Does Aldi Accept Returns? (What To Know!)

Customers may return items for many reasons, including expired food or malfunctioning tools. We expect the store staff to be responsive and helpful in these situations. Because all they want is to get the item they paid for.

You may now be curious if Aldi accepts returns and, if so, how does the company handle this issue? Let’s find out!

Does Aldi Accept Returns?


We will replace or refund your purchase receipt along with the packaging and any unopened product. The Twice as Nice Guarantee is not applicable to non-food ALDI Locat items, alcohol or national.

These steps can vary depending on the product. Let’s review which items are eligible for return and how to proceed if they must be returned.

What length of time do you have to return items to Aldi

The customer must return the item within 90 calendar days from the date of purchase. This is mostly applicable to non-food items, as you will likely return expired food within a few days.

Nevertheless, this is enough time to realize that the product does not meet your expectations.

What is Aldi’s Twice As Nice Guarantee and what are its benefits?

Aldi will allow customers to exchange the product that they wish to return, and refund their money if the product is unused.

Aldi says that you can return the product if it is not satisfactory.

You must also keep in mind that this guarantee cannot be given unless you provide proof of receipt.

We are proud to offer the highest quality products. Our brands have been designed to be comparable or better than national brands in quality and taste. We are so confident in the quality of our products, that every item sold in our stores comes with our exclusive Twice as Nice Guarantee

You might be able get a replacement receipt if you have lost your receipt.

Once they have received it, they’ll be able find it and provide you with a copy. It is essential because it serves as proof of purchase. Also, it is a requirement for Twice As Nice Guarantee.

Can I return a product without a receipt?

You can return Aldi products with no receipt. However, you won’t be eligible for the double guarantee. This means that you will not get a refund or replacement. Instead, you will receive a gift card equal to the product’s actual value.

Aldi allows you to return the item and receive a refund even if you don’t have proof of purchase.

How do I request a return?

You must request a return in person or online. This means that you cannot use the phone, email, or app to make a request.

It is easiest to simply visit an Aldi store and bring the product. The manager will then help you to get a refund and ask for customer service.

You can do it online by going to the order history tab and clicking on “Returns”. Fill in the details. You will be on the right track. Follow the steps to get your return processed.

What is Aldi’s Return Policy for Meat?

You can return food products if the original packaging is intact and there are no signs of consumption or use.

Aldi’s Twice as Nice Guarantee will allow you to get a full refund and a replacement product if you have the receipt.

What is Aldi’s return policy for non-food products?

Items that aren’t food can be returned using the same procedure as food products. You won’t be eligible for the Twice as Nice Guarantee.

These products include electronics and household items.

You have only 90 days to return these products. After that, you will not be allowed to return them.

Is there an item I can’t return?

Aldi allows you to return nearly every product in the store. However, there are a few exceptions. The most notable is alcohol. Aldi will not accept returns of alcohol.

You will need to verify the regulations in your area before returning alcohol. Not all stores allow returns. It is best to bring your receipt to the manager to help you find a solution.

We can only be certain that Twice As Nice Guarantee will not be an option for alcohol. So, when you bring a bottle back to the shop, keep this in mind.

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Aldi is generous with returns most of the times. If you want to return something, there are chances that you can do so as well as getting your refund.

Keep in mind that you can get your money back and a replacement product free of charge if you have the receipt. So, the next time you visit Aldi, make sure to bring your receipt.

You can take your items back to the store, regardless of whether they are about food, electronics or other products.

You might not be allowed to return alcohol depending on what the state regulations are. If that happens, bring your proof of purchase to show the manager and discuss the best way to get out of it.

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