Tips On How To Make A Kpop Group Name

Kpop is an Asian music phenomenon known for its unique combination of dance, rap, and music. It is usually made up of a group consisting of seven to nine members. Group members are most talented in singing, dancing, or raping. 

In recent times, this fast-growing phenomenon has broken into the US mainstream. And more and more people are eager to know what it’s all about.  

The fast-growing popularity of Kpop in the US is known as Hallyu. It simply refers to the increased popularity and spread of Korean culture since the early ’90s.  

So, let’s dive in; how can you make a Kpop group name?

How To Make A Kpop Group Name

#1. Make Use of Acronyms or Short Words

It would make sense to consider using acronyms when creating your group name. Most Kpop group names are made with acronyms. And it’s not surprising why that is. 

Consider the group name BTS, for example. It’s a name to remember. Now that’s the first thing every group would want – to be remembered. So, make your name memorable.

However, it isn’t necessary to use acronyms for your group name. But an acronym with a fantastic meaning sure makes a group stand out. 

Nevertheless, if you prefer using a word or a group of words, you can go ahead. But ensure the name is short and precise. You can even create a name consisting of two or four syllable words. 

That way, you’d have a unique name. Additionally, this would make it a lot easier for anyone to remember the name. 

The truth is that nobody wants to be stressed out trying to recall your group’s name. So, as much as you can, keep your group name short and simple. 

#2. The Groups Name Should Align With the Group’s Concept

Your group’s name should align with your concept. Your concept tells a lot about what the group represents. Usually, every group tends to follow a particular concept. Some could be futuristic, supernatural, or retro. 

A good name describes everything about the group. It says so much about its members, music, and concept. 

Also, your concept helps your fans to connect deeper with your group. So, having a good name that matches your concept will be even more significant. 

A dictionary can help you make a better decision with words. An example of a group name that aligns with its concept is 2 AM. 

2 AM is described as a time for emotional reflection. Usually, people think about things that occurred during the day at this time. 

The group features songs expressing emotional depth and sensitivity. That’s why the name and its concept align.

#3. Make Use of English Words

If you were familiar with Kpop group names, you’d know that they are primarily English words. However, there are some popular Korean names like Davichi, meaning ‘the light.’ 

So, it isn’t necessary to use English words. But using English words makes your group have an international pull. It simply means there would be no need to translate your group name. And, it then makes it easy for foreign fans to connect with your group.  

Interestingly, there are also some group names in French. There’s laboun, a French word meaning – the party. Again, there’s chocolate, which is a French word for chocolate.

#4. Play Around With Your Words

No formal rules guide how you should choose your group name. So, feel free to play around with words. It makes your group name stand out.

You could use numbers in place of letters. Some examples include; 2NE1, 4L, 1TYM, 24K, and many others.

You could also alter the spelling of a word slightly. A group name with this example includes; Promise 9 – it means ‘from idol school.’ The 9 represents the number of group members. Another example is Pascal – and it means ‘pastel color.’

Do I Need To Be Korean To Be A K-Pop Star

No. You don’t have to be Korean. The show is open to people of all races and ethnicities.  

Interestingly, online auditions are also available. And many companies will accept a non-Korean. All you have to do is fill a form for your preferred company. And they will send you an email if you pull through.

However, it is necessary to get familiar with Korean culture and norms. Korea has certain norms and standards you may not understand as a foreigner. So, it is essential you know their tradition. 

You can do this by studying some popular Kpop groups. You can also read about Korea’s cultural and social values. Spending time on a Korean fashion website can also give you a hint about their culture.

Again, knowing their culture makes the audience connect with you. And since you’ll be mainly entertaining Korean audiences, it should be essential to you. Also, it tells that you’re willing to be part of their culture. 

You will also need to learn the Korean language if you’re not familiar with it. As a trainee, you’ll have to sing in Korean sometimes. So, it would be best if you had an idea about the language. 

Knowing the basic terms like thank you, goodbye, hello can help but, it’s not enough. You can take up Korean language classes. However, if it seems too much of an expense, apps like Duolingo or EggBun can help. 

How Long Do You Have To Be A Kpop Trainee?

The training period of an individual is between 2 to 4 years. However, it may differ sometimes based on the individual. Most people may need more time to learn.

Every Kpop star you know today started as a trainee. Most trainees start at a very young age. They live and train together. 

Becoming a trainee makes you a step closer to becoming a Kpop idol. But, it doesn’t determine a complete ticket to being an idol. 

Let’s take Jo Kwon as an example. He is a member of the group 2 AM. However, he was a trainee for seven years. So, do not get discouraged if yours take a little longer than the expected time limit.

Becoming a trainee is quite demanding. First, you have to audition for a spot. Usually, companies hold auditions every year for prospective trainees. And, if you scale through the audition, the company signs you up to become a trainee. 

Several companies train potential idols. However, the more prominent companies are most challenging.

When you become a trainee, you’ll receive singing, dancing and acting lessons. This stage is usually time-consuming and demanding. 

For trainees who are students, training hours are from 6 PM to 10 PM. However, for some other companies, training time may differ. The training schedule is dependent on the company. 

Tips To Become A Successful Kpop Group

Every successful Kpop group had to do something extra to succeed. Something always causes them to stand out. Most times, it’s their song or maybe their dance moves. It could also be a combination of several other things. 

Let’s have a look at some things that can help a group succeed and stand out, shall we?

Good Music:

The first thing a group needs to succeed is good music. Kpop is all about music. Several things make music suitable.

First, your music should be able to hook your listeners. Nobody wants to listen to a boring song. It should have a fantastic rhythm. And it should be easy enough for everyone to sing along.

You also need to ensure that your lyrics are meaningful. Music isn’t just about the rhythm. A meaningful combination of words sinks deep into a listener’s heart. Again, a good lyric helps your listeners relate to what you’re doing. 

Exceptional Dance Moves:

Although Kpop is about music, dancing is also a significant part of it. The truth is you can’t separate the two talents. Your dance steps should go well with your song. It should also be easy for someone to learn. 

Furthermore, your dance moves can make you unforgettable. So, to succeed, lots of vocal and dance exercises are needed.

A Good Concept:

A lot has been said about the importance of concepts earlier. An essential thing in Kpop is Concept. Your concept goes a long way to determine how far you’d go. 

As stated earlier, it tells a lot about what the group stands for. Also, it’s best if your group’s concept flows with the current trend. 

Good Team Spirit:

Another strategy a group needs to succeed is unity. In almost everything, a good team spirit guarantees results faster than individual effort alone. 

Creating a good team spirit improves bonding and chemistry amongst team members. 

Fans love to see the chemistry amongst group members. And this increases the possibility of success. So, group members need to develop good bonding. 

Decent Music Videos:

Music videos are also vital in Kpop. It says a lot about the image and concept of each group.

Preferably, your music videos should be suitable for all ages. Decent videos guarantee more success. That’s because it increases your chance of having an enormous fan that would also include children.

Diligence and Persistence:

Diligence and persistence are significant if you must succeed as a Kpop group. Investing enough hard work can determine your success.

Interestingly, producers are not only interested in groups with the right skills. They also want a group of complex working individuals. So your hard work creates more opportunities for you. 


Creating a Kpop group name is relatively easy. All you have to do is follow this simple guide; Make use of acronyms or short words, ensure your group name aligns with the group’s concept, make use of English words and play around with your words.

Usually, every Kpop star undergoes Kpop training. The training could last for 2-4 years. However, depending on the individual, it could last longer. To become a Kpop trainee, you have to audition under your preferred company.

Furthermore, you don’t have to be Korean to be on the show. However, it would help if you learned the Korean culture and language.

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