How To Scan Walmart Receipts (+ Other Common Faqs)

The program is meant to bring down the prices of products and bring in customers to Walmart. This is a unique program that is used by consumers at Walmart to get a better deal on their purchases and also to reduce their monthly expenses.

As it turns out, not all stores have their receipts scanned. Some only offer the option to email them, while others charge for the service. Some don’t even have the option to scan them.

How Do You Scan A Walmart Receipt In 2022?

Consumers could either scan their Walmart receipt using the Savings Catcher app to request a cash back when a competitor’s price is lower than Walmart, even though the receipt isn’t actually verified. If the price isn’t verified, Walmart could then give a better offer.

You can use a receipt scanner and item scanners to scan items in Walmart and view the scanned details on screen.

Can You Still Scan Walmart Receipts?

Unfortunately, there is no way to scan Walmart receipts to check the retail price of the item for your price match.

Customers who used the app can no longer receive price matching and Walmart has stopped providing price comparison information to the app, the Associated Press reported on Wednesday.

Walmart initially designed the Savings Catcher app to “catch” a discount on a competitor’s advertised item.

Walmart uses this program to make sure that their prices are the lowest and the cheapest as possible.

That means Walmart does not care about those who are having a hard time finding those coupons, but it still gives out coupons to those who cannot find them.

How Do I Upload A Receipt To The Walmart App?

In the past, Walmart allowed customers to upload receipts on the Walmart app via Walmart Pay when requesting receipt scans and price matching.

So, Walmart Pay was basically the Savings Catcher app that allowed customers to scan their receipts and request a refund of any price differences with competitors’ advertised prices.

The Savings Catcher app will no longer work, and Walmart will transition to Walmart Pay to match prices via mobile.

The eReceipt is a receipt printed by a Walmart scanner that stores the scanned image of your original receipt.

Once you create or access a Walmart app, you can take a photo of your receipt and pay for it.

If you had a promotion with a specific date of purchase, you should not have received the price match. However, it is up to Walmart to decide if it will price match on promotional deals.

What Is The Walmart App To Scan Receipts?

When Walmart introduced the app, customers were invited to scan receipts and receive a reward check for purchases they made anywhere in the United States.

To make a long story short, Walmart did away with their price matching policy and no longer accepts the Saving Catcher app.

Walmart is adding another interesting feature to its online services. They have added a feature of scanning products while you shop. This feature allows you to have a look at the price, description and the reviews of an item without having to wait for the store associate to bring it to you.

A Walmart+ membership is a monthly subscription to a shopping service that gives you the opportunity to use scanners and other technology to get your goods, and collect a discount on every purchase.

With “Scan & Go,” you can use one of the many available apps to browse the Walmart app and leave the store without interacting with associates.

If you are a current Walmart+ member, all you have to do is sign in and go through the checkout process.

Why Does Walmart Scan Your Receipt When Leaving?

Walmart may start scanning your receipts at the exit of the store when you have bags which beep. The scanning will confirm your receipt of the purchase.

If your bag beeps, Walmart will have to scan your receipt at a security point and the process will take much longer.

It is likely that the bag that beeps is either being inspected or a person is near to the bag, which will trigger the alarm.

Sometimes, you may have failed to scan an item at the self-checkout area, and the cashier forgot to scan the item.
So, the best way to handle this problem is to ask the cashier to scan the item.

Do You Legally Have To Show And Scan Your Receipt When You Leave Walmart?

You do not have to show your receipt to exit the store, but if a Walmart staff asks to scan your receipt, you would be more cooperative.

If you want to learn how to read a Walmart receipt, Walmart return policy without receipt, and Walmart return warning you can see our article in the previous posts.


In conclusion, the price matching policy has been discontinued so you can no longer get a price match.

Although Walmart also offers in-store pickup, I would rather have Walmart carry my groceries for me, especially after recently returning from a trip to the store.

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