Why Is It Called A Tennis Bracelet?

The diamond tennis bracelet is called so because the bracelet fell off famous tennis player, Chris Evert’s wrist during a tennis match.

This bracelet is available in both gold and platinum base with diamonds all around. It can be customized to fit any size wrist. The bracelet is made with an extremely sturdy clasp that can be opened and closed to fit any wrist size.

The tennis bracelet is considered a classic and timeless piece of jewelry. Today, the tennis bracelet is available in different designs, colors, and sizes so that anyone can wear it.

The key features of a diamond tennis bracelet are:

  • The clasp, which should be strong enough to hold the diamonds together and prevent them from falling off.
  • They should also be large enough to impact anyone who sees them.
  • They should have high clarity and sparkle beautifully when light hits them.
  • They should also look good when worn with other jewelry such as earrings or other bracelets.
  • They should also have a design that goes well with your outfit.
  • The diamonds used for this type of bracelet come in yellow gold, white gold, or platinum, depending on your preference.

Price of a Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The price of a diamond tennis bracelet will depend on the quality and size of the diamonds used, the type of metal chosen, and the design. The price can range from a few hundred dollars to as high as several thousand dollars.

A diamond tennis bracelet is an excellent gift for anyone especially someone who loves classic jewelry.

Having such a bracelet in your possession will make you feel special and wealthy because it is something that not many other people have.


Diamond tennis bracelets have been around for decades, but an iconic tennis player is responsible for making them a fashion staple. Chris Evert was the first player to wear the diamond bracelet at the U.S. Open in 1973.

During a US Open tennis game, her bracelet designed by George Bedewi snapped and fell off. This happened because the clasp wasn’t strong enough and it broke during an aggressive wrist movement.

Chris asked the officials to bring the game to a standstill till her bracelet was recovered and this became a memorable moment in tennis, not just for the tennis bracelet but also for the bracelet designer George Bedewi who became a household name. This incident prompted jewelers to create a secure clasp so it does not come off even after rigid movements.

The diamond bracelet is now more of an accepted accessory than a statement piece, which is how it was initially perceived.

The tennis bracelet is a timeless piece that any woman of any age can wear. It can be simple, or it can be adorned with diamonds. They look great when worn with an outfit or when you are dressing up for a nice night out on the town. The tennis bracelet fits into any collection and is one of the most versatile pieces out there.

Picking the Right One

The diamond tennis bracelet is a traditional symbol of love and commitment. It’s no wonder that these bracelets are the ultimate gift for the one you love. They’re also a perfect gift for your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or to celebrate an engagement.

To pick the right diamond tennis bracelet, you’ll need to know some basics about diamonds. The first thing to understand is that diamonds are graded on a scale from D-Z, with D being the lowest quality and Z being the highest quality. Next, you’ll want to think about the diamond’s shape.

There are various shapes available, including brilliant round cut, princess cut, emerald cut, pear cut, heart-shaped cut, and oval-shaped cut. The last thing you will want to think about is how thick the band of your bracelet will be.

You can usually find bracelets with bands ranging from 1-5 mm wide for women who prefer delicate jewelry pieces or 7-10 mm wide for women who prefer bolder pieces.

When picking out a diamond tennis bracelet for your loved one or yourself, you must consider their preferences and what meanings they feel most comfortable with to find them something they truly love.

Tennis Bracelet Styles

The different diamond tennis bracelets are basic, chunky, and dainty. The benefits of wearing a diamond tennis bracelet are that it is an excellent way to show off diamonds, and it is also an excellent gift for someone who has everything.

The Basic Style

The basic style of a diamond tennis bracelet is the most classic and the most popular. This style features diamonds that are set on a gold or platinum band. The diamonds are usually set in prongs or channel settings, but sometimes you will find them set in bezels.

This type of diamond tennis bracelet is also available in white gold and platinum. These are the most popular styles as they can be worn with anything from a simple pair of jeans to a formal gown for an elegant evening affair.

The Chunky Style

This style of diamond tennis bracelet is much chunkier than the basic style and has more sparkle than most bracelets. The diamonds are usually larger, and it may have rows of smaller diamonds around the band.

The chunky style is also available in white gold and platinum as well as yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. If you want to wear your diamond tennis bracelet with jeans or a casual dress, then this is the perfect choice for you.

It will also look great with cocktail dresses or evening gowns for that special occasion where you want to add just a little extra sparkle to your outfit.

The Dainty Style

This style features smaller diamonds than the basic and chunky styles and it has smaller prongs or bezels so it looks more delicate on your wrist.

This type of diamond tennis bracelet can be worn with other jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and watches; however, this style does not have to be worn with other jewelry as it looks great by itself on any occasion whether casual or formal wear.

This type of diamond tennis bracelet can also be found in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, black rhodium, rhodium silver-plated metals; however, avoid silver-plated metals because they tend to tarnish easily when exposed to water or moisture which will damage your precious metal jewelry pieces over time if not properly cared for.

Clasp Types

Many people don’t understand the different types of clasps for diamond tennis bracelets. The two most popular types are the lever and the lobster. They both work on the same principle, but they operate differently. The lever clasp is like an open butterfly clasp that you push down to close.

The lobster clasp is like a small hook with a small hole on the end; you push it through the hole of an open clasp and then pull on it to close it. They are both easy to work with, but some people prefer one over the other. The lever clasp is easier to open and close, while the lobster clasp is more secure.

The bracelet clasp is one of the most critical parts of a diamond tennis bracelet. It can make or break the look of a bracelet. The lever and the lobster clasps have their pros and cons, but they both work well.

If you’re looking for a new diamond tennis bracelet, you’ll want to know all about these two clasps so that you can choose one that looks best on you.

Final Thoughts

Diamond tennis bracelets are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry to give to a loved one. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, after all. But not all diamond tennis bracelets are created equal.

There are different types of diamonds, color, clarity, and shape. Not only that, but the bracelet’s band is also important. Make sure you pick the right diamond tennis bracelet for your loved one or you might not be liked very much.

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