Is Joico A Good Brand, Or Is It Overhyped?

Picking up the right hair care brand is extremely important if you want your hair to be healthy and shiny. If you choose the wrong one, you might end up with very dry hair, split ends, and eventually might even start losing hair.

Joico is quite a well-known brand in the hair care industry, and they have an array of products to treat your hair. But is Joico a good brand, or have their loyal customers overhyped it? We’ll be talking about their shampoo, conditioner, spray, etc.

By the end of this article, you should be able to tell whether or not you’ll pick this up.

What Is Joico?

A successful hairdresser, Steve Stefano, founded the brand in Los Angles in the year 1975. He started his business with only 1 salon and then grew up to 34 salons in South California.

Steve was getting frustrated with the underwhelming hair products available in the market. So, he took matters into his own hands and formulated items that performed very well.

He prefers using raw and natural products to ensure the safety of your hair. Also, the items his brands come out with are dermatologically tested.

You should know, this is a pretty famous brand that offers many products for your hair to make it healthy and beautiful. From hair styling items to hair care products, you’ll get them all.

The best thing about this is that you can get most of their products at a very affordable price.

Zotos International, Inc now owns Joico.

What Is Joico Good for?

Now that we have been given a proper introduction of the company, let’s put our focus on the main question over here; What are the things that make Joico a good brand?

In this section, we will learn all about their items and how you benefit from using them.

Purple Conditioner

One of the top sellers of this brand is their purple conditioner, and their customers hype it for good reasons. Usually, people buy this because of the color of the bottle it comes in.

This conditioner is one of the best in the Color Balance Line, and it was made to give the hair the goodness of violet-based color. Like this, you would not need to mix tons of chemicals.

You could say that is a miracle in a bottle, especially for those who have cool-toned hair. The conditioner balances this type of hair very gently and then leaves a shine. You can say bye-bye to brassy hair permanently.

Another good thing about this item is that your hair gets protection from environmental damage such as air pollution. It also protects the color of your hair from fading.

The Joico Color Balance Purple Conditioner moisturizes the hair and brings out the actual color of your color-treated hair. Some proteins are nourishing in the conditioner, which smoothens out the cuticles.

Your hair will be more manageable. Your hair gets strengthened because of the minerals and vitamins present in the item.

Violet Shampoo

A great shampoo is an absolute must-have to ensure that your hair and scalp remain healthy all the time. Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo is the one you should pick up for sure if you have cool-toned hair color.

There are ingredients in this product, such as a color lock formula of botanicals mixed with wheat protein and grape seed oil that maintains your hair’s moisture.

Your hair will be protected from the damage of color treatments if you use their shampoo, and the color will look vibrant and fresh for a very long time.

Since this is sulfate-free, the shine will be added, and you will be able to detangle your hair much easier since it is properly moisturized.

You should know, the Phyto-pigments in this are light and water-stable, so your colored treated hair won’t fade quickly, and static will also be reduced.

Since this does not contain any harmful chemicals and is also free of alcohol, you will be able to use this regularly and not damage your hair.

If you do not want your scalp to be dry as the Sahara Desert, you should pick this one up. Mind you; this is best for people who have cool-toned hair.

Protective Spray

If you use the Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Daily Shine & Protect Spray on your hair regularly, then you should expect your hair to look healthy every day.

It is not greasy at all and is exceptionally lightweight. Customers have talked highly of this product as this moisturizes the hair.

The protecting spray has been made from sunflower seed extract, jojoba oil, and coconut oil, restoring and repairing damages. You have to use this routinely to see changes and get good results. It has been advised that you should utilize this once a week.

Also, it has anti-oxidant ingredients that leave the hair looking very beautiful. It also prevents hair color from fading, gives protection against heat and UV damage.

Furthermore, this has a micro-emulsion technology, a mixture of vitamins, moisturizers, and proteins.

You will be able to use this spray quite easily, and once you spritz on some of the product, you will smell a very pleasant and gentle fruit scent.

This protective spray can be used for all hair types and even hair that has been treated with color.

Color Therapy 

Hair that has been treated with color is always prone to getting damaged and becoming dry and brassy. In order to prevent such a thing from happening, you could always pick up Joico’s K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner.

Customers have praised this time and again, and they swear that this is a good option for those who have dyed their hair. Once you use the shampoo, you will notice that it conditions the hair. This also protects the hair from UV damage.

The items contain an antioxidant fruit extract that repairs and restores the damaged protein in the hair.  So, the hair ends up being healthier and glossier.

If these two are used, the hair strands will be filled with Vitamin E. PVP is also present in the formula, which will give protection against environmental damages like smoke pollution and free radicals.

Next, it is perfect for hair that has been damaged by heat styling because the essential nutrients and proteins will be replenished.

Lastly, this has a Color Endure System and a Color Endure Complex that locks in the hair  treated with color. So, your color will not fade and remain vibrant for longer if you choose to use this duo.

Opinions of Joico’s Customers

We have researched a lot and seen various reviews of their products from their website. From its looks, it seemed that the customers were impressed with their products that were for colored and damaged hair. They are praised for bringing back the softness in the hair.

Mainly, customers raved about their shampoos and hair dyes and vowed that the things did wonders to their hair.

Discounts and Promotions

Sadly, the brand usually does not give out coupon codes or any promotions or discounts. But if you buy their products from retailers such as Ulta beauty, there is a possibility that you might get a discount during the holidays or any special events.

For that, you need to keep an eye on the retailer’s website or stores.

Joico Delivery and Customer Services

You can buy their products from either their website or from Ulta beauty.

Joico’s delivery is quite prompt. Their standard shipping option takes about 3 to 8 business days to reach their customers. If you pick their expedited services, then it should take around 3 to 4 business days.

It would take 2 to 3 business days for the products to be shipped to you if you choose the Premium option.

Their customer service is also excellent as you will get fast responses and quick solutions to their problems. They also have good return policies.

If you order from Ulta beauty, you will be able to get a full refund within 60 days of the purchase.

You can contact them through their website by email or give a call to them.

Final Words

You cannot trust all the brands when it comes to hair care. One wrong item has the capability of ruining your hair completely. Most brands have sulfates and formaldehyde in their ingredients which are very harmful to your scalp and hair.

So, can you trust this company? Is Joico a good brand? YES, absolutely. You can trust them to replenish and maintain your hair. Their formula is free of sulfates and formaldehyde. In fact, they incorporate natural ingredients in their items which is great for the hair.

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