Are Ups Packages Insured? (All You Need To Know)

If the shipping company likes the cost of the item, it might charge less to ship your home appliance rather than charge, for example, $2000 to ship the family’s new baby grand piano.

You can buy insurance from UPS and it includes your house and your car. For you to be safe you need to be able to read and understand the insurance policy.

Are UPS Packages Insured In 2022?

1. If you choose the declared value program and ship a package with a declared value of more than $100, you can automatically be reimbursed for any portion of the declared value of the package that gets lost or damaged.
2. For packages valued at $100 or less, you must ship at your own risk.

If you are shipping a package that contains valuable items with UPS, whether you are going to do so yourself or hire this service, you must be sure to check out the rest of the article to learn more!

How Much Does It Cost to Insure a UPS Package?

All packages shipped with UPS have an automatic $100 worth of insurance coverage applied. This applies to any shipment not picked up by the recipient. If the package is lost or stolen, the insurance covers the return shipment and any items that are damaged in transit.

You are responsible for your shipment. If your shipment is lost or damaged in UPS custody, you will receive a $100 dollar insurance refund. This will not have any effect on your total insurance reimbursement.

Our insurance coverage is built right into the shipping rates of your package and there is no need to purchase additional insurance.

If you’re shipping a package with a declared value of over $100, you’ll also need to participate in the UPS Valued Packages Program.

The most important thing to understand is that there are many different types of
insurance coverages. Insurance will protect against loss of an asset, and
there are some coverages that are more appropriate to protect against
loss of an asset; and there are other coverages intended to protect
against loss of a liability, where a loss of a liability would reduce
your wealth while not directly affecting the value of an asset.

UPS does charge a fee for declared value packages; the fee is dependent on how much you say your package is worth.

UPS only covers packages up to $100, so you need to pay for more if your package costs more.

For packages worth $300 and more, insurance is $3.45 per package.

If your package is worth more than $300, UPS charges an additional $1.15 per additional $100 in declared value.

In order to ensure your international shipment gets there, you can enter a declared value of the package. The declared value is then used when the package is counted. When the count is completed, the declared value is adjusted. The declared value for international shipments with a declared value of zero is 0.01. If the declared value of a package is $50,000, then the declared value will be $50,000.

You can package the package in an international box with no declared value and ship it using UPS’ declared value system. You will pay an additional $12 shipping fee because the value of the package is less than what your service class is set to.

If you are shipping to a U.S. address, the shipping cost is already included in the price of the product.

However, there is a shipping fee that is added if you’re shipping to another country.

There are limitations on the declared value of packages that you must bear in mind before shipping.

“The number of characters allowed in a field is limited to 1,000. The number of characters allowed in a string is limited to 20,000. A string value cannot exceed a maximum length of 20,000 bytes.”

In the case of a string in the XML, the same applies when limiting to a specific length.

While declared value is great for ensuring the shipper is aware of the financial liability and it’s important, the value of the package is not the same as insurance.

The declared value on a shipped package is a figure set by the United Parcel Service that helps determine their maximum liability in the event the package is lost or damaged but doesn’t guarantee that in the event of loss or damage they will pay every cent of an item’s declared value as reimbursement.

Events, issues, and items such as special orders, out-of-pocket expenses, and other similar items that are not covered under the declared value program are not eligible.

If you are interested in reading more about UPS’ declared value program, you can check out this page on the company’s website.

Is Insurance Included in UPS Ground?

All UPS shipping services, including UPS Ground, are protected by insurance.

Not only will you get reimbursed for the cost of shipping, you will also get reimbursed for the cost of returning the item.

If you are shipping a large package, it is worth considering whether you want to use the declared value on the package. If you are shipping a small package, you may find that the standard shipping label provides a lower cost.

Will UPS Pay Back Insurance for Lost Packages?

If the package is not claimed by the customer after its delivery, the customer will have to pay the full value of the package, including any insurance, with all costs including shipping and handling. If the package is lost prior to delivery or if the package is lost by the recipient before the insurance payment is due, the recipient may not be able to file a claim for an insurance payment or a refund, depending upon the insurance policy.

However, I don’t remember it covering the first-hand damage.

But we should also mention that the value UPS pays per package is a minimum. It’s based on the declared value of the package and is not capped.

The package you have lost has probably been picked up by the last person named on the package.
You do not have a claim.

In order to file a claim, you will be needed to supply your name, the address where you live, or any location you wish to have the package delivered.

You should always provide a bit more information than you think you have to.

The package tracking information for each shipment includes the shipping method, tracking number, and other information.

The average is about 10 business days, but it varies depending on the type of claim and how busy your UPS team is on that particular day.

This makes it possible to try and track down the package and verify all of the information you’ve provided.

Once your claim has been approved and you have provided proof of payment, it will take 3 to 5 days for you to receive your payment.

I have read the claims process article and you know what? It’s so much better than I expected. The claims process has always been something that I’ve thought was very complicated and a headache. This way of handling claims makes it possible for the two parties to get things done with one another and the process is simple as well.

What Will UPS Not Insure?

UPS does have restrictions on items that are insured. But, there is no limit on the number of items that can be insured with your UPS benefits.

– Items which must be bought in the game.
– Items which must be collected.

Things that are not covered under insurance policies such as items with a liability limit are not covered by UPS insurance. This includes items such as bicycles and children’s scooters.

Anything that is not insured by an organization will be either in a state of disrepair or unserviceable, or is something that is not insured by an organization.

Liability limits can be checked and amended through your online UPS account.

To learn more about international and domestic shipping policies of UPS, you can also read our post on why UPS will not ship your item internationally. You might also be interested in our post on where to track your UPS package.


There is no fee associated with insuring a UPS package, because UPS packages are insured for the full $100 limit,
regardless of value.

You can choose to pay extra in case of lost, damaged or stolen packages.

We recommend you use UPS declared value shipping for orders over $100 and below $500 as it is the cheapest option available.

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