23 Kohl’s Statistics, Trends & Facts

This store is a household name that is located in America. In the early days, it was a family owned store that was the store of choice for shoppers and now, the store is for all. The owner, Ralph Lauren, has been a name that has made it successful.

If you are looking for information about Kohl’s, whether the store is going down, or it is prospering despite, then you will find some useful information in this article.

23 Kohl’s Statistics, Trends & Facts In 2022

1. Kohl’s Current Store Count

Kohl’s has been around for most of the last century, and has held that position since 2013.

Kohl’s has over a thousand stores across the country in all U.S., including Canada.

2. Kohl’s Total Brands

Kohl’s currently sells over 3,000 different brands in their stores including brands from other retailers. They also sell exclusive brands to Kohl’s such as the Gap, Under Armour, Levi’s, Nautica, Diesel, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Kenneth Cole.

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3. Kohl’s Loyalty Program Facts

4. Facts About Kohl’s Mobile App

5. Kohl’s Net Marketing Costs

In 2019, Kohl’s spent over one billion dollars in marketing. This is a decrease from over 1.25 billion USD spent in 2018.

Kohl’s posted a net loss of 163 million USD during that same period.

6. Kohl’s Revenue Totals (2007-2021)

Kohl’s has a 5 year plan that shows what they are forecasting for the next 5 years. Kohl’s also has an overall revenue goal for 2017. This goal is listed as $10.4 billion. In the last 5 years Kohl’s has grown by a total of $865 million.

7. Kohl’s Stock Market Ranking (2021)

The Zacks Rank allows you to see a quick look at how an investment prospect ranks and is a valuable way to gauge a stock’s potential strength or weakness.

8. Kohl’s Stock Market Valuation Measures

This is a list of the Kohl’s stock market valuation measures that you can view in the company’s financial statement. The company’s market cap is at $45.9 billion and the price-to-earnings is at 19.84. The company’s PEG (price-earnings ratio to growth) is at 2.16.

9. Kohl’s Stock Market Financial Highlights

10. Kohl’s Stock Market Income Statement

11. Kohl’s Stock Market Balance Sheet

12. Kohl’s Cash Flow Statement

13. Kohl’s Share Statistics

14. Kohl’s Forbes List Ranking

10. Kohl’s

Kohl’s is one of the largest department store chains in America. It’s headquarters are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Kohl’s operates over 5,500 stores across the United States. Kohl’s has also had a long history of being a great employer. The company operates in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and Belize.

15. Kohl’s Most Popular Products

Kohl’s is going to be launching a wide range of products from 2021 such as the Kohl’s eVent shoe collection, the Kohl’s Active Sportswear collection, and a new collection of watches called the Kohl’s Watch Collection (all of which will come with a Kohl’s gift card).

16. Kohl’s Net Sales for 2020

Kohl’s net sales for the year 2020 have amounted to $15.03 billion dollars.

There has been a decrease in sales since stores are closed, because of COVID-19 protocols.

17. Kohl’s Store Location Facts

18. Kohl’s Financials and Capital Management for 2020

19. List of Kohl’s Environmental and Social Efforts (2021)

20. Kohl’s Customer Experience Facts

21. Kohl’s Company Statistics for 2020

22. Kohl’s Shipping Policy for 2021

Kohl’s is one of the most popular online stores that offer free shipping. They offer free shipping for any purchase of $75 or more. It usually takes about 3-6 business days to deliver your package.

Customers can ship their orders to a Kohl’s store or to their home.

23. Kohl’s Return Policy for 2021

Kohl’s current policy states that customers have 180 days to return all products. If the item is a premium electronics item it can be returned within 30 days (unless the item is free or on clearance).

Some of the merchants have an agreement with the merchant that allows them to look up a transaction in their transaction database. This is similar to the way a credit card processor looks up a credit card transaction. If the transaction cannot be found, they will process a transaction refund through store credit.

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Kohl’s is still in great shape. The store’s 20% loss was in line with industry standards in the same time period.

The sales are steadily increasing. They will likely retain their position as the most popular retail chains in the United States.

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