Does Mcdonald’s Accept Coupons? (all You Need To Know)

Now that McDonald’s is trying to get more customers in with their food, there are a lot of people that are buying coupons to help them cut down on spending on the food.

McDonalds is one of the few fast food places that don’t accept coupons for their food. They have a very strict policy when it comes to food coupons because they want to keep their prices as low as possible and they don’t want to end up losing money just because of people using coupons.

Does McDonald’s Accept Coupons In 2022?

Mac’s takes credit cards, but has been known to reject cash. They have also been known to deny the use of competitor coupons, but many stores will accept them. There are no limits on how many coupons can be used per visit, but it is recommended that the total cost of all purchases not be greater than the value of the coupons.

Check out the “How to use a McDonald’s coupon” section below to learn all about McDonald’s coupons and how to find the best deals.

Can I Use 2 Coupons at McDonald’s?

Unfortunately, you can’t use more than one coupon at the same time, which is standard policy at all McDonald’s locations.

You are only allowed to use one coupon per person per visit. This means if you have paper, then there is a digital version of the same coupon, you need to use just one of them.

Does McDonald’s Accept Competitor Coupons?

McDonald’s franchise owners don’t have a formal company-wide policy on accepting competitor coupons, which means that it’s up to the individual franchise owner whether or not to accept them.

McDonald’s accepts competitor’s coupons, but the good news is you can call your local store and ask about whether or not their accepting them.

It’s best to buy something you already have coupons for, like a coupon for $5 off a McDonald’s milkshake, or a coupon for a free cheeseburger.

Does McDonald’s Take Expired Coupons?

To add to the problem, if the coupon was part of a promotional offer, such as a McDelivery, and the coupon expired, the delivery could not be made, and the offer was not honored.

However, if you have a paper coupon an employee might still accept the coupon, specially if it is still accepted to be scanned at the register.

Does McDonald’s Accept Printable Coupons?

Printable McDonald’s coupons can be used at all locations, but you will need to ensure the barcode is legible and complete before trying to use the coupon at McDonald’s.

You should have your printer set to the highest quality print settings so that your barcodes will scan correctly.

How Do You Find McDonald’s App Coupons?

If you have Mc Donald’s apps, you can select your location and then you will see the deals at that location.

There is a section where all of the McDonald’s coupons are located, including the one that you will be receiving if you open the app for the first time.

Once a coupon either has been redeemed or has expired, it will no longer appear to be available.

You could visit their website, get some coupon codes for McDonald’s, and then use them at your local McDonald’s.

Are All McDonald’s App Coupons Redeemable for Mobile Order & Pay Orders?

If you’re using the mobile shopping app, you may find that some of the coupons inside the app aren’t actually usable if you’re placing an order.

Also note that you’ll need to be signed in to your Account before adding the code to your mobile order, since it’s tied to your account.

Once you have added everything to your cart you can click “Add Order to Bag” and it will appear in your cart and you can click “Checkout” when you’re ready.

Can You Use McDonald’s App Coupons in Drive-Thru?

McDonald’s has built-in coupons and that they can be used when you’re going through the drive-thru without handing your phone to the cashier.

The final step is to have an account. To get an account, you will first need to have an email address and a password. Second, make sure that the email address used is the email that you signed up with when first purchasing one of these deals. If you did not sign up with that email address you will not be able to redeem the offer.

How Can I Get McDonald’s Coupons for Free Items?

 The easiest way to get free fast food is by using the McDonald’s Mobile Order & Pay app.

This is a constantly getting app as it is always offering coupons for free sandwiches, drinks, sweet treats, and more, so these coupons are almost guaranteed to be in the app.

This is what we have found after many years of online research. It seems that many coupons websites are out there that will provide these items for free.

If you have a question about McDonald’s, you can check our previous posts on McDonald’s restaurant locations, McDonald’s food options, and more.


McDonald’s accepts coupons in-store, through the drive-thru, and online and almost always accepts competitor coupons for similar items or similar deals.

If you download the McDonald’s app you’ll find all the McDonald’s coupons available to you. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to receive coupons for free drinks and sandwiches.

However, not all of the coupons in the mobile app will work for phone orders, but those that are redeemable will appear with the option to customize and add to the mobile order.

By going online to coupon websites you can download printable coupons and use those coupons at local McDonald’s restaurant.

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