Does Home Depot Price Match Walmart? (full Guide) 

Home Depot is a leading American retailer of essential supplies, tools, and homeware for improvement. It is also a leading provider of home improvement and gardening products.

 Home Depot does price matching with Walmart in many states in the United States. There are many things that Home Depot does not price match. Home Depot does price match the same items as well as some of the same items for less than what Home Depot is selling for. They do not price match other brands like Home Depot does.

Does Home Depot Price Match Walmart In 2022?

Home Depot will price-match the prices of identical items in the same store at the same time. To qualify, the sale price must be advertised in print or online or on the in-store shelf. Certain items such as on-sale merchandise, clearance or limited-time items do not qualify as “identical” items.

If you want to learn more about whether or not the items are eligible for the 10% discount that Home Depot offers when a customer has a price match, the additional 10% discount is still available with price matches, and much more, read on!

What is the Home Depot Price Match Policy? 

Home Depot will match the price of any competitor of equal size and quality.

Matching items means that if you are shopping at Walgreens and see a similar item to that from another store (Walmart in this case), Home Depot can match the price.

In case you do not wish to purchase the item from a competitor, we would suggest you to contact the manufacturer to verify the item is not sold elsewhere at a cheaper price.

Additionally, associates at Home Depot may contact Walmart for a receipt showing the lower price before proceeding with the price match.

Are There Price Match Exceptions At Home Depot?

With the price match, the Home Depot price is the base price of the product plus the applicable tax. This is the price that can never be lowered.

– Items on clearance are not included.
– Professional services are not included.
– Please note that a price match cannot be applied to non-brand name, OEM, or private branded items.

Home Depot won’t offer any price match for Walmart rollbacks, Cyber Monday/Black Friday deals, and for errors or similar issues with competitor’s ads.

It’s the same situation if Home Depot mistakenly prints an advertisement offering a $10 item for $100.

To find out more about exclusions in the Home Depot price match policy, you can reach your local Home Depot or online at our website for a detailed explanation.

How Do I Get Home Depot To Price Match Walmart?

If you want to show a Home Depot price match in-store, provide them with an ad, printout, or similar proof of the lower price at Walmart.

If you find the product on the Home Depot website, chat live with an associate, and mention the details of the offer (price, product, coupons, etc).

Or, you can call Home Depot at 1-800-430-3376 to begin your price match

The customer service representative will ask you if you are trying to price match.
The representative will then ask you to provide your customer receipt.
The representative will ask for the name of your competitor.
The representative will then ask you to choose a time for a live phone or in store visit.

Thank you for your patience.

Does Home Depot Still Offer Price Match Plus 10?

If you find a Home Depot price that is lower than another local store that is selling that same item, you can file the purchase there and get an additional 10% off of the price match.

However, we are unable to match the price for Home Depot. Even with the additional 10% off.

Home Depot is only going to be able to match Walmart’s better price. They are not going to be able to give a second discount.

Does Home Depot Have Price Adjust Walmart After a Sale? 

The retailer also has a price matching policy, which means if it matches the price of another retailer, then you can receive a partial refund for the difference.

In order to receive the price adjustment, you should bring your item back to Walmart with the receipt and proof of a lower price at Home Depot, and you will be entitled a refund on the difference.

As mentioned above, Home Depot has the right to adjust the price on an individual basis. An original price adjustment agreement in the initial sale is not necessary. In fact, Home Depot does not even have to honor an individual request from the customer. Home Depot can, at its discretion, deny an individual price adjustment at any time.

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Home Depot will match the prices at Walmart and will also adjust the prices of the items that do not match with the prices of Walmart.

The offer is a two way street, so if you think you’re shopping at Walmart (or in general) and find something you want to buy, but it’s $50 cheaper at Home Depot, provide proof, and Home Depot will try to match the cheaper price to help you save money.

The customer can get the price match in-store or online to save money on their purchases.

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