Can Walmart Check Your Receipt? (know Your Rights)

Walmart is a store that shares information. You can shop at any Walmart store. But, when you shop in one of Walmart’s stores, an associate might ask you to show your receipt to ensure your purchase has been properly reconciled and paid.

Let’s talk about Walmart’s legal right to examine receipts. Is there anything in Walmart’s Constitution that gives it this legal right? No. The Constitution leaves the issue of sales taxes up to the states. So while we are technically bound to respect their constitutional right to collect sales taxes, we shouldn’t be required to pay sales tax on something we don’t wish to sell.

Can Walmart Check Your Receipt In 2022?

Walmart associates can ask to check your receipt before you leave. Additionally, due to the “Shopkeeper’s Privilege” law, Walmart associates can force you to show your receipt and detain you in the store if they suspect you of shoplifting.

Walmart has the right to request a receipt, but the store doesn’t need permission to check credit card information. Walmart employees have the right to ask you to show a receipt, but that’s it. Walmart doesn’t need your permission to check your information.

Does A Receipt Check At Walmart Mean They Suspect Me Of Shoplifting?

Walmart associates are responsible for checking customers’ receipts to catch shoplifters.

Walmart has been saying that they will be checking the receipt of every customer while they are in the store.

If you are asked to show your receipt, it does not necessarily mean that you are suspected of shoplifting.

Receipt checks are entirely voluntary, and if Walmart associates have probable cause to believe that you have shoplifted, they have the right to force you to leave the store or follow you off the property.

Costco has different rules than other stores such as Walmart. Costco requires you to show your receipt to get membership.

Can Walmart Scan My Receipt?

Sometimes, Walmart associates will ask you to scan your receipt when you leave the store. This is only required if you turned off the sensors when leaving.

They just want to take a picture of the receipt in order
to find out if there are any issues with the sale.

Normally, it’s just to check that the cashier that rang you up didn’t forget to scan an item.

Ultimately Walmart just wants to make sure that all merchandise is paid for. But not all Walmart stores will scan your receipt.

What Happens If You Lose Your Receipt Before Leaving Walmart?

There’s no need to worry if you lose your receipt before you leave Walmart. You can use your credit or debit card to get a receipt.

If you don’t want to copy the whole thing, you can also take a screenshot using the Share button that’s been put on the top-right of every receipt.

You can also just return the products and ask the associate to verify that you paid for them.

Can Walmart Prevent You From Leaving The Store?

After you place your order, you may be asked for a receipt as part of the order fulfillment process. You must show this receipt (or the receipt for any items purchased with a debit or credit card) to an associate to process the order.

However, if they have reasonable suspicion that you have shoplifted, then you can be detained in-store under Shopkeeper’s Privilege laws.

Any reason the customer or staff may refuse to cooperate with law enforcement officers or other agents of the United States will be used as justification for a search or detention.

I am sorry, but associates will attempt to leave if you are not suspected of any crimes.

Why Does Walmart Check Receipts Now?

Walmart used to take the time to really make sure people pay for their purchases. But now, they only check receipts for less than 5% of their transactions.

For example, the company has expanded its own security forces to keep employees safe, and it has begun recruiting local part-time security guards.

And the other is the re-introduction of self-checkout machines, which are much faster than scanning with a cashier and can be used at any time.

A self-checkout machine is a convenience designed to get the customer to scan the product and bag it into the cart, without taking the time to go to the human counter.

This makes it much more likely that a person who is exiting the store with the intention of returning items will check that they have indeed received the item they purchased by looking at the receipt.

Also, if you would like to find out how to keep your products from being stolen, check out our guide on Walmart returns.


Walmart can ask you to prove that you paid for the items when you enter the store, but they don’t have to check your receipt.

However, Walmart associates are not able to take any further action if you refuse to show your receipt.

If they have reasonable belief to believe you’ve shoplifted an item, you may be detained. If they do have reasonable suspicion, you may be detained.

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