Fedex Jewelry Shipping (can You Ship It, Price, Steps + More)

You can buy a few locks specifically for your boxes and bags of precious items. These locks are designed to be secure so your valuables will stay safe.

What is the value of shipping jewelry? A little bit over $3-5. Of those shipments, an interesting percentage are returned or damaged goods. Jewelry is a little different than other industries because shipping services charge a flat rate for shipping, but the value you get is based on the weight of the package.

FedEx Jewelry Shipping In 2022

[From the original] The FedEx Declared Value Advantage program is a special value shipment option where a shipment is booked with FedEx, but the shipment is not picked up or delivered. FedEx then values your shipment at whatever the declared value is that you choose. You are responsible for declaring the value of the shipment and you control the valuation. However, you can choose to have a special declared value for the shipment, if you prefer.

Having trouble sending your jewelry through FedEx? Well, this helpful guide should be all the info you need!

Can I Send Jewelry Through FedEx?

While FedEx charges $15.95 to ship an item under $100, FedEx’s declared value coverage goes up to $1,000 for an item like a gold necklace, bracelet or diamond ring.

Also, you should take other measures to protect your packages, such as leaving your packages in a secure location, and insuring your packages.

It is very important to indicate the value of your items when they are shipping.

To register for the FedEx Declared Value Advantage program, which is available for both FedEx Office and FedEx SmartPost, you can visit and follow the instructions to complete the forms needed to take advantage of the program.

Shippers can declare a value of up to $100,000 per domestic shipment and up to $25,000 to international destinations when shipping items like gold, diamonds, and other precious metals.

ÂQualifications based on the length of your relationship with FedEx Express is a way for FedEx to make sure you qualify for this service.
If you do not qualify, the next step is to contact FedEx to determine your qualifications and make a FedEx Express account.

Claims and loss and revenue history are taken into consideration when one is looking to be a Preferred Provider.

We will not accept orders for jewelry pieces that include diamonds or other metals because of their high value and risk of damage.

If your shipment isn’t too big, you can just call or email your insurance company to ask what size they’d charge you for shipping.

Can I Ship Silver Through FedEx?

FedEx requires people ordering a shipping package to write down the item weight in order to ship products containing bullion.

To ship silver bullion, you need to get either a certificate from the Department of Treasury to declare value or consent from a third-party insurance company.

Can I Ship Gold Through FedEx?

FedEx doesn’t accept gold in their shipment as their standard policy.

The benefit of this is that the benefit is guaranteed through the insurance provider and not subject to the individual’s deductible amount.

How Do I Package Jewelry For Shipping With FedEx?

When you send something as valuable as jewelry, you want to make sure that the package is packed well.

It’s nice to have a lot of excellent packaging ideas.

Jewelry you have bought, especially vintage jewelry, should always be shipped in FedEx express boxes to ensure they arrive safe and sound.

All the packages that are sent to us, you can get them from FedEx. That said, we do have other options for shipping. It just happens that FedEx works well for us.

You can also buy pre-assembled boxes by purchasing a set of wooden crates that are suitable for any small items that you want to pack. They come in a variety of styles and a wide array of colors.

Not only can a FedEx Security Box or a FedEx Box With Safe Insert protect your valuables, but they can fit securely inside a FedEx Medium or Large box.

When used together, the two boxes become a security system that suspends merchandise within another box.

In summary, it provides extra protection for your device in case you drop it or hit it against something. It also helps make your device more comfortable to hold.

In comparison, the box is a reinforced piece of aluminum. The combination lock and key protects the contents.

You want to use it because its for your safety, security, and strength.

Before sealing the package, make a copy of the package’s packing slip and keep it inside of the package.

If you are receiving an overseas letter, include any relevant contact information, including: the name, shipping address and telephone number of the person sending the letter.

After that, make sure you label the outside of the box with caution, and never use business names or jewelry terms in the return address.
For the best results, try to get the return address filled out so the buyer can return it to the seller.

Which Service Should I Use When Shipping Jewelry Through FedEx?

FedEx has options for different types of shipments. For expensive items, FedEx offers FedEx Priority Overnight or FedEx Standard Overnight.

If you are shipping your orders on a Friday, you should choose Saturday delivery. The cost is a flat rate of $30, meaning you will be charged for 2 shipping options. For more information on the shipping costs for a “Friday to Saturday” shipment, visit our shipping and billing page.

You need to provide a signature when creating a shipment to ensure the package gets to the correct destination.

How Do I Ship Jewelry Through FedEx?

If you have a shipment, you need to go to an approved location.

If you are allowed to take a shipment of up to $2,500 worth of items, you can take that shipment to a FedEx Office location (with no additional charges) and have FedEx ship it.
If you are allowed to take a shipment of up to $2,500 worth of items, you can take that shipment to a FedEx Office location (with no additional charges) and have FedEx ship it.

You should bring your shipments to FedEx Ship Centers when you have less than $50,000 on the shipment.

But that doesn’t mean you need to be stuck in a car. At the drop-off locations are a selection of vending machines where you can use your phone to scan your items and get them delivered for free.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Jewelry Through FedEx?

The shipping costs for jewelry are more expensive because of a few reasons.

If the item is fragile or fragile-looking, you should probably use FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping, because it’s more costly but the delivery is guaranteed. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, make sure you read our article on the difference between FedEx Standard Overnight and FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping.

There was one problem you were having, and that was the price of the product.

FedEx says they don’t disclose for more expensive items. They’re more than likely charging more for this item and it is more expensive as that item has a higher declared value.

Note again – this is a paraphrase.

However, if the total value of your jewelry shipment is over $1,000, you’ll likely need an insurance policy and you’ll want to work with a FedEx shipping partner that offers international insurance on your jewelry shipment.

More information is available for FedEx, is FedEx shipping to Puerto Rico, and how long will FedEx hold packages. There is more information available for you to read on our previous posts, FedEx shipping to Puerto Rico, and how long will FedEx hold packages.


For most average shippers, FedEx’s $1,000 maximum declared goods coverage offers more than enough peace of mind when it comes to shipping jewelry. But if you want to ship more than $3,200 worth of precious merchandise, you need to consider higher liability options.
Check out the chart below for options based on declared goods value.

You can also use FedEx’s Declared Advantage program to protect your jewelry, jewelry boxes and precious jewelry in transit. This includes coverage for theft and damage.

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