When Does Kohl’s Restock? (shipments, Days, Products + More) 

There is no longer a need to shop around on a day where most stores are closed.

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While working in the store, a sales associate had a conversation with a Kohl’s customer who was looking for the best time to shop for their holiday gifts.

You might be wondering when Kohl’s do their restock each week? If so, keep reading through this article to see what I discovered!

When Does Kohl’s Restock In 2022? 

Even though this means different things in stores, Kohl’s normally receives shipment on Friday, which is then stocked on shelves when floor stock is running low. However, this may vary from each store as Kohl’s does not have set days or times in which they stock clothes and shoes.

If you want to learn more about whether you can order an out-of-stock item and which brands Kohl’s regularly stocks, keep reading through this article!

Which Day Does Kohl’s Receive New Shipments?

Kohl’s locations have different operating hours and schedules throughout the day. This means that you have a better chance of finding your missing items in another Kohl’s location.

An employee reported that Kohl’s will only order trucks of goods based on the need for stock.

In most cases, Monday is the most common day that a truck turns up since it usually gives Kohl’s a chance to catch up on any orders that have been placed late on the weekend.

To get the order date for a specific item, you can either visit the online store or call them to find out when they received the item from the manufacturer.

Which Popular Brands/Products Does Kohl’s Regularly Restock?

Kohl’s doesn’t have a specific restock date set for their locations, but they do usually stock certain brands that you can find in every Kohl’s store.

The most popular brands they routinely restock are listed in the table below.

Whether you can find this brand when you visit your local store is a matter of luck. Sometimes, they might not be up for sales. At that point, you can always order online for a fast delivery.

Kohl’s is the top online retailer in the United States. They have about 9,000 stores that are present all across the USA.

In this list, you can check if the brand has been available in the store in the past, and if so, you can check the Kohls online store through the web, or make an order from your mobile.

Can I Order Out-of-Stock Items on Kohls.com?

Since Kohls.com is the only way to purchase items that Kohl’s does not carry in their stores, they are in high demand.

I think it is worth ordering online, rather than waiting in-line to purchase the product online. I can only imagine how hot the crowds would be if it is in-stock at a physical location.

You can find the SKU number for the product you’re looking for and find out if it’s available or out-of-stock.

If you’re trying to return an item, it’s best to return it within two weeks, and even then Kohl’s has some exceptions and exclusions.

You should be able to order it online either from amazon or from another marketplace site.

If you can’t find your favorite item at your local Kohl’s, you can search online to see whether the product is available on the retailer’s website.

How Can I Be Early to Purchase Kohl’s Products Before They Go Out of Stock?

If you ask an employees at your local Kohl’s location, they should be able to disclose which days they receive shipments to their stores.

If they are given permission for the information they want, then you’ll be able to know which days the store will be restocked.

If you’re not able to get the information you’re looking for, Kohls.com is the place to go. Customer service representatives will be able to provide you with the necessary answers.

To find out more on when Kohl’s accepts coupons, what the return policies are for any purchases made at the store and to learn how to use the savings offered by coupons at Kohl’s.


Kohl’s offers a two-week return policy. The first two weeks are for store-new items only. Kohl’s only offers a 14-day return policy, which can be applied at any time during the sale.

Although many of Kohl’s stores restock their stock at the same time, this may be different for regional Kohl’s stores. Make sure that you always do your homework before making your purchases.

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