Can Aldi Reprint A Receipt? (What To Know!)

Receipts can be more important than people realize. Sometimes a little piece of paper can save you a lot of trouble. But it’s often forgotten because you won’t use it. You probably need it if you’re reading this. Or maybe you have been through this before and don’t want anymore.

No matter what your situation, this article will help you determine if Aldi has the ability to reprint receipts, how to locate them, and some important points about Aldi’s exchange policy. Let’s get started!

Can Aldi Reprint a Receipt?

Aldi will reprint receipts if requested by customers. However, you will need to provide important information to locate it.

Although receipts are kept by stores for one year from the date of purchase, you will need additional information to locate a particular receipt.

To do this, they will need the date and purchase time as well as the amount you spent to be able to locate and reprint your receipt.

Most of the times, you’ll find that the company has a duplicate of your receipt. This can help you to search for the information you need if you forget.

Be aware that you might not be able get a receipt if you ask after 12 months.

Continue reading to find out more about receipts at Aldi and the main reasons why receipts are needed.

Can Stores Look Up Receipts?

If you have sufficient information, stores can locate a purchase from the past.

Cash receipts can also be found, although it may not be as simple as other payment methods due lack of information. There is still the possibility that you might find it if you truly need it.

Aldi’s Exchange Policy

People most often want to exchange receipts because of expired food or other problems.

Let’s start with Aldi’s currency policy, which says that:

You can return any of our grocery items, or special buys, if you are not satisfied within 60 days. You can simply return the product to ALDI stores with proof of purchase (e.g. You will need to bring the product back to ALDI with proof of purchase (eg. receipt, bank statement or credit card statement) and, ideally, with the packaging. The friendly staff will assist you with a replacement or refund.

It doesn’t have to be an old item. If a customer is unhappy, Aldi will happily accept the exchange, refund or replacement. However, there is a keyword, “proof”, that would refer to a receipt.

What is Aldi’s Twice As Nice Guarantee and what are its benefits?

Aldi will replace the product that you wish to return, and refund your money if the product is returned in its original condition.

You must also keep in mind that this guarantee cannot be given unless you provide proof of receipt.

What happens if the receipt is lost or stolen?

Aldi’s Exchange Policy Without Receipt

The item can still be returned, but no refunds will be issued. Aldi offers this guarantee through Twice As Nice.

You won’t be able to exchange the item, but you will get an Aldi merchandise gift card with the same amount of money as the item you return.

Aldi will not allow you to exchange or refund your order, but they are generous enough to give you a gift certificate, effectively giving you a refund.

If you have your receipt, you will be able to receive a refund and a replacement product.

Learn more about Aldi. You can find out more about Aldi Pickup by visiting our related posts.


You can request to have your receipt printed if it is within one year. However, if you do not have sufficient information or have lost the receipt, you will not be allowed to obtain proof of purchase.

You won’t get a replacement or refund, but you will get a gift certificate with the return value. This is still very generous, but it could be better.

Keep that receipt handy for the next Aldi shop. You never know when you might need it.

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