Does Ups Drug Test? (all You Need To Know)

There is no definitive answer as to why certain prescription medications can show up on drug screens and not others. Drugs like Adderall and Ritalin have a similar chemical structure to THC, the main psychoactive compound in cannabis. The same cannot be said for Xanax, for example, which is not structurally close to any THC-like compounds. This is why certain drugs show up on drug screens but others do not.

Yes, UPS does drug tests its employees. Also, there are certain things you need to know about UPS’s drug tests.
If you’re wondering what sort of information UPS collects about drug use, keep reading to find out!

Does UPS Drug Test In 2022?

As a package handler and driver, the risk of contracting COVID-19 is high. With over 14,000 cases of COVID19 in the United States and over 3,000 confirmed deaths, it is imperative that we take precautions such as wearing masks and gloves to protect against the spread of the disease.

UPS drug tests are used for a wide variety of reasons. Some employers may use them for certain positions, like drivers, to prevent drug use. But they can also be used for reasons like employee discipline.

Does UPS Drug Test Package Handlers?

Many companies prefer to remain private, so they can deny potential applicants for fear of revealing their policies, especially when it comes to drug tests and discrimination.

The reason why UPS prefers to keep the details of the drug screening quiet, is because they don’t want to reveal what drugs they test for.

In addition, the company makes it a point to have as many positions open as possible — and create a job board for each of those jobs. They want to give potential employees as many options as possible.

There’s a section on the UPS page that explains why they do the drug screenings they do. Basically, it’s a combination of both the government’s “Zero Tolerance” policy and the fact that UPS doesn’t want to be a drug company.

UPS began drug testing some package handlers in 2020, although it is still not known how many packages have already been tested, and there are mixed reviews even after 2020.

I’ve been at a facility and I’ve been told by people I’m training with that there is no difference between the two and that it really depends on the supervisor and the facility you’re working in.

If you’re applying as a package handler there’s a good chance that you will get a drug test.

UPS will drug test you if there’s any reason to suspect you’re impaired at work. So, for example, if you repeatedly come in late or fall asleep on the job, if you injure yourself working, or if you’re injured on the job, you might be tested.

Do UPS Drivers Have to Pass a Drug Test?

UPS requires all of its driver to hold special licenses, and it does not hire the unlicensed. This is because most of the unlicensed are not qualified to do the job.

Drivers are required to come up with 2 good references from previous employers in your application, and all drivers must go through a drug screening at the new company before you can begin to work.

In order to be eligible for workers’ compensation claim, an employee must first provide a sample of his/her urine. UPS requires all employees to be drug tested as a condition of employment.

Does UPS Do Hair Follicle Drug Tests?

There are a lot of reasons why someone may need to take a drug test, whether it be to work for UPS, for medical reasons, or to find out if that person is using illegal drugs. The 5-panel test that UPS uses looks for the 5 most abused drugs.

And these tests, while accurate, don’t test for all types of drugs, only those used by the most disruptive and violent people.

In fact, there are several reasons why people use these substances, including the fact that they are legal in the country in which they reside.

For example, if someone used CBD to heal back pain or insomnia, they could get false positive for a drug test.

A false positive is the possibility of the test reacting to THC when you are actually not affected by that.

The government is attempting to ban the prescription of drugs, which are being used by people that require those drugs for medical reasons.

These medications can cause a false positive in a drug test for Amphetamines and Opiates.

You’d better talk to your doctor and your hiring manager if you’re concerned about getting a false positive on a drug test.

They don’t have to stop using prescribed medications. They must only use the ones that have a certain amount of CBD in them.

Instead, get the prescribing doctor to note on your note that your result was false positive. That way, your hiring manager is aware of what false positives may show up, and can consider this in your interview. You want your hiring manager to not be shocked, or be unsure if you’re telling the truth, or have any other red flags that you may or may not be abusing drugs (which again, would be an illegal act by federal law).

Does UPS Drug Test Seasonal Employees?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, it is against the law for a drug testing business to get any work from anyone until the person has been employed for at least 60 calendar days.

The only reason that you would be drug tested is if you were suspected of using drugs, were under the influence on the job, or if you get hurt and/or are involved in an accident.

With most major sports leagues, there’s a test at the start of the year to test for PEDs. Players that fail the test have their tests retested after the season. In the NFL, the test is done after the first game in September, and players that fail will have their tests retested.

Does UPS Drug Test at Orientation?

You have to go to a training session where you learn what you can do and where you can do it. Your future coworkers will teach you how to do your job better so you can avoid mistakes.

All of the UPS drug screening policy is found in the contract between the two parties. The new employee is not required to submit to a drug test at the initiation of employment or on a regular basis during the one year employment period.

If you are a new applicant for US citizenship, then the US Citizenship and Immigration Services has a set of questions that they will ask you to complete.

To learn more about UPS, you can also look at our blog posts on how great it is to work for UPS, and if it is hard to get a job at UPS.


There are not much requirements for the pre-employment drug screening, but you should check with your manager and the company when you have applied.

You need to pass a drug test for the job, but UPS drivers aren’t allowed to smoke on their jobs.

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