their item revoked, but for the time being, an item will not expire until 24 hours have passed and the manager has not signed the log. does make exceptions however, as some of the higher-priced products (like Apple products) are only sold on

For example, the MacBook Pro with Retina Display is typically only available at some of the larger Walmart stores, but is available at all stores.
This applies to products offered by, not the Walmart Marketplace.

I think it also means that Walmart doesn’t have to match the price between its own stores to find the best deal on an item, because it is considered a sale.

The supervisor told us that he couldn’t afford to give any discounts.

Does Best Buy Price Match Walmart?

Walmart price-matched the Black Friday price, so Walmart lost this argument.

The company’s terms states that it will price match all local competitors of including their online prices.

Also, customers who may have purchased their product elsewhere can receive their price match from Best Buy both in store and online at

To order, select the product from the dropdown list on the left and click “Add”. You can add as many products as you like to your shopping cart.

In the Shopping Cart, you can view all the products that you currently have in your cart.

You can remove items from the cart by clicking the “x” to the left of each item.

There is one exception- If you want to get a discount on an item (so that it goes on sale), you can ask for a “store credit” on the item (at Best Buy, you’ll need to call or e-mail to ask for this if you want it) and then you can use the credit for any item.

Is Walmart Cheaper Than Best Buy?

While the price for the two-door Cooper S was about $5,000 more expensive than its less powerful Honda HR-V rival, the 2018 Honda Fit was only about $2,000 more expensive than the 2017 Hyundai Tucson.
In the middle of the pack sat the Kia Niro, which offers a higher power and fuel-efficiency option, and the Kia Optima, a more luxurious car.

On many items, Best Buy did a great job of beating out Walmart for a great low price.

Walmart has done a pretty good job in their online strategy. While they
missed in the first few years, they’ve come a long way to where they are now.
[Presenter]: Now, it’s time to find out more about what the future holds.

However, if the customer is only receiving that lower price from another store such as Walmart and Best Buy refuses to match, then it’s a problem for the customer.

Walmart tends to have better (and more expert) customer service in electronics than Best Buy.
I have used both.
I have never used Walmart for electronics.
I have used both for electronics.


After all, Walmart has no problem getting the price wrong, and it certainly doesn’t want to hurt its own profits.

You can also find an everyday low price at Best Buy, however, Best Buy doesn’t price match Walmart like they do at Target.

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